1. Igurisu

    CKS Grill - Quality?

    Hi all, I like the look of this single slat grill from CKS, W209 CLK Single Slat Sport grille Black for all models Mercedes W209 CLK Single Slat grille for models from 2002 [GCL209] - £125.99 : CKS Performance Has anybody bought one or seen one in the flesh? I'm wondering what the...
  2. E

    Shocking call quality - Bluetooth

    Ive had my 2012 E220 Cdi Sport 125 for about 3 weeks now, after mercedes finally admitting that my 2009 E220 was a lemon. Loving the car so far, the new 7 speed Gtronic is a pleasure to drive. The only problem is the sound quality on a bluetooth call. It sounds like the caller is in a gold...
  3. developer

    Quality Dealer Info

    Who writes this rubbish? 250 mph Turbo fuel delivery £190/annum road tax Approved Used 2011 MERCEDES-BENZ E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY for sale
  4. C

    C class w203 cd player quality replacement ?

    Hi to all. My cclass estate has a audio 10 cd player installed and i would like to upgrade this head unit so can have better sound , bluetooth and ipod connectivity. Not to fussed about steering wheel controls.can any body recommend a head unit .Thanks in advance. Wayne
  5. W

    Professional quality airplane and car photos

    A blatant repost from another forum: The Official Castle Combe Circuit Web Site Forum - Late Rally Day pics SBK Motorsport Photography | 20110717 Royal International Air Tattoo - Sunday | Photo 60 SBK Motorsport Photography | 20110717 Royal International Air Tattoo - Sunday | Photo 60...
  6. S

    Are quality problems returning?

    My wife is giving my a hard time over ordering a new C Class, it is not the fact I have ordered one but the apparent lack of quality she is concerned about. Last week we had the camshaft sensor on @Marks car and last night I had a call from my next door neighbour to ask me to keep and eye on...
  7. Candy

    SLK 200 wiggling rear end in wet-poor quality tyres?

    Hi I would appreciate a little advice from the experience of other SLK drivers please. About 6 months ago I had economy tyres fitted to the back of my SLK - I've only just realised by chatting to others how important tyres are...I just thought as long as they were legal and the right size they...
  8. Gucci

    Jaguar XJ and XF build quality

    Today I looked around London's Clerkenwell Design Week which is sponsored by Jaguar. They had an XF, XJ and XK on display. I got another sit in the XF and XJ which I think are both fine looking cars. However, as I tend to do when trying out a car, I gave the interior trim and switchgear a good...
  9. BillyW124

    Quality of paint finish on MB's

    Afternoon all, Just been out to lunch and have come back in the office and i thought this may be an intersting topic to post. Working in the city (Liverpool st, Moorgate area) i see a lot of MB's being used to chauffeur ppl around in, new S-classes new E-classes etc. i get to gander at them...
  10. S

    C204 poor quality AMG wheels

    Two weeks ago I picked up my new C class Sport (2011 registed vehicle) with the standard 17" AMG wheels. I got around to detailing it this weekend, and with less than 200 miles on the clock, the wheel inners were in a terrible condition. There is a rough overspray type texture, and some old...
  11. T

    replacement C124 front wings - quality ?

    Just wondering if anyone has real life experience of how good the 'fit' is of various replacement wings for w124 series. both wings on my 300CE-24 are now showing signs of terminal corrosion, so i'm planning to replace. i'm a fairly good home mechanic so removal/replacement will be done by...
  12. trapperjohn

    Quality Service from a Scrap Yard.

    So I needed some bits for one of my 124s and thought I would give Hill's a try down in Skem. Hey what a pleasant change. Yes we have them in. He is a reference number pop down when you like. So I popped down. Plenty of easy tarmac parking. Nice bright reception (fully of alloys with tyres...
  13. B

    Telephone Poor Sound Quality

    Lo all, The sound quality when using the (factory fitted) car phone is poor for me whilst driving and so my wife tells me even worse on the other end of the line. When the phone rings I have to turn the volume up to hear it ringing but then turn it down when the call is connected. The other...
  14. I

    A really superb example of quality - W123

    Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series - eBay (item 190498486874 end time Feb-14-11 19:30:00 PST) What a build, did they ever do better??
  15. kusanku

    CLK 209 build quality

    Here is a question aimed at CLK owners, regarding how you find the build quality? I have had my CLK 320cdi for two weeks now, and I almost love it. Nice to drive, comfortable seats once you get used to them, probably the best all-round engine I have encountered. The reason I say almost is...
  16. Wilsonuk

    Poor quality plastics

    Has anyone noticed how easily the plastic around the gear shift on a merc dents? My phone fell off the dash and made a huge dent the other day - I've since experimented and you can practically dent it with your finger with a bit of pressure. This is on an 05 plate E Class, maybe they have...
  17. Dash1

    Quality Car Wax/Protection

    Hi Guys, Could someone please recommend a really good qualiy wax treatment. My intension is to colour cut my CL at the weekend but would like some advice on waxes etc. My expertise certainly is not bodywork or paintwork and would be open to any suggestions. I have in the past tried the usual...
  18. Horrgakx

    iPhone video quality question

    Guys, working with AVS video converter, I’m trying to choose the best option for my 3GS to convert AVI's so I can watch on my iPhone 3GS. I might watch it on the iPhone screen but I also might plug it into my plasma TV, so with this in mind which of the following will be good? • The first...
  19. B

    New mercedes models - interior quality?

    I have a 55 W203 Avantgarde and my wife has a 2009 SLK 350 - why is my interior quality so much better than hers? everything from the feel of the plastics to the fuel filler mechanism is inferior in the SLK - I have also recently been in both a Boxster and a TT and they put the SLK to shame...
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