1. MercedesDriver

    Late night Mercedes Movies

    Thought it would be nice compiling in one thread all Mercedes movies about technology and development, so here is the Mercedes W212 porn I have watched today:
  2. S

    Comand Movies on the Go ?

    Hey people was wondering can my 2014 (64) C Class Coupe Comand play movies on the go ? if not is there any way to be able to do this ? thanks in advance Antony
  3. G

    COMMAND UNIT cant play DVD movies and Cd

    hi to all I own a Mercedes E320 CDI of nove from Germany Large lcd Command Unit ,Navigation Unit in the back trunk I have updated the navi trunk with the maps 2012-2013 and it starts loading maps but when I insert a movie "original not copied one " in Command Unit in front it keeps reading...
  4. O

    Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading Anything ?

    Watch The Latest Movies Now Just Follow the Link Below >>>> Watch Free Movies | Watch Free Movies Online At this point time is like that, When i in no way visit to some other option to view cost-free movies on the internet without having getting something. It can be one such alternative that...
  5. S

    Senna on sky movies tonight

    For those of you who have sky movies Senna is on at 10pm. Don't miss it!
  6. D

    Movies with Mercedes cars in them

    Hi All, Apart from Men in Black 2, (where Will Smith drove around in a black W211) have any other films shown a Mercedes Benz car in all its glory? :doh: Have also just remembered Patrick Swayze in Road House and Alexander Godunov in Die Hard :)
  7. D

    Movies you like with lots of Mercedes

    Just saw The Unknown, very nice thriller with some great actors and lots of E Class Mercs, what's not to like. Unknown (2011) - IMDb PS - Why oh why did they drop the single wiper blade system. Looks so cool and innovative and reminds me of the Mercs my dad has when I was a kid. I was so...
  8. D-18

    Best V8 Sound - in the movies

    Following on from the earlier thread about the best V8 sounds, I thought it might be interesting to hear what people think are the best movies for V8 engines. Here are a few of my choices for good 'ol beer-and-cigarettes American V8 noises: Vanishing Point Vanishing Point (1971) - IMDb The...
  9. Spinal

    Songs Ruined by Movies...

    Am I the only person who gets some songs ruined (or complemented in some cases) by movies? Example; I can't hear the ride of the valkyrie anymore without expecting the noise of choppers... and southern accents complementing each other... Or Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812 without expecting to...
  10. Tan

    Watching movies online

    Hi Whilst sitting at home bored, I was wondering, can anyone recommend a good site to watch movies online, either free or paid? Thanks Tan
  11. Tan

    Watching movies on line

    Hi Whilst sitting at home bored, I was wondering, can anyone recommend a good site to watch movies on line, either free or paid? Thanks Tan
  12. Darrell

    Old movies.

    Weekend at Bernies. Top film!!
  13. 230K

    Playing movies via USB on Sony Bravia????

    Hi We bought a new Sony Bravia kdl-40ex403 with the intention of playing movies from a portable hard drive via the USB port. I have tried now for 2 evenings and just cannot get it to work. Another Samsung tv that i have tried is just a plug and play, anyone any ideas or experience of...
  14. Darrell

    Downloading movies.

    Our summer season is drawing to an end and soon it will be time for us to go into winter hibernation. Does anyone know where I can download the most recent movies for free?
  15. F

    What are your Desert Island Movies?

    You have been sentenced to solitary isolation on a desert island and on the way to the ferry terminal you are allowed to stop at the video store. You can choose three movies but only one from each category. 1. Modern\Mainstream. (the one everyone knows about) 2...
  16. H

    A couple of good movies to rent over christmas

    My little girl's godmother works at the library - It's a good place for renting DVD's very cheap. 2 movies I really enjoyed watching this weekend. District 9 - It's about aliens, is filmed in South Africa, and has no famous film stars. It's very original. I thoroughly recommend it. The Hurt...
  17. grober

    Car movies all day.

    In case anyone hasn't noticed Channel 5 are broadcasting car movies all day today. 1.15 DUEL 2.45 CANNONBALL RUN 2 4.55 BACK TO THE FUTURE ( ok its a stretch :o) 8.00 THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS ***** 10.10 RONIN ***** If you are into car movies the last two are necessary...
  18. Baron_Samedi

    Mercedes in the Movies...

    Question, What movies "star" Mercedes cars? The question struck me when thinking what Mercedes Jon Voight drives in "The Odessa File"...
  19. A

    Sky HD worth it if you don't have movies / sport?

    Hello Having watched some blueray films on our new TV the quality of fantastic. My question would upgrading our Sky + box to HD (and £10 month) be worth it? As I may as well make use of the better quality TV? We only have the basic 6 mix's Has anyone upgraded without movies / sport? I...
  20. G-A-R-Y

    Movies to Ipod

    If I have an ipod video and loads of films recorded on my home dvd/HDD, how do I get them into Itunes easily. They won't need to be ripped. Anyone found a good reliable program?
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