1. c_200k

    MSL Performance

    I'd like to say a Massive thank you to Acid at MSL. Poor guy was in till 1am sorting out our stuff and didn't leave till it was done. That's what I call dedication. Also the hospitality was second to none. :thumb: If anyone is looking to get any mods done I would recommend MSL Performance...
  2. ACID

    First V7 Eurocharged map at MSL Perforance

    /JXeVjUa9z6w Our first V7 tune for a Mercedes C63 making some impressive figures. Stock: 361 Whp 425 Bhp 362 Wtq 427 lb/ft Tuned: 425 Whp 501 Bhp 395 Wtq 466 lb/ft For further info or to book please call 0121 772 4455
  3. ACID

    Eurocharged V7 M156 Tune now availiable at MSL Performance

    Eurocharged M156 V7 tune Released: Exciting news for all MSL Performance and Eurocharged customers The new V7 tune is now available for the M156 engines Feed back from Jerry at Eurocharged is: “V7 has VVT timing adjustments and a more aggressive timing profile. We also open the...
  4. Suky Sangha

    MSL visit today

    Just like to thank Acid and his team for a great morning session today. Got my Cls 55 amg remapped and de-limited. Car is now running 520bhp and 503lbft torque from stock setup. Excellent service and advice given. I was welcomed by the Msl team and shown around the premises which had a lot of...
  5. ACID

    Quaife LSD Available Supply and Fit at MSL

    Quaife LSD Available for Supply and Fit at MSL The famous Quaife ATB limited slip differential*is one of the world's most popular performance upgrade products for Mercedes cars. This unique device transforms the way your car applies power to the road, offering a stunning increase in...
  6. ACID

    Msl c63 eurocharged remap offer!!!!

    MSL C63 Eurocharged Offer: Due to popular demand we are currently offering discounts on all our C63 Eurocharged Remap Packages. The offer is for a limited time only and is available to all forum members, so spread the love :bannana: The packages we are offering are: Map Only...
  7. AngryDog

    My morning at MSL

    Had the car at MSL today. Bit down on power at 444bhp at the wheels. It's probably losing between 5 and 22bhp at the wheels. Acid thinks that the IC pump may be the weak link as the IATs were a bit high. It has the newer Bosch pump on it so I am going to look at getting a larger heat exchanger...
  8. FateSynchro

    My first visit to MSL Performance - Review/Pics

    So, After months of talking to Amio and Acid at MSL i finally got booked in with my mate to have the car lowered and a dyno tweak, my mate was having a remap, dpf removal and egr bypass. (W211 E320 CDi) So begin the story.. Wednesday before we are due to head to MSL on the Saturday we...
  9. A

    V888 MSL Reg Plate

    Having now sold my SL55 I have the reg no. on retention. Not done this before but a quick look at the DVLA site and it says it costs nothing to assign it to another vehicle. If you have a V8 Merc SL you may like to...
  10. E

    e350 tuning and service by MSL 18th July

    So far top notch communication. Opening this thread as I will post dyno results hoepfully and whole experience. Chosen to have service by them also, as I fully FULLY well aware now MB dealers do bugger all apart from safety checks and exterior car clean. vehicle late 2013 e350 bluetec
  11. R

    Msl dyno day (bradford)

    This one is going to be huge. We are holding a dyno day on 9th of July in bradford. The first event to be held here and hopefully more. it's a open invite to everyone and also we will be mapping on the day (Pre book maps only). Come down, Enjoy yourself and make a day out of it. MSL...
  12. ACID

    MSL Performance NOrth Branch Dyno Day

    A day not to be missed guys, for those of you who live up north we now have mapping facilities near you. Don't miss out on this great event
  13. ACID

    MSL Performance Cover Page

    Who would like to be on the cover of Msl's page ??? Send us pictures of your engine mods and the winner be decided this weekend, not only will their picture be featured on our page they will also receive a 20% discount on any service & 10% off a re map Offer valid for 6 months after date of issue.
  14. Peter DLM

    E63 with/without map and MSL.

    Popped into MSL on Saturday where the lovely Acid dug me out of a Eurocharged Watford induced problem. Top service as always, way beyond what anyone else would have done, thanks very very much Acid.:thumb: I also experienced an E63 BiTurbo with and without a map, and all I can say is "wow"...
  15. Guy.Pap

    Many many thanks to MSL

    Earlier this year my car a 2008 E280 Sport estate starting using a lot of fuel and I could not figure it out, but it had dropped to around 24mpg when driven normally, yes I could get it up slightly if I drove it like my great great aunt but that was only up to about 26mpg, and it was not...
  16. C36fan

    My day at msl.

    Yesterday I went to msl and had my cls decated and acid worked his magic and managed to produce 710hp and 900ftlb of torque. Many thanks to torqueflow team and msl to transform my beast , roll on vmax! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  17. G

    MSL and Arl coachworks

    Just a quick comment on these 2 companies firstly Arl coachworks aka Adam Lord quality of work outstanding and commitment to the customer outstanding Adam rescued my car from the clutches of the wicked witches of the east well Watford actually and completed my project while taking a huge hit...
  18. F

    A great big thanks to MSL

    Got my CLS63 (W219/M156) in at MSL for a bit of light work, words cannot describe this company
  19. H

    MSL - New pipes and remap

    Took "Agatha" into MSL last week for a full IPE exhaust, filters and remap. Really pleased with the results, and the guys they have there are brilliant. The exhaust is for the CLS63 so required some fabrication work to get it to fit - more than they initially anticpated- but the guys stopped in...
  20. JimGreen

    Great Day at MSL.............

    Well, having sold my 62 plate C63 and tried a few alternatives, I purchased it's replacement................. a 63 plate C63 :D:D:D:D I just couldn't find anything that gave me the same enjoyment, performance & luxury. I managed to find a very low mileage (10k from new) in white that appears...
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