1. F

    Whirring noise inside cabin

    Hi all, When I first put key in ignition I get a strange whirring noise that seems to be coming from the front seats? Lasts for a second or two then it's gone. Seems to do it each time you first start the car sometimes it will do it if you start the car later on in the day. Anyone any idea...
  2. G

    2016 GLC Knocking noise

    Hi all, This thread is not related to the steering issues on the GLC which are well documented. My 2016 GLC 220 (5000 miles) has developed what sounds to be a knock or vibration noise possibly from the exhaust system (Almost like an injector knock). It primarily is heard between 1500 and 1800...
  3. RyanMuller

    supercharger pulley bearing noise

    Does anybody else get this screechy sound? The new pulley has only done about 2000 miles. Thanks
  4. Mo2312

    clk350 ticking noise from rear end

    Hi All My car is making this annoying ticking noise from the rear drivers side, sounds like it's coming from the driveshaft area. Sounds like something is lose and hitting the drive shaft. The noise is only heard when parked up or driving very slowly. When idle if engine is revved then ticking...
  5. Welby

    W211 front suspension rattle noise when driving over rough road surface

    Hi all Got the above which has appeared over recent weeks on the off side/driver's side. 118k miles on the E320 CDI 2006 V6. I've replaced before this both top and bottom ball joints on both front sides (last year with Lemforder units). Thought it was the wheel bearing as all other bits seem...
  6. D

    S212 Whining noise

    Well, that was an eventful day today... ... my 2013 S212 E220 started making a whining noise whilst accelerating through the gears after 30 odd miles of motorway driving. Called Mercedes roadside assistance once I got to work who sent someone out within the hour. We went for a drive and...
  7. B

    Intermittent Noise - MB Can't diagnose

    So, had the GL350 (X166) for just coming up a year now and it's been great, 18,000 miles, no problems:cool: BUT..... Background.....about 4 weeks ago, first service carried out, then a few days later 2 new rear tyres put on. Car had PZero's and I went with 2 brand new Toyo's (exactly the...
  8. clk320x

    How to get some more noise out of exhaust

    Anyone got any advice on what can be done to a w209 clk 320 to get some more noise out of the exhaust. Would like a deep gurgle haha, been told about muffler delete, second cat etc etc but am extremely confused. Last thing I want is an MOT fail :) Cheers
  9. Markjames

    Slk noise

    My wife's 2013 Slk 250cdi has started making a whistling noise, it's coming from rear of car when the engine is running and can be heard most when inside with the doors shut. If you open the boot and put head inside you can also hear it. Any ideas? Only thing I can think is fuel pump.
  10. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise (Again)

    Forgive me if this isn't even the right website but some time back I received replies dealing with my new transmission noise coming through the body in to the car when in fifth. The noise is slight but I hear it and it didn't exist before changing the gearbox shift bushes, propshaft center...
  11. K

    W203 c class - loud clicking noise

    My 2005 c class has developed a loud clicking nose behind the dash board every time it's started up. It lasts for about 10/30 seconds and then disappears. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? The car drives perfect with no issues as normal. Any help is really appreciated
  12. S

    W246 Noise and slight vibration

    Hi We have had our B180 SE for just over a month and it has been back to the dealer a few times with vibration issues around 70mph. They first of all found the tracking to be out and gave me the car back and the issue was still there next time I went along the motorway, so back we went...
  13. B

    (VIDEO) Weird Engine Noise, Please Help - CL 500 - w215

    Hello, I have recently started to notice a weird engine noise on my CL 500 (w215) from 2000. It sounds like that when I start it up and don't rev it, when I drive it I don't really notice any weird sound like that. Could somebody please tell me how to fix this issue? VIDEO LINK: iOS...
  14. 4

    w211 E270 cdi grinding noise

    hi all. when turning steering wheel from right to left it makes a grindig noise or like knock knock in right wheel.also sometime the steer makes hard.?????
  15. G

    Is this noise a familiar one? W204 C63 Coupe

    Last week or two I've had this noise on cold start up. Maybe 3 or 4 times. Click the image below for a video. It "sounds" like it's an exhaust type noise, metal on metal. Never does it while driving, only the 3-4 occasions on cold start. Anyone familiar with it, or should I get the exhaust...
  16. B

    190E funny noise on engine startup

    Hello, this is my first post, so go easy on me! Well yesterday i bought my first Merc. it's a Silver 1990 190E I am really happy with it but would like to know if anybody knows what this noise is when i start the car. I would describe it as a faint honking/dog growling sound but see...
  17. V

    C43 AMG- Is this noise normal

    Got a C43 AMG saloon about 6 weeks ago, new from dealer as a factory order and love it. Couple of gripes compared to the Jag XF I had previously eg. doors need to be pushed with a bit of force to close them whereas seemed to almost just do a light tough with the Jag and the button to close seems...
  18. M

    Is Light Turbo Noise Normal E280 CDI

    Hi chaps I recently started to notice the turbo whistle every so slightly with normal easy driving, when i rev the engine in neutral you hear it slightly too, is this normal in the colder weather, im just looking for reassurance. :rolleyes:
  19. C

    air hissing noise from brake area

    Hi there, I have a clk 2003 and there is an air hissing noise near the pedal area occasionally when driving. When I press down the brake pedal the noise stops. Anyone have any idea what this is? Cheers
  20. C

    C63 Rear Whinning Noise

    Hi Fellow Amg Owners, Ive had my C63' now for two months and now the honeymoon period is over i decided it was time to unleash the beast. WOW what a mechanical masterpiece. However when i planted my right foot firmly through the floor pan to the unsuspecting tarmac below, she decided to...
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