1. grober

    BMW to build Electric Mini in Oxford

    Electric Mini to be built in Oxford - BBC News The electric bit - the drivetrain, which includes the motor, gearbox and battery pack - will be assembled in Germany, and fixed to the rest of the car in the factory. BMW currently makes electric motors and batteries for all of its electric cars...
  2. Adamccc

    Can anyone recommend a good garage/tech in Oxford?

    As the title says, looking for someone to fit some new plugs to the CLS63. Bought OEM Merc plugs as I was going to fit them myself this weekend - fitted one but unable to pull the 2nd coilpack out (too scared to pull too hard, break it and have it stuck on my drive!). I'd take it to Merc but...
  3. Oxonmb

    B1 Service E class Coupe & Oxford Indi

    Anyone had a recent B1 service done on an E class Coupe? done a search online and all about 4 years old. Main dealer quoting £530 (£90 of which is brake fluid change) seems a bit steep, but then come to expect that. Also looking for good Indi in Oxfordshire area. Thanks
  4. developer

    The 100 Club Oxford Street

    Just wanted to share that my guitar playing son is playing the 100 Club Oxford Street London next Tuesday, as a guest lead guitarist. I've posted about him many times on here, so won't cover old ground, but we're super proud that he's playing such a prestigious venue at just 21. Check out...
  5. B

    spotted c63 just off Oxford street

    Come on own up who owns this?
  6. D

    Detailer in the Oxford area

    Looking to have my black 2008 SLK professionally detailed and protected for the winter. Can anyone recommend a detailer in the Oxford area that I can take it to (lack of suitable garage to have it done at home) Thanks in advance.
  7. Mike Walker

    Open Day at Williams FI - Oxford

    Above scheduled for 21.10 2012 according to Daily Telegraph Motoring section yesterday. :)
  8. G

    AMG Event @ MB Oxford this weekend. Anyone going?

    As per the title really, is anyone else going to the AMG weekend event at MB Oxford this weekend? I'll be there tomorrow morning and it would be nice to put a face to a, er, username/avatar. :D
  9. harrim00

    Oxford Mercedes

    In the showroom now. Let's see how good they are.
  10. st13phil

    Oxford's 20mph Limits 'waste of money'

    An outbreak of common sense at last? This was the front page article in the Oxford Mail last night, in which it transpires that average speeds have reduced by 1.3mph in the 20mph zones while KSI numbers have actually risen. I particularly liked the the Thames Valley Police spokesman's comment
  11. markymark45

    w208 cabriolet roof mechanism fault local help required Oxford UK please

    Hello fellow MB owners, Im new to forums and message boards alike so please go easy on me....i have just bought a very nice looking w208 clk convertible unfortunatly i had to travel 300 miles for it and it was night time and raining when i purchased it so like A numpty i just took the sellers...
  12. H

    Mercedes Oxford

    hi all, another woeful dealer sales story.......called mercedes Oxford my local dealer on friday at 4.15pm. Spoke to a Richard Day, told him i was a after a new 350 cdi coupe with some choice extra's around £48k new. :bannana: Asked for a hp and pcp quote, he told me he was just leaving to...
  13. The _Don

    Oxford's speed cameras to go back on

    PistonHeads Headlines
  14. G

    mercedes spaecialist near oxford??

    hi,any good garage to servicing and repar my mercedes??
  15. W

    Learner driver flips car on roof in Oxford

    BBC News - Learner driver flips car on roof in Oxford Is someone going to call him up and offer him a LifeHammer for the bargain price of £7? :)
  16. S

    Parking in Oxford

    Went to Oxford today; wont be going back for a very long time if I can help it. Sunday afternoon - car park in the centre of Oxford - how much do you think? It was £7.50 for up to 4 hours - and £11.50 for up to 6 hours. This is a regular pay and display council operated car park no attendant no...
  17. ckember

    parking fees in oxford up again

    Public parking has gone up by £0.50 to £5.00 for 3 hours in the center of town. This is according to the council is required due to increased costs. The £0.50 rise is likely to occur every year for the next few years. Their justification is that if they don't do this now they will cut other...
  18. Spinal

    Motorcycle parking in Oxford

    Howdy - quick last minute question; does anyone know what the rules governing motorbike parking in Oxford are? I know in certain boroughs of London I can happily park in a pay&display for free (e.g. Hillingdon) but is this the case in Oxford? If not, does anyone know of parking around/near...
  19. GrahamC230K

    AC Specialist in Bucks, Aylesbury, Oxford, MK area?

    Can anyone recommend a good air con specialist in the Bucks, Aylesbury, Oxford, Milton Keynes sort of area? After ~9 years it's cold but not as cold as it could be, looking for a no corners cut service. I don't know any so it's off to the dealership otherwise. TIA Graham
  20. A

    Specialist in Oxford area

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of a specialist in teh Oxford area? I just really dont want to fork out 600+ at mercedes, any info is gratefully recieved.
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