1. D

    S211 parking sensor issue

    Suddenly the front drivers side is showing proximity all the time. It varies from 1 to 4 yellow lights. They seem to work, in that if i get closer more come on and the passenger side and rear are fine. I've given them a clean but n/c. Should i suspect a damaged wire?
  2. Drew sl

    Some one dont like me parking on the road

    Hi all iv parked the merc on the road different location, dont block anybodys drive way just free all street parking there. This is at my gf place. Anyway i parked in this location once before had this newish blue feista that parked super close to the front bumper luckly i left bit of space...
  3. A

    No clicking sound when parking brake is engaged

    Hi, On my W211 I used to hear a clicking sound when parking brake was engaged. I cann't get the brake stop light in instrument cluster ever since the clicking sound disappeared. The parking brake works though because when i press the pedal to engage parking brake it works (I cannot see the...
  4. AMGeed

    Parking Sensors

    The lad next door just fitted some rear parking sensors. He seems happy with them:D
  5. S

    w211 Parking brake (handbrake) auto-adjuster

    Evening all, The parking brake shoes expanders on my 2008 E class were seizing up so I've stripped and cleaned everything and replaced discs, pads and shoes at the same time. Straight afterwards my parking brake pedal travel was really long so I had a look at WIS and tried to follow the...
  6. P

    W211 Parking Break Warning Light / Alarm?

    Hi Folks, Should the w211 estate e280 alert or warn when parking brake engaged? I can't count how many time I have set off down the road and forgetting to release the darn thing. Having adjusted the parking brakes on more occasions than I'd like to admit due to the above I thought it high...
  7. S

    W204 Rear Parking assist

    I have a new to me C220 and my rear parking sensors don't make a audible beep when i get closer to a object while reversing, the light bar above rear screen progressively light up as i get closer to a object but no beeps? Is the a menu where i can switch the beep function on ?
  8. MSG2004

    Command Parking Sensor possible issue

    Hiya Like most, I work and do not have time to leave my car with MB or the hassle of going there. Bought the car brand new in April MB GLE, AMG-line - I'm the only driver, covered about 4k miles, no accidents (keyed a couple of months ago) or contact with garage door/wall etc. Noted an...
  9. G

    parking sensors

    Hi all, I have a 2000 W208 CLK Convertible & in front centre of dashboard a parking display & same display in the dashboard right side, with a double display in-between the rear seats, the display in the rear lights up when R selected (its an automatic) & works fine, the front centre display...
  10. Lennox

    Edinburgh airport parking

    Where's best?? Im parking for 5 days at Edinburgh airport for the next few weeks, where is best? Scot park looks closest and easy to get too but you leave the keys which I'm not a fan of..??? Ideas??
  11. T

    Automatic owners - do you also use parking brake?

    Hi All I have a 2011 Auto E250 with the foot operated parking brake, I'm in the habit of always using the parking brake when I've parked the car, the salesperson however had advised just putting it into Park is enough.. Any thoughts?
  12. J

    W211 LED parking lamp ?

    I've got a w211 e280 CDI sport 2007 facelift and just notice the n/S parking lamp is out. I thought no problem easy but no very fiddly to get out and it's an LED type. I can't find anything like it online. I ended up removing the front bumper and took the lamp out as the LED bulb came apart...
  13. D

    e55 s211 parking brake reluctant to release

    I've noticed that if I leave the car a couple of days pulling the dash lever to disengage the parking brake doesn't work immediately and the dash exclamation mark stays on. I seem to have to creep the car backwards (parked nose in) and keep trying and it will come off after a coupe of goes...
  14. 2

    Electromagnetic Parking Sensors

    I am thinking of installing aftermarket electromagnetic parking sensors in my clk 240 (w209). I am hoping for shorter distance range operation, lower installation cost, avoiding bumper drilling. Does anyone have any experience with these sensors as opposed to the more popular ultrasonic ones...
  15. 2

    Parking Sensors

    I believe the "speaker looking box" that is halfway through the roof of my 2003 clk 240 is the parktronic speaker. Even though my car does not have parktronic, this speaker is wired. Does this mean that if I install an aftermarket rear parking sensor I will be able to connect the buzzer to this...
  16. AMGeed

    Parking Ticket = Fuming Mad!

    Just got myself an unwelcome parking ticket in Sainsbury's car park from Poole Council after buying and displaying a ticket! I'm fuming mad. Paid 80p for an hours parking at 10 13am and at 10 24am despite part at the separated ticket being on the dash, I was given a ticket for "Not...
  17. G

    When to use Electronic Parking Brake....

    Wondered how people use their electronic parking brake... in what scenario would you use it and how do you come to release it? Pull the button or step on the accelerator? Tapping the brakes twice - puts it on "HOLD" - what does this do, compared to the electronic parking brake and what...
  18. H

    Need advice: CLK W209 parking sensors retrofit.

    Bascially, I'm replaced the bumpers on my Clk from the standard ones to the facelift amg style ones, however they have the parking sensor holes in them so I might aswell try to make them work. Any clue on how I'd go about this. Her currently with the standards Sent from my iPhone using...
  19. N

    Front parking sensors (cls w219)

    Hey all ive recently brought a Mercedes cls350 grand edition , I got it as a cat d with some work needed , front bumper was the main part , I've picked up a front bumper this morning but I was wondering if anyone could help me . I've been looking all day for full wiring loom an sensor's but...
  20. M

    Parking Sensors

    hello all, does anyone have the number layout for the parking sensors and there locations on the car bumpers? my fault reader tells me it's Sensor 10 and know its on the rear bumper. but am unsure which one of the four it is? at a guess i'm saying the one above the exhaust..:dk...
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