1. J

    Lacquer peeling on four year old Jupiter red A class

    Hi there I have a four year old A class which I bought two years ago from a MB dealership as an approved used. I also paid for the paintwork to be treated. In December 2016 I noticed that the bumper lacquer was peeling. I took it to the body shop at the dealership and they took photos to...
  2. MancMike

    Pitting and peeling lacquer on my red one

    Hi, As has been discussed before, red ones often have lacquer issues. Most report pitting and micro bubbles in the lacquer, but mine has this and also peeling lacquer where it's coming away from the paint, all over the car. I can't even sponge and water bucket wash the car anymore without...
  3. M

    Interior handle peeling! Ideas please?

    Hi All My 2005 CLS has a couple of areas on the interior that need attention. The driver's interior door handle is plastic, covered in a chrome finished plastic veneer to give it the look of being metallic. There is also a similar coating on a button of a lid on the centre console. Both...
  4. A

    Lacquer coming off W164, what to do?

    Hello, I've owned a (2008) W164 ML for the last 1.5 years. Over the past 6 months the paint has developed milky patches. My local garage (not a dealer) says it the paint delaminating and the lacquer is comign away from the paint underneath. This was an expensive car for me and one that I've...
  5. J

    Peeling Vinyl

    Cleaning the interior of my 2006 CLK Cabriolet - noticed this: Any ideas - is it vinyl protective spray peeling?
  6. N

    Peeling paint on new C350cdi

    Hi, Wondered if anyone could shed any light on this. Bought the new C350cdi in March, just been out to wash it and spotted that the inside rim of the front bumper has peeling paint. I have attached a photo (hopefully!). Obviously it's not visible unless you're looking in the front...
  7. asinrutee

    chrome peeling off on steering wheel

    I 've got a C Class Coupe, less than a year old and the chrome/imitation chrome whatever it is, on the steering wheel is starting to peel off round by the volume controls. Anyone come across this before. Hopefully it's covered under warranty, off to main dealer tomorrow to get some pictures...
  8. T

    W204 Interior Peeling

    Just noticed today that the black coating around the centre cupholder in my W204 has started peeling. Since it's only 2.5 years old I'm hoping to get it replaced under warranty - has anyone else had a similar problem? I've seen mention of it on a couple of US MB forums & it looks like they...
  9. markjay

    Wheel corrosion / peeling paint

    Any idea what might have caused this...? It's only on one wheel, the others are fine.
  10. G

    Prevention for Clear Coat Peeling?

    A little bit of clear coat is starting to peel on my trunk lid. I know there isn't a simple cure to fix what's already come off, but what kind of steps can I take to maintain the rest of the car and to prevent this from happening a few years down the line to larger areas like the head and roof...
  11. B

    SLK instrument facia coating peeling in places

    HI everybody, I have a 2001 SLK and I've noticed that the coating which covers the instrument fascia is starting to peel in places of high usage. Just wondered if there's anyway to repair this or is it just something that I will have to live with? Many thanks, bern
  12. MOR8A

    Plastic headlamp issues? / discolouration? / peeling?

    Hello all. I will keep this as brief as possible. Are your headlamps still looking like they did the day they came out of the showroom? Are they looking a bit sorry for themselves? Spoiling the look of an otherwise very well looked after vehicle? Mottled and patchy or looking a bit yellow...
  13. Andi968

    lacquer peeling W163 inherent fault ?? HELP NEEDED

    See post first I parked up next to a similar aged ML270 yesterday and as a typical Merc freak I couldn't help but give it a quick look over when the owner returned and we started to chat. I mentioned to...
  14. Gucci

    Peeling lacquer

    Just discovered on the rear pillar on my ML (between the rear window and the side rear window) that a small area has started to peel. This isn't a painted surface, it looks like a black plastic trim. The other side is fine. How do I sort that out? :(
  15. A

    plasticy peeling parts!

    Help!! I was cleaning the car today (rather anally) and did a good job overall, but while i was trying to get the fabricy parts on the side of the doors with the foamy spray, i accidentally must've got it on the metal part of the body and now it has caused (or what it seems like) the top coat to...
  16. M

    Engine Cover Peeling

    Hey U All I am new to this forum, I need help. I just bought a 1999 C230 kompressor sport manual. When I popped the hood I found that my engine cover is starting to chip and peel. I was told that this is due to heat from the engine. If any one knows if this is true and if has happend to any one...
  17. K

    Sickening paint peeling

    Chaps, I'm not sure what happened here but this horrible paint peeling occurred out of nowhere ... I curse myself for not noticing it immediately and now can't really place when (seq of events that lead to) it occurred. Grr feel the car is not the same anymore. Without good paintwork, the...
  18. O

    peeling bumper paint

    I have an obsidian black clk 320 w209 - late 03 model, it's covered a tad over 30K miles. Behind the rear wheels the paint has peeled off the bumper (pics to follow). Took it to the dealer, photographs taken and passed to MB. They came back with a point blank "No!". I'm not settling for...
  19. GlynC

    Peeling Alloys

    Hi The Laquer on my rear wheel is peeling off around the holes they use for the alignment. Also a small bit peeling from the area around where the centre cap fits. Car is a E55 with 15K miles 18 months old. Will they replaced the alloy? There is no kerbing damage and the rest of the alloy is...
  20. SilverSaloon

    Paint peeling on front bumper

    Hi Took my car to the dealer for some stuff to be done; got it back and now there is 2 places on the front bumper where paint has peeled off. 99% sure its been done when they wash the car using pressure-washers. I can only assume that the peeling bit started off as a stone chip until the...
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