1. A

    R172 SLK winter wheels

    My partner is looking for a set of winter wheels and tyres for her car. She has option 950 which means that 17" wheels are the smallest she can use. We can find wheel and tyre combinations that should clear the struts and don't poke past the bodywork but in the handbook there is a note stating...
  2. C

    R172 SLK Luggage cover

    Does anybody have any tips on how to stop the rattling of the luggage cover when it is closed. I assume it is coming from one of the catches, but it's damn irritating
  3. C

    electronic parking brake on SLK R172

    Hi Should the EPB engage automatically when I come to a stop, select P and turn off the ignition?
  4. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 exhaust down pipes

    I am selling 2 down pipes with the secondary cats removed but the work cannot be seen when on the car to keep Mr MOT man from seeing anything. pipes have 21k on them. Came off a 2012 R172. It means you have the originals for the car encase emission rules get tighter in the future. Easy to fit as...
  5. bpsorrel

    R172 SLK LED DRLs

    Just a quick question :) I noticed on my '15 SLK that when the doors are unlocked with the fob, the headlights briefly come on with dimmed DRLs. But when the car is running, the DRLs go off when the headlights (halogen) come on. Clearly the dimming circuitry is in place, so is there...
  6. R

    tier one warranty R172 55 7.3K miles

    Hi, had my wife announce to me this afternoon, that should we deem to keep the car from its ending lease in June, the MB tier one warranty is £2,100, jeez, does anyone here know if this is correct..? are there any other choices to be had, my prime worry would be the roof going wrong.:( Thx
  7. J

    Slk 200 ,r172

    Hi all looking at Slk 200 r172 petrol. This will be used as a second vehicle. Is there any thing I should be looking out for, (good or bad). Any views etc will be much appreciated. Thanks, john.
  8. X

    R172 dash cam wiring (with power from arm rest / storage compartment)

    Hi all! I've just ordered a Mobius 1 (the wide-angle C2 model) action cam to record my trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 route in my SLK350 over five days next week. I don't plan to use the camera as a traditional "dash cam" - I want to capture the scenery and, from watching various videos...
  9. reflexboy

    R172 SLK Space Master Wheel/Tyre

    Has anyone got a collapsible spare wheel and tyre to fit an R172 SLK (2011-2015) for sale? Please PM me.Thanks
  10. ray d

    Trying to get down pipes for slk 55 (r172)

    Hi all, am trying to get the noise out of my car that I know is in there. Was trying to tinker with the rear box butterflys but have given up on that so want to decat the front section (should have been doing this from the start). I dont want to use the existing pipes encase I want to put it...
  11. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 air filters removal

    Hi all, can anyone explain how to remove the air filters please. Am able to get the front grey cover off but cant see how to go any further and dont want to "hawl and pull" at grey bits:eek: encase I break something. Photos would be even better. Thanks
  12. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 oil change help

    Hi all, not sure whether this should have been in "engine" thread but thought answers would be easier here. Anyway my 55 R172 is now 6 months old with 5k on it now and I asked MB to do the first service now as being from the "old school" I would have liked the oil and filter changed. They say...
  13. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 exhaust butterflys

    HI all, Have been trying to get my MB dealers to come up with a plan to have a switch in the car to keep the exhaust butterfly's open but have not had much response back from them except "we are looking into it". I noticed that the valves are open before you start the car so disconnected both...
  14. S

    2011 SLK250 Petrol

    Hi all, First of all - thanks for allowing me to join. Hopefully about to fulfil my dream and purchase a 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK250 Petrol. It is the Edition125 with AMG pack, heated seats, air scarf, harmon kardon, pan roof, sat-nav etc.... I have a few questions I wanted to throw out to the...
  15. st13phil

    R172 SLK Speedtronic / Cruise Control

    Can anyone with a late R172 with the colour multi-function display like this: confirm whether or not there is any indication in the display as to whether Cruise or Speedtronic is active? The manual suggests that there should be a tell-tale icon displayed: and in the text within the...
  16. BenzedUP

    R172 slk55 amg

    I took this for a quick test drive, I wasn't planning to asp I wasn't there for this car anyway but it was parked outside and I wondered what it's like to drive compared to my R171 AMG. Wasn't overly impressed to be honest, more refined than mine, seats seem to be more comfy. Lacking in noise...
  17. developer

    SLK R172 2012 DRL Required

    Brother has had a stone go through his (drivers side) and needs a replacement. WHY or any supplier recommendations please?
  18. mickt

    slk55 r172

    Just bought an SLK55 R172 2014 CAR with 10000 miles on, anything to look out for ?.
  19. normanh

    Change from W204 to R172

    Well I've sold my 2011 220 cdi c class coupe and bought a 2013 SLK 250 cdi amg sport auto in diamond white metallic. It has the panoramic vario roof, air scarf heated full black leather seats, air glide, command on line, parktronic incl parking assist. I'm currently searching for with the...
  20. leef44

    R172 SLK 55 AMG wanted

    I'm looking to treat myself with a weekend toy/holiday car :bannana:. If any of you have an SLK 55 AMG (R172) and are potentially looking to sell in the next few months then please PM me. Probably a 2012 or 2013 model. Don't think I can stretch to a newer model. Any colour but preferably not...
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