1. M

    E Class (W213) impressions after 1 Month use..

    E Class Estate (W213) impressions after 1 Month use.. Hi All, I got My E class estate (Grey - SE, Premium Plus, Command, Driving Assist Plus, 360 Camera, Wireless charging..) delivered a day before Tax hike and my impressions are as below... 1. UK Map Update installation stuck @ 67% and...
  2. M

    My CLA S/B 3 month review

    So after 3 months of ownership of my CLA Shooting Brake I thought I would do a quick review of how things have gone. I ordered the car after having a demo (AMG line) model for three days and found it perfectly fine to live with. It could take the child car seat and all related items need to...
  3. RossMB

    One month into E55k ownership...

    And the world is a beautiful place. OK the good points first. I use the car pretty much every day and it makes my life just a bit more colourful! It's incredibly comfortable, well equipped and actually a very practical, sensible (I know lol) family car. People seem a lot more aware of what...
  4. Luke-BITURBO

    E63 AMG Had a month now time to tune

    Hello chaps had to sell my GTR last month as having my 1st born soon Picked up a 2014 E63 AMG in black and so far I've fitted some wheels window tints and full dechrome with Carbon interior Now time to map and exhaust, going to be going custom with the exhaust but the question is and is...
  5. E

    EuroCarParts- Mid Month Sale

    ��Mid Month Sale 20% off brakes, filters and ignition parts. Hurry Sale ends Soon Excludes performance parts,tools,home and garden Brakes-Car Parts | Parts for every make & model | Euro Car Parts Filters- Air Filters | Car Parts | Engine Parts | Euro Car Parts
  6. Hawkwind

    How To Get Windows 7 Back! Be Quick Only One Month

    If anyone out there is not happy with Windows 10, I found a tutorial on how to get Windows 7 back. Be quick, there is a one month deadline from the point at which it was installed. I have not tried this yet, as the process takes 1-2 hours and of course you do this at your own risk...
  7. S

    AMG GT R to debut at Goodwood next month

    Here you go... Mercedes-AMG GT R: 570bhp sports car to make debut at Goodwood | Autocar
  8. BEA76

    C Class 6 month Review

    Well 6 months and some 7000 miles since acquiring my first Mercedes I think it is time for a short review. The car is a W205 C220d AMG line Premium Plus auto in palladium silver, Went for the Pano roof, Intelligent lights, assistance pack and red leather as extras. Firstly my thanks to the...
  9. H

    Advice needed: New C Class c300h in garage for almost a month waiting for part!!

    My 9 months old C Class (W205) c300h has been off the road for almost a month while Mercedes source a replacement part. History of the problem is that the dashboard flashed up a "Wiper Malfunction" quickly followed by a red warning with a picture of a battery with Failure written underneath...
  10. toffee-pie

    3 month warranty Q

    Guys, I still dont have my CL55, (still in process of selling Lexus plus the CL has been at a specialist getting ready, MOT and a clean bill of health (engine mounts were required)). When I pick her up (cars are always female...:crazy:) what does a 3 month warranty cover exactly...
  11. B

    just bought 6 month old c250 sport estate it has no ambient lighting gutted. Help

    Hi hope people of this wonderful forum can help? I have recently bought 6 month old c250 sport estate and it has no ambient lighting. I am completely gutted as all I want is blue light in my cockpit at night. Please can someone advise how i can get ambient lighting fitted into my new car? Do...
  12. Smeesh

    First Month Update

    Well thats nearly a month I have been the proud owner of my E350 Sport Coupe and I must say "I Love My Merc". Took a wee bit getting used to but have it all sussed out. My annoyance at the moment is always opening the rear drivers side electric window when trying to open the drivers door...
  13. C

    Cheapest way to tax a car for 1 month? Advice please

    Car goes back towards end of October. Just got my reminder for car tax renewal end of September. Am I best to just pay by direct debit and cancel after first payment? Or tax for whole year and get refund? Many thanks in advance
  14. S

    SL60, 500E, 230SLs, 280SEL 4.5 at auction this month

    Some interesting cars coming up for sale on 29 Aug here:
  15. H

    Map updates at 12 month service

    Hi, I've only owned a merc for 1 year so I'm not familiar with service schedules. My w212 eclass (bought new last March) had its first service this week at 9500 miles - only an a-service. Dealer did not update the maps even though electronic service schedule says they should be done if not...
  16. The _Don

    Twizy deal £15 per month£15+per+month
  17. Dee James

    Classic Mercedes magazine looks interesting this month . . .

    as per the title - Classic Mercedes magazine looks interesting this month, features on various coupes including the SEC and a buyers guide on the W124 estate among other things. Thought i would mention it for those interested in such things :thumb:
  18. BigChap

    Went to the Nurburgring last month

    Not in the C63, we went in £500 bangers Top Gear style, what a laugh!!! and the rest of the Motley Crue... Just some of the pictures... Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this parked up, then i saw it being absolutely abused around the track!!! Not all fun and games though!!!
  19. S

    149 MPH - 6 month ban

    BBC News - Motorist on M25 caught driving at 149mph, study reveals Lots of "Daves' here. Some of the non-motorway 'records' (although I'm not sure that's the right word) sound pretty scary.
  20. clk208

    3 month absence, what did I miss?!

    Hi folks. I decided to take a break from forums in February for a few weeks to focus on an overseas work trip. When I got back I was sort of in the habit of not browsing the forum, time flew and managed not to check in until now! Whilst I don't have a huge post count being more of a reader...
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