1. DaleB

    Dancing Fuel Needle

    Gents, On my W124 500E I've recently started to have the fuel needle dancing quite dramatically. It's ok from full down to 1/2 & from 1/4 & below but between 1/2 & 1/4 the needle is up and down in quite quick movements. Is this the fuel sender or something more sinister. Cheers D
  2. Braincrank

    Petrol needle and speedo needle jumping up and down

    Right, got another issue now with the old battle ship ... The petrol needle and the speedo needle are moving up and down when the engine runs ... First it was the speedo especially at speeds around 20-30 mph but now the petrol needle is also moving up and down irrationally 0-: Where should I...
  3. S

    W203 c32 amg fuel needle faulty

    Hi guys Fuel needle on my c32 amg doesn't work properly When you fill the tank it it goes to The top When it comes to half. It doesn't want to go any lower This happens every time Any suggestions
  4. ioweddie

    Is this normal my rev counter needle fluctuating on tickover?

    Hi all just started to notice on my 62 reg c220 sport plus, the rev counter is not dead steady on tickover, either in park or drive (on auto hold) is this common or a sign of something like injectors etc Thanks Eddie
  5. M

    Sticking rev counter needle

    I think this has been put in a thread before, but I cant find it In the morning when cold, the rev counter needle stays on zero After 5mins of driving I tap the side of the dash and then it reads ok all day long until the next morning. Is there a cure for this without stripping it down or...
  6. S

    wobbly speedo needle

    I notice that sometimes my cars speedo needle wobbles, I have noticed it a few times, usually on the first bit of dual carriageway on my commute (2 mins from home). I haven't noticed it at any other time during the day (typical commute is 20 miles each way). I am guessing the speedo is...
  7. Tiger13

    Speedo Needle stopped and parking sensors stopped working!

    Hi All!, I have been using the forum for ages but finally decided to sign up and start posting myself! I have a couple of issues I was hoping some of you might be able to help with, Firstly I just bought a 2001 C320, The problem is the speedo needle doesnt work, The speed comes up digitally...
  8. M

    W211 Speed Needle FIX!

    All, the speed needle on my E270 has always stopped at 25mph and on some occasions not moved at all! All that is now sorted thanks to a bit of super glue! Not sure whether you know, but the speed needle is actually controlled by gears behind the elegant housing and in my case, the large...
  9. J

    looking for needle in haystack

    Could any one help iam looking for a om616 engine, Iam new to this so sorry for any mistakes in protocoll
  10. K

    W126 - twitchy coolant temp needle

    The coolant temp needle on my SEC has all of a sudden become really twitchy. It will sit at the correct temperature for a while and intermittantly flick back to zero. Im guessing its the sensor, a connector or the insrtument cluster. There are 2 or 3 sensors near the water pump, any ideas which...
  11. N

    Rev needle up and down!

    S211 Rev needle up and down! Hi Guys, Another day another problem, I have a 53 plate E220 CDI 115,000 miles and I notice the car rocks back and forth at around 30mph and again at 50mph(feel sea sick :eek:). When it does this the rev counter needle is moving back and forth and not staying...
  12. S

    1994 W202 C280 Speedo Needle Sticking

    Gents My sppedo needle sticks at Zero and then starts to move after a short delay. Any Ideas? Can it be lubed?
  13. jaymanek

    Anyone ever removed the speedo Needle?

    On the old jap imports, we just used to prise the needle up with a spoon underneath it... anyone done this on a merc? got a mod to do on the SEC and for that need to remove the needle to get the speedo face off.. any ideas?
  14. ppp666

    CLK Fuel needle issue

    Hi all, I am hoping someone on here can help me I have a 2001 200K CLK Tip, its covered 55K and last night I filled the car up with fuel full tank. Started the car this morning and the dash board tells me that its empty (the needle is just sitting at 0). Has anyone seen this before? or do...
  15. C

    Rev Needle died..?

    I have a 190 2.5-16 Cosworth, with 140k. After driving it a bit harder than normal due to a petrol tratment addative-any excuse really, the Rev Counter needle was being worked a little more than normal. A couple of stuttering sweeps then it just fell onto the stop, reading '0'. Is this a...
  16. C

    Sticky speedo needle

    Sticky Needle Can anyone tell me how the cluster comes out of the dash so that I can get to the speedo head. Hoping to unstick it rather than pay £ 326 plus VAT plus fitting if I can do it myself. C180 94 M Cheers Colin
  17. C

    Sticking needle

    I have a few teasing problems with a 94 C180 Speedo needle sticking and consol lights. Does anyone know how the instrument cluster comes out or how to get at speedo head. Odmeter works not problem with ABS line. Cheers Colin
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