1. sherco450

    Vito 120 OM642 cam chain replacement

    Hi . regarding cam chain replacement for vito 120 .. engine sounds a little louder (ticking noise ) than usual. Im a bit paranoid . currently has 100,000 miles on clock . Any owners replaced around the same miles.
  2. 6

    OM642 - 3.0 V6 twin turbo diesel

    Mercedes-Benz is leading automobile manufacturers in the re-introduction of diesel passenger vehicles to North America. First, the E320 CDI (W211) debuted in June, 2005 powered by the OM 648, an inline six-cylinder common-rail diesel equipped with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. In Model Year 2007...
  3. J

    W211 om642 exhaust smell interior

    When idling I can smell exhaust fumes in the cabin goes away with the recirc button and when moving. Checked the exhaust at the rear no leaks or soot deposits on the egr pipe, turbo to cat, manifold inlet pipes to turbo. It's quite choking! Changed the charcoal cabin filter and it blocked the...
  4. S

    OM642 turbo intake (batwing) question.

    Hi, does anyone have an idea if the plastic batwing on the OM642 engine (W211 E280cdi) can be bought in sections? I have a crack in mine on the cylindrical section which clamps to the turbo and houses the oil breather pipe. The rest of it is perfect. It seems a shame to throw out a perfectly...
  5. AkisGr

    EGR and DPF removal kit for OM642 (CLS 320 cdi)

    Its a little bit complex the issue i got. I want to remove the EGR and DPF of my car CLS 320 Cdi (2006 UK model) but i'm not in the UK anymore. I live in Greece and i cant find somebody here that has knowledge on the diesel CLS. Does anybody know any UK company that has a kit for that that...
  6. B

    OM642 ECU swap

    I have a 2008 280CDI with the OM642 engine spec'ed to 190PS. I understand the 320CDI is the exact same engine but at 235PS or thereabouts. I have also read that the 280CID ecu has some portions "locked" and cannot be easily modified, but the 320cdi ecu can be upgraded further. What would it...
  7. E

    07 e class turbo seals om642

    W211, e280, 2007, Just changed the 3 turbo seals today, the resources and advice on this forum were a big help!! The seals were bought from my local parts store at the Mercedes showroom. When I compared the old and new main orange seals it seems they are different. (Please see attached image)...
  8. E

    E280 2007 Poly v belt change. Om642

    So I’m looking to replace the poly v belt. Has anyone come across a guide for this on the E class. I’ve tried looking around and come across some for the same engine but in different Model Mercs. By looking at it the procedure seems to be: -Remove the dual air intake Y piece...
  9. PhilG

    OM642 Oxygen Sensor Location

    Morning all, I've got a code saying the o2 sensor is bad on my CLS 320 CDI so I've bought a replacement and the tool to change it. I've been googling furiously to get an idea of the location of it and come up short, other than somewhere on the exhaust system. Can someone recommend where I...
  10. J

    E320CDi V6 OM642

    Gents, Need some help Just part exchanged my good old w210 e220cdi which I loved and did me very well for a w211 320cdi which I've always wanted. It's a pre facelift hybrid (sbc pump) has the 7g 722.9 and om642 3.0 v6 Given the problems I've got £800 off the dealer and said I get the car...
  11. P

    OM642 oil cooler leak

    I have a suspected one of these - 2010 E350 with 55K on. I have the Merc warranty (bought after I purchased the car earlier this year) so wish me luck!
  12. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    Okay, put new seals in and a new Y duct .. however I notice that the new pipe doesn't go right home against the turbo face, it sits a couple of Millimeter off the face.. now it could be that thickness of a new seal has come into play, would I be right on thinking this - that its thicker now than...
  13. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    I saw that someone mentioned "Coating the outer surface of the turbo seal with silicone grease" can someone help me by explaining why and what good it did? I have silicone grease at the ready, just need the rubber gloves and yes..lols!
  14. wu56Shoozz

    Turbo Intake hose on the OM642 Engine

    The car is a W203 C Class 320CDi (2006) So yesterday I went to replace the seals on the turbo intake hose. (By the looks of things mine had not been changed for a long time.) So upon re installing the ducting the connection just all broke up like pencil lead.. very brittle indeed.:doh: My...
  15. vijilants

    OM642 W204 Engine mount replacement video

    Great video on replacing OM642 engine mount....this guy's tutorials are excellent !!!
  16. expandyman

    W211 Om642 Glow Plugs Question

    Had my glow plugs replaced this week for the 1st time in 10 years and 87k. Curious as to why the two remaining good ones (Resistance <1 Ohm) are still look bright and almost as new, where as the dead ones are quite heavily corroded. Is this normal or indicative of some other fault lurking ?
  17. wu56Shoozz

    OM642 Turbo Seals (W203 C320CDi)

    Just a quickie really.. When you replace the Turbo Seals (Big Red One & Smaller Red) do you coat them with anything, like a smear of silicone grease to stop them brittling?? Or do you just pop them in and hey presto! Just Curious as I'm doing mine shortly...
  18. F

    W204 320 CDI zero boost

    Hello, Regular reader but (one of) my first posts - as most questions I have already found the answer here. Problem with my 2008 W204 C320 CDI (OM642, no DPF), 88000 miles. This week, Monday morning, I encountered a new issue: on starting out for the commute (about 75 miles of mixed &...
  19. moonloops

    3.0 L OM642 Diesel V6 - potential hose damage

    Anyone with this engine should check the power steering hose that runs around the front right (offside) of the engine cover. The cover has a very sharp lip and on my car it had eaten through the "protective" shroud on the hose and had started to eat into the hose itself. Given that my car...
  20. A

    W211 - OM642 - Blue Smoke After Long Idle

    Hi, I have a 2005 E350 CDI W211 with around 140K on the clock. The car generally drives fine but I've had an ongoing issue with the car putting out white smoke after a long idle or drive in slow moving stop/start traffic. Once the car is driven hard the smoke quickly disappears, only to come...
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