1. whirsk

    C124 300ce Central locking question.

    Hi Folks I am currently having an issue with central locking on coupe. The passenger door will open and activate central locking (drivers,fuel,boot). Unfortunately the drivers door will not activate central locking. Is this a completely mechanical/vacuum or is there an electronc controller...
  2. swithin

    Question about KHM replacement roof

    Afternoon All, Took the hardtop off my 99 R129 this weekend and after a heart stopping moment when the soft top wouldn't close, got it closed and then heart sunk when seeing the windows. Last year's slight crack's are now holes! :mad: I also fitted 3 point seatbelts in the back for my 5...
  3. T

    Brake upgrade question

    Afternoon All, After having modified my S211 E270CDI standard brakes, to E55 spec, all round, I would like to do the same onto a 2015 e350 CDI. Can anyone confirm if the hub carriers will accept the w211 E55 callipers, with not too much modifications? Are the Brembo callipers on the...
  4. mark44

    M156 tuning question

    I am under the impression the M156 other than the dry-sumped SLS is basically the same engine at different states of tune. Most C63's which are the most 'de-tuned' seem to be remap-able up to about the 520bhp region. The later M156 engined E63 + S63's etc had 518bhp. Can they be remapped to...
  5. P

    Dial Test Indicator stupid question

    Am I right in assuming that each marker is 0.01? Just need to be sure :o
  6. thebig1

    Steering Question

    Hi Guys, Quick question. On the C63s Sedan, the steering will be direct drive i.e. mechanically connected directly from steering wheel to steering rack, just electrically power assisted?
  7. I

    A protected claims insurance question...

    Been with my current insurer for 5 months and have a 6 years no claims discount. Paying around £600 per year. I thought I had ticked the option to protect my claims but it turns out I havent. And I cant add that option on now so far into the policy. To cancel the current policy costs £50. Should...
  8. T

    Coilover question.

    Hello my new friends, I have recently taken ownership of a 2006 c220cdi, the car is fitted with prosport coilovers, by a previous owner, they are less than a year old, so I am not going to change the set up just yet, my question is, which end of the rear springs does the height adjuster fit, is...
  9. T

    Oil viscosity question.

    Hello people, just a quick question, I have a c220cdi on 06 plate with 127k on the clock, is it preferred to use 5w40!rather than 5w30 on an engine with higher miles? Due to the oil being slightly higher viscosity, I was given this advice for my wife's Nissan xtrail. Thanks
  10. B

    hello to everyone and a quick E300 hybrid question

    Hello to everyone from me, a new member. We are on our 3rd MB now and to date have been very pleased with the cars we have had in the family, one of the original A Class (3 years ownership), a CLK (10 years ownership) and now an E300 Hybrid Estate (8 months ownership). They have all had their...
  11. T

    Cooling question

    Hi, forgive me as I am new to this Mercedes lark, I have a 2006 c220cdi sport, when driving to work this morning the temp guage didn't go above 50 degrees, the ambient temperature was 3.5 degrees, could this be a thermostat problem, or is this normal for these engines? Thanks
  12. D

    To wax or not to wax, that is the question

    My car is around 10 weeks old now and usually as with previous cars I wax this time of year and again in October. Any views on whether this is a good pattern or will the October coat be sufficient.:thumb:
  13. mpc

    C250 W204 Wiper Blade Question

    Is there any significance to the coloured dots on the wipers of my C250 W204 estate?
  14. S

    Question about Mercedes 270cdi injectors

    Hi folks, I need to order injectors for our Mercedes W203 270cdi 2002. Its now getting a little long in the tooth, and usual faults are beginning to surface. After suffering from the dreaded saddle bag fuel tank syndrome, I have replaced the fuel filter (Merc OE), all plastic fuel lines, and...
  15. MikeInWimbledon

    Question: You know you're getting old when?

    So, the question is: you know you're getting old when....? What's your answer?
  16. garycat

    Question for W212 owners

    Hello, I am looking for an unobtrusive dash cam for my 2014 C Class Coupe and this one appears to have the same top panel on the windscreen but it is labelled for a W212...
  17. H

    C220, W03 Clutch question

    Trying to work out the correct clutch kit / code to order. My Clutch just gave up the ghost today. Its a late 2004 C class 2.1 646 963 203 . 008 Can somebody please help me with the part number am looking for. Would really appreciate it. Going to double check it tomorrow but am quite sure its...
  18. Peter Michaels

    Avantgarde 220cdi question

    Hello I recently bought a used Mercedes 220cdi Avantgarde diesel w203 2002 My friend told me that I made a mistake, because I only drive maybe 5000 miles per year. he said that this car doesn't like to stand round and then only used for short distances towndriving eg. Iam a pensioner second...
  19. R

    Odd rim size tyre question (8/18/et37

    I have a spare set of wheels that I know fit the ML320/W163 as it was delivered with them on (happy). 255/55/18 However I'm now running 275/55/17 on a set of MB appropriate alloys. Question, whilst restoring the 8/18/h2/et37; what tyres could be fitted? Having lived with 275 I do not...
  20. AndyKO

    New box question?

    Hello everyone, Maybe a dumb@ss question but if I change my gearbox on my '03 W211 E270 CDI does anything need to be done to the ECU, i.e remap or something to marry up the new unit or is it a case of a swap for the correct box? Sorry if it's a silly question but I don't know... :dk: :doh...
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