1. F

    W447 Vito Wheel load rating question

    Hi all, Im looking at a set of these for my Vito Genuine Mercedes New Vito/V-Class (WDB447) "19" 5-Spoke Black Alloy Wheel Set I noticed at the base of the advert, it says not for 3.05t, in my v5 document, it said max permissible mass - 3050kg, Will these not fit my van? I don't think...
  2. HB

    Tyre load rating - Dealer opinion

    I have just bought a W212 E350 CDI saloon for my wife from the main dealer in Edinburgh. Now, normally I check everything like a hawk but this time I didn't. All the tyres on the car said Continental and have plenty of tread depth but, on closer inspection when we got the car home, one of them...
  3. Yugguy

    Power rating of convenience phone cradle

    Hi. Anyone know the ampage of the power to the centre console phone cradle in a w204? I want to use it to drive a power socket fitted into the rear blanking plate. A lot cheaper than 60 or 70 quid for the whole ashtray unit that I would never use.
  4. mattk1

    Need help please - tyre wall rating?

    Other than ringing a main dealer how do I find out the original tyre wall load rating for my car? I have had a quick search online, read all the old brochures I have, looked at all the service books etc etc If any one can help I am after the rating for a 19" tyre, 275/35/19 to be exact, for my...
  5. V

    W140 new tyres speed rating

    I am new to this forum. I have a 1992 400SEL which is in need of 2 new tyres. I have always fitted Continental Premium Contact/2 tyres. 235 60 16 100W. These have the correct speed rating for he vehicle. However, it appears that tyres of this size and speed rating are no longer available as far...
  6. M

    Tyre size/load rating basic question!

    Forgive me for what may be a stupid question re tyre size/load rating. I have a 2006 C180 Kompressor 1.8engine, and need new tyres. My current tyres I've had on the car since I got a year ago are Pirelli - back 205/55 R16 91V, front 205/55 R16 91H M+S. When I try to order tyres online though...
  7. Vitomonkey

    Vito alloy rating

    Would alloys with a load rating of 690kg be ok on a vito 109 compact ? Company I contacted on eBay say they are fine, a lot of searching seems to suggest otherwise ? It's all a bit confusing
  8. R

    W211 estate load rating???

    hi all, I need new rear tires and am confused with load ratings. At the moment I have 265/35/18 97w but on black circles it says 93w!! We don't carry much weight in the back so which do I need ???
  9. C240Sport97

    Load Rating Differences

    I need to replace all 4 tyres on my CLS55. Decided on either Goodyear F1A2 or Michelin PS3. Trouble is only PS3 is available with the correct load rating on the rears. F1A2's rears are 97Y instead of 101Y (as set out in manual). Fronts: 255/40 18 99Y Goodyear F1 A2 MO 99Y – 71DB, Wet...
  10. M

    Wheel Load rating info

    Hi Guy's, Just wondered if anyone knew of a site or anywhere that has the load rating of AMG wheels. I would like some nicer wheels for my ML. I nearly bought an ML before finding the one I have now, which had some AMG style 7 alloys on which looked really nice. I have seen a set of AMG...
  11. JethroUK

    load rating 91 vs 94?

    I need to replace my rear tyres Website say my front and rears should be the same but my fronts have load rating of 94 and my rears have a load rating of 91 Nothing in the price so I'm wondering whether to buy 91 or 94 (match the front) Vs
  12. Teshie

    Load rating

    I Need new rear tyres for my W221 It's fitted with 20" AMG wheels so the tyres are 275/35/20 My question is can I fit tyres with a load rating of 98 or do I need to look for 102??
  13. BTB 500

    Tyres with higher speed rating are cheaper?!

    Been looking at new tyres for the Vito. Slightly puzzled why 225/55 R17 101H seem to cost significantly more than 225/55 R17 101V e.g. Continental Vanco - 225-55-17-H - etyres Continental Vanco - 225-55-17-V - etyres Same tyre make, model, size & load rating. It's not just an oddity at...
  14. Y

    Vito alloy load rating

    Looking to fit some 18" alloys to my vito. I know I need to be careful on the load rating of the wheels I buy, going on what I believe is right (half the axle weight on my VIN plate) I need 730kg. I've found a number of wheels and they're all 690kg. I'm guessing the extra 40 kg will make the...
  15. B

    Dunlop SP Maxx noise rating

    Hello all. I am contemplating new tyres for my newly-acquired W215 CL600. As a rule I drive pretty sedately so my only prime requirement is as low a noise level as possible. The Dunlop SP Maxx tyres have the lowest decibel rating of any brands I have seen. Do you think that's a reasonable guide...
  16. W

    Speed rating vs Fuell effeciency & wet grip rating

    Has anyone else noticed any oddities in the new tyre rating system? Below is an example of one tyre size and the 'same' Michelin Energy Saver tyre yet with different fuel efficiency and wet grip ratings. It's especially interesting to see how the last tyre is E rated for fuel efficiency but the...
  17. S

    Winter Tyres 225 55 R16 - What to go for performance rating or brand?

    Hi I normally would hesitate to put 2nd class brand tyres on such as Avon on my car. Howerver looking for Winter tyres on Winter - Snow - Cold Weather - Car/MPV Tyres - 16" R16" - 225/55/16, 225/55R16 I could not escape noticing that Avon are better rated then Michelins or Continentals: Avon...
  18. I

    Start-stop rating ?

    Hello, I'm just about to receive my e350 cdi sport and just wandered what people thought about the start-stop feature ?? Cheers :thumb:
  19. martyz

    Rating our abilities

    Just a thought that might help us when asking for help or opinions.rather like the Haynes manual,of which I personally don't,the readers skill level can be rated from novice to competent home mechanic,this is indicated by a score of 1-5 spanners in graphic form.The same could apply to...
  20. B

    Tyre speed rating

    My W202 has a full size steel spare wheel with a brand new Michelin tyre which is 'H' rated. The tyres on the cars alloys are 'V' rated. I am hoping to save some money by putting the new spare onto the car, thereby only having to buy one new tyre, rather than two. What is the W202 C200...
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