1. M

    Phone Contacts First Name, Last Name Question

    N00b question here, but I just can't seem to find a solution. I have a 2013 CLS 250 CDi and have paired my Android phone and the contacts are displayed first, last in my phone. But when I access them on my car they are displayed last, first. Is there a setting somewhere that I can swap the...
  2. Londonscottish

    Broken 212 centre vent in rear - replacement question

    Hi, has anyone ever replaced a centre air vent in the back of a 212? One of my daughter's friends has just kicked mine and broken it. *sigh* Anyway, is it possible to order an individual unit and replace it or do I have to get an entire assembly?
  3. MB-tex

    w124 estate rear suspension struts question.

    Hi All I'm the middle of a subframe replacement adventure on my 96 e280 estate. I got an old subframe that I have pressed out bushings from and got shot blasted. I am about to order one of these lemforder suspension link kits (4 each side) and I have a query: Is one of the bars in the kit...
  4. D

    W211 09 E220CDI Pad Question

    Hi all, I need a new set of pads F&R for above motor. Looking at the options on ECP's website, what are the best solution. I can have:- Eicher for ~£57 for F&R. Pagid, Textar or Brembo for ~£95-105 for F&R. Any recommendations? Thanks, D
  5. B

    Sl R129 Fuel line question

    can anybody confirm whether the fuel line on a 1995 320sl is the same as a 1990 500sl I have a written of 320 which im now breaking so wondered if they are common from tank to engine inner wing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. D

    W211 2003 Estate Airmatic - Wheel Fit Question

    my car has airmatic all round. Does airmatic make any difference to space in the wheel well or not ? I'm looking at fitting some SL wheels to my S211: 8.5J ET35 255/40/18 9.5J ET40 285/35/18 I've looked at the chart in the sticky and see the fronts have been fitted as has the rear...
  7. B

    Quick question about telematics

    Sorry if this is a naive question. I have a SL 400 on order. I haven't opted for the convinience telephony option as I can't see much point in it. So my understanding is that just by plugging in my iPhone to the USB port will give the same functions as my current 6-series and that is telephony...
  8. Davycc

    Possibly a silly and un-needed question

    Hi all, recently I converted to my first MB previously being a devote SAAB man. My first taste was a 2001 C320. The car was too cheap to pass up at £850 I knew the owner who had it from 2003, full service and only 79K My questions are the following, now that I'm madly in love with MB I'm...
  9. F

    W447 Vito Wheel load rating question

    Hi all, Im looking at a set of these for my Vito Genuine Mercedes New Vito/V-Class (WDB447) "19" 5-Spoke Black Alloy Wheel Set I noticed at the base of the advert, it says not for 3.05t, in my v5 document, it said max permissible mass - 3050kg, Will these not fit my van? I don't think...
  10. T

    SBC pump fitting question

    Mine hasn't packed up, yet, but I was you need a dealer or Indi with special tools to change the SBC pump? I ask because I have AA parts and labour cover but my local Indi won't do warranty work, so I wondering if any competent repair garage can do it.
  11. S

    W124 sunroof motor question

    Hiya, my 300te sunroof will open but not shut using the electric motor. In fact, there's no noise from the motor at all when I press shut. Is this a switch thing? Do I need a new sunroof motor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. T

    SBC pump fitting question

    Mine hasn't packed up, yet, but I was you need a dealer or Indi with special tools to change the SBC pump? I ask because I have AA parts and labour cover but my local Indi won't do warranty work, so I wondering if any competent repair garage can do it.
  13. T

    New Member - Little question

    Hi Guys, New member here. I bought my first Mercedes; 2011 Mercedes SLK200 AMG Sport 125 edition from Mercedes Benz of Swindon in September 2016. Reg was; WJ61 HPF if anyone knows of this car.. worth a shot.. Just wondering, I wasn't given a service book with the vehicle just print outs of...
  14. trapperjohn

    BMW Question (Sorry)

    SiL has just pulled up at the back of our homestead in his BMW 325i. Has has a caustic smelling blue fluid leaking from his passenger seat which wiffs a bit. Seats are heated and electric for movement. Colour of fluid leaking is blue. I'm thinking its "heated" seats related and not to...
  15. K

    Adblue question

    E350 BlueTec 2015 15K miles. Bought car 3 months ago with 12500 miles from main Dealer. My journeys are usually 20-40 miles long between cold starts.I would presume that the Adblue tank was filled up as part of their checks, but who knows? Going to South of France in a few weeks, should I...
  16. M

    Quick question on W210 saloon rear head restraints

    My pre-facelift W210 saloon seems to like finding me jobs to do, so before something else unexpectedly jams I thought I'd better check how the rear headrest release is supposed to work. At present, you pull the headrests up until they click, and when you press the release button on the dash...
  17. RyanMuller

    Properly random question: Hanging a part on wall which has female thread

    Please delete
  18. F

    Vito W447 Lowering springs question

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting the Vito sport lowered, it seems to ride quite high at the back (I dont usually have a heavy load in the back too) Just wondering what set people would recommend? Also would it be the same drop all the way round, or lower at the front than the rear? Sorry...
  19. B

    Silly question about sump plug on W210

    Hello all, I've just bought a 2002 E220 cdi Estate Diesel. I want to change the oil, but haven't succeeded in getting the front of the car up on the ramps yet as the front lower body panel fouls on the ramps before the front wheels reach them. No doubt I'll figure out a way of getting the front...
  20. HB

    What question do you want answered ?

    E.G What is really in Area 51 ? What really happened in that hotel room with Trump in Russia ? As opposed to trying to answer the questions, let's see how imaginative we are.
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