1. T

    E63 AMG 5.5 - November 2013, 45k, £29750 no offers - recent oil, ATF, plugs service

    Here for sale is my 2013 E63. Just had an A service completed at Mercedes. A lot of these cars are getting to the age & mileage where the automatic transmission fluid and filter and spark plug replacements fall due. This work costs £900-1300 at a main dealer and it has all just been...
  2. P

    W210 E55 AMG needed for 4th November photoshoot at MB World

    Hi there, I am writing a feature on three generations of AMG E-Classes for Piston Heads and we are looking for a W210 E55 AMG (saloon or estate) to shoot at Mercedes Benz World on Wednesday 4th November, alongside our W211 E55 AMG and the latest E63 AMG press car. If you own a W210 E55 AMG...
  3. M

    Snetterton 9th November £80

    Great track for a bit of fun . Booked up for this too via a friend doing a group booking ,hence a substantial saving for an all day track session . Also noise is set at 105dbs for the louder ones in the group ;) . If anyone wants to attend let me know .
  4. S

    Eurocharged in Aberdeen 13th & 14th November

    Will be heading up to Aberdeen at the end of this week at Wallace Performance, Craigshaw Rd, Aberdeen AB12 3AR Will be assisting with a couple of MBClub members on there C63's but if any members in the area want to pop over for a chat or to take a look at there car feel free to contact me...
  5. D

    Sunday 30th november Gamebird St.helens

    Well a date has been set for the above, put your name down if your attending. 1200 noon seems a good time.
  6. S

    November C63 Lease Deals

    Afternoon chaps, the time has come to break the cycle of Audi cars I have owned and scratch the AMG itch. :rock: As many have before me, I have been lured to purchase a V8 as I fear this will be the last opoprtunity for me before settling down and being 'boring'. I have previously owned all...
  7. R

    track day @ GW 4th November

    I see yesterday from the PH site, a track day at Goodwood on the 4th November, any of you regular TD guys going on this, was thinking, I could do with a day out, the outings on TDs this year have been really poor, but not sure who's day this one is, but research says RMA, who are they? any...
  8. RBYCC

    Mercedes enthusiast november issue

    Finally had the "Spotlight" article on my C124 widebody build published in the November issue of Mercedes Enthusiast. The website was mentioned, so hopefully it will bring a few new members ! Thanks for the help and support I received from many on this forum :cool: Ed A.
  9. developer

    November Approaches - Home Made Fireworks

    Chump :doh:. 717vb7kLKKk
  10. Benjy

    AMG Driving Day - 17th November 2012

    Guys If anyone is interested next weekend Lakeside Thurrock Mercdes are holding an AMG driving day experience whereby I am offering this to you guys. You get to drive some of the best of the best and current AMGs. Last one I did was in August and I managed to drive the new E63 and S65, but my...
  11. R

    A Charity track day at Goodwood 30th November

    Around 8-10 of us forum members are booked onto a Goodwood trackday on Friday 30th November, Its a charity based day on behalf of the 'Eve Appeal' the cost is only £150 for the day, this is an absolute bargin for Goodwood, albeit it would be a nice gesture to further contribute to the charity at...
  12. R

    A charity Goodwood trackday November

    Three of us forum members went on a Charity trackday at Goodwood last November, and am sure the other guys will confirm, that it was a very cilivilised enjoyable day out, with lots of alternative cars there, and seem to recall the last hour I was out on circuit with Mika and Simon M all on our...
  13. BTB 500

    New tyre labelling legislation from November (ratings for grip, efficiency & noise)

    Thought this was interesting, apologies if it's been posted elsewhere: New label system to help you compare tyres
  14. ringway

    NW Cheshire GTG at The Dog Inn - September?

    Having looked at the NW and Curry GTG threads I thought it would be simpler and tidier to start a new "Dog" thread here. Wednesday 10th of August at The Dog Inn - Wellbank Lane, Over Peover, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8UP. LINK. We usually meet at around 7.00pm. All welcome and I...
  15. W

    Sunday 28 November - Car Limits Event Day

    Hi, For some fun I've booked myself in for a car limits event day on Sunday 28th November at North Weald Airfield (Essex). It's like a track day, but a bit different, safer and cheaper at only £48/car. It's basically an airfield with plastic cones to map out a circuit. Cars go out one by one...
  16. trapperjohn

    Proposed GTG Cheshire. Tuesday 9th of November.

    Ringway and I were having a natter and decided it would be good if we could have a final pint and some food before the festering season kicks in (he unfortunately cannot make Sheffield now) So I was up for a meet down his way. Anyone fancy joining us. The above day, at say, 7.30ish and by the...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    New Super Mario Bros Wii Out 20th November

    This looks amazing IMO, before anyone says childish, old hat it will be more fun than 99% of modern games :p GpcJNEWKzCY Once its out, whos up for some MBClub multiplayer action?
  18. jeremytaylor

    EC to make ESP mandatory from November 2011

    Of course Mercs have had this for years, but this move has to be good news for drivers of lesser cars. So long as they allow it to be switchable :devil:
  19. television

    Free trade show November 20/21st

    You should register now for this show, its good with seminars on diagnostics, Air con, diesel injection and Smart repair free bacon roll too and T shirt
  20. W

    Glass's Guide November 2006

    I am selling my Copy of Glass's Guide November 2006 Might be useful to someone. Open to offers by PM please
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