1. T

    Number plate link.

    Can anyone give me a link on flee bay etc for someone who can make up number plates with Mercedes-Benz UK on the bottom? I've just transferred my plate which was a cut down item but ive found it looks rubbish on the CLS and i want to put a wider plate back on.
  2. Sudesh

    Getting Chassis number just by reg

    Hi all. I'm having an issue with installing a new touch screen, DVD, cd blah blah blah unit for my dad for his 70th lol. Unitfortunitally it's not just plug and play as I though in the add. The installer needs to know the chassis number of the car, and as my dad is away with the car and I...
  3. MOR8A

    Where can ''quality'' number plates be purchased?

    Back in the day hand assembled numbers plates were great quality and lasted for years and years with very few issues. The trade then moved on to the printed backing rather than the ''hand made'' affairs and for me there has been a problem ever since. I admit that I am extremely picky with a very...
  4. SPX

    W164 Parking sensor part number help

    Need three rear parking sensors on this ML, can someone let me know the part number please? ML is a '59 plate facelift, can PM VIN if easier. Thanks.
  5. mazzerman

    Eaton Kompressor serial number?????

    Hello all. I hope someone can advise? Is there a serial number on every eaton Kompressor that can be verified with Mercedes database as the original one fitted when car was built? The reason i ask is that a Mercedes dealership mis-sold me a brand new supercharger for my 2000 CLK 230k . The car...
  6. toffee-pie

    Private number plate transfer check.

    Guys, My number plate is MR05 xxx, can I move this to the CL55 which is a 52 plate? (has had a few private plates itself but the main one is 52) If I cant move it looks like I need to forsake it. cheers.
  7. D

    WIP number?

    My car is in the garage waiting a part. They gave me a WIP number to track when it arrives. Any ideas where I need to go to check?
  8. R

    number plate & spoiler

    So I had to replace the front number plate holder at the weekend as it was smashed. Whoever had put the plate on (I think Mercedes) had used the stickiest tape known to man. Took me forever to get it off. When I unscrewed the holder it turns out the it was the incorrect part (screw holes in...
  9. B

    Nav DVD part number help

    I'm trying to get the part number for the Nav DVD for NTG 2.5 for India (code 825L). I've not had much luck so far, but hoping some of the experts on here may be able to help. Thanks! Byas
  10. D

    Probably a stupid question - W208 number plate bolts?

    In a bid to modernise the outside of my w208 a little, I've bought a pair of plastic, German-style number plate holders. Some cretin has installed the existing plates using screws, and only in two of the four holes. As a result, I'm assuming I'll need to grab some new bolts to fit my shiny...
  11. M

    part number for turbo Intake red rubber seal

    Hi Can anyone tell me the part number for a turbo Intake rubber seal to fit my 2005 C320cdi. Thanks Merc-c
  12. DSM10000

    MB part number or alternative suppplier required please...

    With a spare hour or so to myself I decided to change the front and rear brake pads on the W203 C320. No major problems except that the lower sliding pin on the offside front caliper carrier has seized, all others slide beautifully but this one is stuck, presumably the rubber boot failed as...
  13. rosie5golf

    Led number plate light

    Hi, I'm still trying to change my number plate lights to LEDs but the bulbs I purchased from Halfords just flashed so I now understand that they were canbus. I have now purchased a replacement set of lights from eBay which are supposed to be simple diy fitting. Ii now find that these have a...
  14. reflexboy

    W212 LED reverse and number plate lights

    Morning-I have replaced all my interior bulbs with pure white LED bulbs and the difference is amazing. I used one of the cap less LED bulbs, using the existing lenses to replace my number plate bulbs but as my car is black and very shiny, I found these bulbs too bright, lighting up and...
  15. zenman63

    AMG pads part number.

    I have a pair of AMG Brembo callipers that I need a pin kit with springs and a set of pads, problem is no part number, all i have is the brembo number 20.9553.02 1A. Anyone know? Caliper is the GT6.
  16. P

    Part number request

    Could some of you more knowledgable folk on here source a part number for the front adjustable camber bolts for a 2002 s210? Would they be the same as a w210? Thanks in advance
  17. B

    Changing number plate online

    I just tried to apply my private plate to my car online which I have done before (it's far better and much quicker than the old way), but it would not let me. It failed and said I need to ring them. Worryingly, I called expecting the worse. They said it was just because that at some time in the...
  18. Jessiedog

    E55 W211 left hand number plate light not working

    Hi There... I recently received the dreaded malfunction warning on my cluster informing me that my left hand read number plate light is not working. I finally got around to checking it out, was hoping that it was just the bulb. Anyway I swapped the light and fitting over from right to...
  19. rosie5golf

    Led number plate light

    Hi, I've just purchased some led number plate bulbs to replace the old type festoon bulbs. The problem I have is after fitng, the LEDs flash. No matter what I have tried, they keep on flashing. Do I need to buy a special sort of led for my e class ? Thanks in anticipation.
  20. W

    R230, How to Remove a Number Plate Light?

    Hi, I'm proposing to fit a Reversing Camera to my 2005 SL350 (R230) to plug into my replacement head unit (Alpine X800D-U). I have seen one CCD camera that looks about the correct size to replace/substitute for one of the Number Plate Lights (Built-in Camera plus LED Light), but I cannot see how...
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