1. gr1nch

    In praise of the CL. Has there been a more perfectly shaped coupé?

    Every time I see one side on, my heart goes a flutter [emoji14] Pic from AutoTrader.
  2. Ted

    In praise of kwik fit

    Pair of Dunlop SP sport 255x35x18s fitted, balanced, & new valves on the CLK at my place of work for £234 Guy took good care of the wheels and all looks to be good. Did just what they said they would.
  3. mat8n

    Insurance praise!!

    As some of you may know I crashed my sl350 on 30th July this year. To cut a long story.... I phoned direct line the next time day, they told me to take it to their approved repair centre, it was written off. I had a phone call of the assessor/valuer who discussed the value, I pointed out...
  4. Pacamack

    In praise of Becker

    Just driven 2,500 km across Europe and it hasn't put a foot wrong. I don't understand why people knock it, at £250 a pop from Ebay why would you have anything else?
  5. spinaltap

    Praise for MB Birmingham

    While hurtling along the A38 towards Worcester a week ago, I nearly jumped out of my skin when the low pressure alert on my W169 A-Class sounded (the alarm is very loud, by-the-way). When I stopped the car there was nothing visibly to indicate anything was wrong, but an all-round check...
  6. developer

    All praise the marketing boys........

    From a write up on the new A Class "design to satisfy needs long before they're even expressed" "a car's shape must be able to outlast the vagaries of time, and that only happens if it springs from a higher ideal" "a fusion of fresh concepts moulded seamlessly together by a design language...
  7. BobbyHowie

    MB Giffnock Praise

    Praise to the dealers when it's due. :thumb: Had a warning light on my R350 which indicated possbile fuel pressure problems so booked it in. Dealer checked things for about 1 hour and fixed a number of problems free-of-charge because I was a good customer.
  8. bpsorrel

    Praise for Lufthansa!

    Not MB related, but German (LOL)! Can't say enough to praise Lufthansa who were (even in Moscow - not known for polite service!) were efficient and helpful when we decided to extend our stay by a few days (long story). The flights were standard, cheap economy (actually, the cheapst of all...
  9. S

    W202 C280 Praise ...... for a change !

    Hi Everyone Browsing these forums is always fascinating .......... but sometimes a bit depressing ........... soooooo many problems ! But the fact we're all still here reading and posting must prove that Mercs offer so much more than the problems we're so interested to read about. So here's...
  10. Gridlock

    C43 silencer deletion + praise for Olly/PCS

    Following a rewarding visit to Olly and all at PCS :thumb: (new lower control arms, amongst other things = feels twice as planted on the road) I spent a wee bit on something just for me and had the centre silencer removed today, replaced at Powerflow agents Top Gear in St Albans*. Will stick a...
  11. MikeL

    Currys - praise

    Well seeing as forums tend to vent I thought I should give a rare vote of praise to my local Currys (Torquay). Looking for camcorder & compact camera - had great service, knowledgeable and not pushy - wow. The only downside was that the service was so good I ended up buying a memory card...
  12. M

    Another post in praise of 124 works

    Spent all of saturday at Ians place having g/f's e280 caressed. Lots of work done (Ian even let me hinder...I mean "help" :rolleyes: ). All the fluids and filters. new dicss and pads all round. new ARB's. Front spring modifications (You know what I mean mate;) ) the car may have done 200K...
  13. MikeL

    Praise - Rangemaster Cooker

    Well just to balance karma, see Rant topic. 15 year old Rangemaster Cooker, now part of AGA group. Needs new part - timer, choice of many Surprise 1 - Spoke to helpful Cust Service, in the UK - Leamington Spa (AND standard phone number - the shock of it all) - despite having no serial...
  14. Apial

    MOT praise for '91 w124.

    I took my 300CE-24 for its MOT test yesterday and did the usual, ie show the tester how the seat back locks work etc. The emissions test went a wheeze with the tester saying that the car would pass the latest emissions test for a modern car they were so good. Then we got to the brake test. I...
  15. Benzowner

    Praise for a dealer

    I recently bought a 1999 S320 from Mercedes at Salisbury, unusual for a dealer to be selling a car of this age, but it only had 39k on the clock. Anyway, the Comand worked fine, except it would not show maps and the electrical steering wheel adjustment stopped. I received a phone call from them...
  16. R

    Tony Purslow Basingstoke - High Praise

    I've reported good things about these guys before, but I have reason to be impressed again. Recently I started getting an odd feeling through my steering. I contacted Purslows who ventured a few ideas about what it might be and promptly dispatched a chap 20 miles from their dealership to my...
  17. jwarren

    Praise due when earnt!!

    You may recall that I messaged last week about some toerags whom keyed my car, well, got it back yesterday and it looks fantastic, showroom in fact. So, we often run down insurers and garages, and here I am going to give a standing applause to these compaines:- Sainsburys Insurance - dealt...
  18. jeremytaylor

    High Praise for C55

    Autocar this week bade farewell to their long-term C55 Estate this week with high praise indeed, from people who drive more cars than most of us have hot diners. The true test of any car is of course only over time which makes their comments all the more valid. Hopefully there will be others of...
  19. Jukie

    In praise of S&R, Formby - again!

    Took mum's car down on Friday for a B service. Inspection discovered a knackered water pump and broken front spring (so 2 new ones). Cutting a long story (and day!) short, the guys stayed til 8pm sorting things out. The pump turned up about 6:30. Everything else, inlcuding two springs had been...
  20. GRAV888

    Praise For Brabus Kent

    I can not praise these blokes highly enough. I had the SRS warning light come on last night and took my car to MB of Gillingham this morning. They said they couldn't do anything until Monday 10th and would be an initial inspection charge of 1/2 hrs labour (£45+vat) :eek: , then they would quote...
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