1. nickg

    How's the market for good quality 129s ??

    Even though I've only had it for about 15 months I'm thinking of putting mine up for sale and wondered what level of demand there was at present. My SL500 is one of the good ones: W reg (2000) 70k miles Dark metallic blue/grey interior Pano roof (corrosion free) Rear seats Remote boot...
  2. The Boss

    Looking for high quality ribbed mats for my 211..

    hi guys.. looking for replacement super high quality rugs for the e350 - 211 shape.. possibly in silver, but i would consider a bright colour to brighten up the interior.. i do want the ribbed carpet feel for them too. cheers for any pointers and advice.
  3. Chattonmill

    Viseeo poor sound quality.

    I have been informed that the quality of the sound on my hands free is not good. It sounds fine in the car, but the person at the end of the phone says it is difficult to hear. Any Thoughts? Thanks Max
  4. tintinmt

    Mat sets to OE quality

    I just received a full set of four mats from my E320 cabriolet from SVS. I have to say that the quality is excellent in both fit and materials. They did take a while to come through from Germany but were well worth the wait. I don't know anywhere else you can buy OE quality mats for the 124...
  5. iscaboy

    Ride quality, how do you quantify it?

    I was talking to someone today (after having fixed the exhaust) about ride quality, the latest 300d, when coasting on the flat or downhill at 30mph feels like it is parked, even with the drivers window down, no noise, no vibration, no nothing, just waftiness. The conversation started because...
  6. orangeboy

    How Badly Was Quality And Durability Affected When Chrysler Took Over?

    I´ve got a 2005 E320 Avantgarde, and I´m just wondering if all components quality was reduced when Chrysler took over? I mean the reason for rust in post 2004 models was the takeover, but does that apply to every component? You hear stories of the older Mercs going on forever and ever, but...
  7. kurtdaley

    Build quality in 2010 ML

    My friend has just bought a ML300 diesel in white (I know white!!) and brought it round for me to have a look. Was very surprised as all the switches and the dashboard material is exactly the same as in my 2007 A class which I used to own. Now correct me if i'm wrong but if I had paid the best...
  8. M

    Pre-2000 car with best ride quality?

    My current comfy barge is a '93 W124 280E. I like it but I'm thinking about changing to something a little more modern, and at the same time going up a notch in terms of ride quality, power and toys (climate control, etc). It'll be a second car for weekend trips (daily drive is an Aygo). And...
  9. whitenemesis

    Quality Street - What's Your Favourite?

    The Favourites Chart Mine's #10 ;)
  10. smillion

    Sony Handycam - quality issues

    Has anyone on the forum got a Sony Handycam camcorder? I have just bought the DCR SR-37 which has a 60 GB (45 hour) recording capacity. Having now made some recordings on High Quality I am gutted at just how poor they translate to the TV via the AV leads, or how they look on the PC using a...
  11. CE230

    High quality car ...

    ... extremely low quality advert. :eek:
  12. Ted

    Rubbish 124 quality!

    My MOT is up at the end of November, so I thought I'd get th car in early. To my disappointment the car failed. Two of the amber bulbs had started to show white. How DARE Mercedes make a car where the bulbs fail after only fifteen years. I spent £740 of my hard earned childrens inheritance to...
  13. W

    Britain has worst quality of life in Europe, study says

    Time for all the gloom-mongers to wollow. Britain has worst quality of life in Europe, study says - Telegraph Please pick up your litter before leaving the country ;) Personally if I 'had' to leave I'd chose somewhere like Finland to live. Nice friendly people and a beautiful country...
  14. 230K

    Example of 124Estate Build Quality???

    Hi Is this is an example of over engineering???? There are little wire ropes that secure the exhaust mounting bracket should the weld fail???? Anyone have any other ideas as to why these wire ropes are there?? Perhaps it is to secure the fuel tank in the event of a rear shunt??? 210 does not...
  15. ShinyF1

    Wireless Router Range & Quality

    My wireless network range is very disappointing. I have ADSL points at the front of the house at both GF and 1F levels, but one room away [9" brick wall & 6m] sees a 50% drop off in quality, with it reducing to zero two rooms [two 9" brick walls and 10m] away. I would have hoped to have had...
  16. A

    Good Quality Car mats w203

    Morning everyone, Im after some good quality carpets for the car, any recommendations, are the AMG ones really worth it? Im after grey to go with the leather. Or is this pointless and i should just spend 20 quid on some clones... Thanks Allen
  17. G

    Quality parking sensors

    Details here, starting £20 Nikkai Parking Sensors Reversing Brand New Boxed Maplin on eBay (end time 16-Sep-09 17:20:04 BST)
  18. R

    Build quality of CE300/320 W124

    Switching my attention from 500SE to 300/320CE. Did the legendary build quality last through until the 320 ie is the 320 as well built as the 300? I ask as a while back I had a 3 year old N reg C class that fell apart! Thanks Piers
  19. The Boss

    What problems....

    What problems have you all had with a merc that you least expected you would ever have... you expect immaculate quality, immculate wear and tear properties, immaculate body corrosion defences.. anything happen to you that would shock the system My in dash cd changer on a previous e class died...
  20. N

    quality Stereo upgrade to W203 Estate

    I have just bought a C230 Estate (W203) which came with a Harmon Kardon 'upgrade' I am looking to upgrade this with a better quality amp, sub and speakers (but keep the head unit) Probably use something from the Genesis range. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the best installation...
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