1. I

    C350e Tyre pressures

    I'm about to fit 19" wheels to my C350e. The tyre sizes will be 225/40/19 front and 255/35/19 rear. Could somebody please let me know the tyre pressures I should use ? (My car only has tyre pressures for the 17's on the filler flap) Thanks in Advance.
  2. R

    W211 Sport wheel tyre pressures

    I have recently put a set of OEM 18" sport wheels on my W211 that came with 17" wheels. Does anybody have a picture of the inside of the fuel cap of a W211 Sport? I am unsure as to what pressures I should be running front and rear. Don't want to wear the new Michelin PS4 unevenly
  3. tingtongpj

    2014 E Class Saloon ECO Tyre Pressures

    hi all quick question ? does anyone know the eco try pressures for the 2014 e-class saloon on 18" wheels ?
  4. A

    C class tyres and pressures

    I am reposting this from the wrong department, sorry! I have recently acquired a nice Class but the ride seems too hard, it reacts to every tiny bump and crease in the road. It has the original Continental Sport 2 tyres. Are these the best for a smooth ride? The pressure is 36 lbs/
  5. A

    C class tyres and pressures

    I have acquired recently a very nice C class, but the ride seems too hard. Every tiny mark on the road is felt as if there were no springs. I suspect that the tires are wrong or at the wrong pressure. It still has its original Continental sport contact 2 using 36 Does any one have...
  6. 9

    Correct Tyre Pressures

    Bit Confused:confused: What are the correct pressure's on my car??? 18" front & Rear standard AMG factory fit!! Book & fuel filler cap read 36psi front & 41psi seems a bit high to me:dk: Sorry for my buffoonery never had to check before & only due to display telling me to check...
  7. S

    18" C63 Wheels Tyre Pressures

    My tyre warning light came on today for the first time. Three of my tyres had circa 30 psi in and one had 43 psi in. The tyre shop said 43 psi is too much hence it coming on (even though must have been like this for weeks). So they put 32 PSI all round... Is this correct? 18" wheels...
  8. C

    Please help with tyre pressures

    Good evening all. My E220 has the following wheel and tyres - Front 235 35 19 Rear 265 30 19 The make is Vredestein What should the tyre pressures be please? I think the car should only have 18" on as that's all it's got for the pressures So need to know what the 19" should be...
  9. P

    tyre pressures

    can anyone tell me the tyre pressures on a 2004 350sl tyre size 255/45/17 ?
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Tyre pressures

    Since I discovered the great handling with correctly inflated tyres, I try to keep them spot on. I use one of the digital auto cut-off Michelin tyre inflators. However, even a few days after inflating them, I've noticed that they lose air. This was the case with the last set of tyres and the...
  11. S

    New W212 comes with much lower tyre pressures?

    So, I visited MB dealer today and had a look of the face lifted W212 E series, one thing I noticed to be interesting is the tyre pressure label, which suggests significantly lower pressure configurations compared to my 2011 pre-face lift W212 for 17+ inches wheels: For example, my 2011 S212...
  12. T

    W219 Tyre Pressures

    I hope someone can help as I am getting conflicting advice/information. Just had a full set of Avon ZZ5 fitted to my 2007 CLS 320 CDI, what pressures should I be running - mixture of advise from 30 - 38 psi, that is quite a variation. Driving is a mixture of local and motorway, covering approx...
  13. Z

    Correct tyre pressures for c220 cdi estate with 235/35 ZR19's

    Hi all. Happy New Year to you; this is my first post as I've just joined! I've recently purchased my first Merc and am loving it; a black c220 cdi estate (please check out the pix). The car came with 235/35 ZR 19 w xl tyres on, which I then later found out reading the manual were not...
  14. B

    Tyre pressures for W124 on 17s

    Hi all, I've searched but cannot find a definitive answer. I'm not really sure how this works. I've put W210 Mekhab 7.5x17 inch alloys on my W124, with 225/45x17tyres. And they look sensational. :-) Should I inflate these to the same pressures as indicated on the petrol flap (34 front /...
  15. J

    2003 I6 320 cdi S210 vacuum pressures

    Hi Going to spend tomorrow doing further work on my errant car. Stripping off the inlet tract to sort inlet flaps, and also pull the turbo to check variable vanes and also the condition of the cat matrix. So far I have shifted the limp mode from with a few minutes to quite a drive by fitting...
  16. trapperjohn

    Tyre Pressures. C203. Advice Please.

    OK So I did RTFM and Im not really any the wiser. The fuel flap says thus. Lightly loaded - Fronts 30PSI Rears 33PSI. My car does have a staggered set up. Tyres fitted are:- Fronts 225 45 17 and Rears 245 40 17. So would 30 and 33 be right for the set up I'm running at the moment please.
  17. D

    Tyre pressures are important?

    After towing a caravan this weekend with my CLK320 and putting 40PSI in the rears (ignoring the guidance from the filler cap for 4 passengers plus luggage) I can confirm that it does not feel "right" when the van was not attached. It has massive AMG wheels/tyres on, on 18" rims and another...
  18. nutrunner

    clk 320 tyre pressures

    hi all whats the tyre front & rear pressures, for my 03 ckl320 convertible 17in :wallbash:
  19. smoothcoupe

    2004 E55k tyre pressures

    Hi all. Wondering what tyre pressures other members are running??
  20. Steve320

    e320 Sport 18" AMG Wheels - Pressures

    Hi Everyone, Despite a search of previous posts I can't find an answer on this one, so wondered if anyone could advise me what are the correct pressures are for my 320 Sport with 18" alloys? Tyre sizes are 245/40 on the front and 265/35 at the rear. Currently they are inflated to 33 front...
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