1. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Parking Lamp Bulb

    My front n/s headlight needs a bulb as it's showing front left parking lamp on the dash. Which bulb in the correct one and do I need to replace all 4 to match both drivers ask passengers side as it looks like there is two of these bulbs on each Headlight. Is there an error free led upgrade...
  2. GillyC63

    Parking sensor failure or worse?

    Hi all 2010 C63 wagon, it would appear the rear parking sensor(s) on my wagon have given up the ghost. Everytime I select reverse I get a beep several seconds long & two red led's on the rear headlining indicator. Front sensors appear to be working fine. I also get the two red led's (on the...
  3. W

    Need parking brake cable C180 1996

    The parking brake cable on my superb Mercedes C180 1996 failed. My dealer tells me the cable comes in three parts Right - Left and Centre He can get the Right and Centre cables from Mercedes in Germany. However, the Left cable is out of stock - Can anyone suggest a good source? The...
  4. A

    Parking sensors

    How and when do they work ? When i bought the car,i definatley seen the lights on the front bar light up when i parked up. I also have a reversing camera that works fine. Now... Non of the bars on the dash or rear roof led bar light up,and the switch in the dash doesnt work,it doesnt...
  5. C

    cls parking sensor fault

    hello, wheres the best place to start when trying to identify a fault with the parking sensor system, at the moment the whole system seems to be dead, no response, other times there is a random chirp and a couple of red leds. hoping there was a flow chart of tests i could start fault finding...
  6. V

    2009 CLC Parking Dash Indicator replace

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Noticed today the the left (led?) of the parking distance indicator on the middle dash has gone kaput. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how if possible? I've searched tinterweb high and low and found nothing. It's not a massive problem as the right side...
  7. P

    W213 Parking sensors

    Guys, My car has all round sensors, but when parking there are no beeps, Is there anyway to activate this?
  8. S

    W204 Parking Sensors

    Hi all, Strangely, when my car is on a steepish incline, when I accelerate from a few miles per hour, the parking sensors beep as if I am close to something. They light up too. Today, the red ones came on (strangely without the orange ones) and no beeping. I can replicate this when my...
  9. Stratman

    Heathrow meet and greet cars given parking tickets

    Valet parking cars left in council car park Well well well...
  10. P

    Parking Camera Retro Fit

    i have a 2013 but on 63 plate (face lift) Can i retrofit the front and rear parking Cameras to work with the current e class screen ?
  11. F

    Mercedes Parking Sensor

    Hi guys just bought a 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG 125 Edition. Just found something odd. Some additional sensors in the front grill and a switch by the fuse box. When I click it I get an American womans voice saying welcome and then after a minute she says Parking Aid deactivated. Anyone know what...
  12. Cymruambyth

    Parking sensors and loud music.

    These 2 things don`t go together :( Just reversed into the wall at the gym :fail Luckily all it did was pop the diffuser out on the passenger side and put a couple of tiny marks on the bumper....phew. Managed to pop diffuser back in....good as new...ish :D
  13. X

    e class remote parking

    I have seen the youtube vid of parking the new E-Class using the mobile phone. I know that you have to have the 360 camera option on the car for this to happen, but does anyone know if this is working in the UK? All dealers that I have spoken to just dismiss it.
  14. R

    Parking Pilot blu tooth range

    Hello everyone, I am the new owner of an E class 220d estate W213. The cars great, however, I have a very first world issue! Has anyone else got a problem with the range of Parking Pilot? I have a Sony Xperia Z3 compact and have to stand withing a foot or so of the dash to connect (after...
  15. Stratman

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking fines

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking charges Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company With the caveat it happened in Scotland, here's an extract
  16. V

    Parking Brake Adjustment

    Hey guys, the foot parking brake on my 2011 W204 is poor it won't hold the car without a hell of alot of force. I removed the rear wheels​ and discs for inspection adjusted each side fine. But it looks like it's the cable that has stretched is there anyway of taking up the slack in the cable or...
  17. H

    S211 rear parking sensors/bumper removal

    Hello all. I bought E55BOF's splendid E55K estate via this forum some weeks back, and have been enjoying it immensely. Slightly less immensely since somebody nudged the car in the rear while it was parked up, realigning one of the parking sensors at a jaunty angle. I don't think it's broken...
  18. Richard1973

    Parking sensors

    Why did someone order my S210 new and not specify parking sensors? A car that size really needs them. I now know why so many that are advertised have damage to the rear corners. Any decent after market kits available, as I guess it would not be easy to retro fit second hand Mercedes kit. Sent...
  19. JohnDavies

    Inconsiderate parking + Red mist rises.

    Watch what this driver does when he is blocked in. WATCH: Man takes revenge on driver who blocks him in by doing THIS | Life | Life & Style |
  20. clk320x

    PCN taped onto parking meter?

    Today as I was buying my pay and display ticket at Northampton town centre car park, I unusually saw a PCN taped to the parking meter... Intrigued and completely confused on further inspection it had been left on a Ford car parked there a few hours ago, (obviously re-stuck the PCN onto the...
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