1. clk320x


    Any point of running redex in my Clk320? I only fill up with Shell V Power or Tesco Momentum.. Cheers
  2. M

    Redex - any good?

    I've got an OM606 W210 which seems to be running pretty well, but judging by the state of the fuel filler (it was like a dirty old chip pan 'til I cleaned it) the car's spent some time running on veggie oil mixed with diesel. Other than the filters / in tank strainer (which I'd expect to need...
  3. C

    Redex - Experience of its use on older cars

    My car will be 16 years old in March and I was considering using Redex. The engine is a 3.2 litre V6 petrol. Any good/bad experiences of its use out there?
  4. A

    C270 CDI running in Emergency Mode after adding Redex

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me. I recently input some diesel redex fuel system cleaner into my 2005 C270 CDI into a full tank. Initially when I put it into the car after a few miles the Engine management system light came on and the car went into emergency mode - only runs in 2nd...
  5. J4miejenks

    Redex and DPF engines

    I'm new to dpf engines, I've always run redex in my cars. Is it still ok to run it on engines with dpfs? As the user manual recommends that you don't use fuel additives. Thanks
  6. M

    Redex Diesel fuel system cleaner, any good ??

    Hi, i have just got my E320 cdi 06 estate 76000 miles and love it, but most of the time it is only driven about 1 mile with maybe a burst of 40 miles at the weekend, i was thinking of putting some redex in the fuel tank for a bit of a clean up with the injectors etc, in the mb handbook it says...
  7. G

    Does adding redex help

    I was wondering if anyone has tried REDEX or similar additive to help improve fuel consumption on a 350 cdi ?
  8. GlenQ

    Redex fuel injector treatment

    Redex fuel injector treatment & fuel system cleaner for petrol engines. 500ml bottles. Will treat up to four tanks of fuel. Catalytic converter safe. £5.80 delivered.
  9. J

    Redex Petrol or Petrol Injection Cleaner?

    Hi, My 2000 Mercedes A140 petrol seems to have started to be a bit nasty on the petrol side (ie. it's eating more than usual), so I thought I'd give it a single treatment of redex. Can anyone tell me which one I need, the Redex Petrol Cleaner or Petrol Injection cleaner? Thanks.
  10. S

    Redex vs V-Power ??

    R2D2's thread has got me thinking about cutting the cost of my fuel. I've always used v-power diesel since I got my car, on the few occasions I've used normal fuel I've noticed increased smoke but no other side effect. So my question is putting in a fuel additive like Redex (open...
  11. Kendon


    I'd be interested to hear views on fuel system treatments. Should I use any even if i dont know what the previous owner was using? Does anyone notice much difference with economy of performance?
  12. andylee30

    HELP!!! Used Redex Diesel Treatment yesterday and im losing fuel!!

    I have a 99 C220 CDI. Never use any diesel treatment before and thought i will give it go. I poured some Redex Diesel Treatment into the fuel tank yesterday as it says at the back of the bottle. Driving today, find that the car is running abit smoother:). But, seems to be im losing fuel:eek...
  13. N

    Redex Diesel Treament

    Just bought some of the redex stuff from costco, it doesnt mention how often to use the stuff. Does anyone know how often? could I damage the engine by using it too frequently Thanks in advance Nimish
  14. I

    Redex Fuel Additive

    Hi, just a quick question. I have a W124 300TD with nearly 200K on the clock. Is the Redex Diesel Stuff any good, does anyone use it or recommend using it (whether in diesel or petrol). Any negative opinons are also welcome.
  15. 420SE

    Anybody use REDEX system cleaner? ('green' vs. 'red' label REDEX)

    Daft question coming up - you've been warned :p I bought some REDEX. Now, when buying, I had a choice of 2. The red label is designe for petrol cars and the green label for cars with injectors.....I bought the green? Is that right? Does a 420SE have injectors? :o :D
  16. F

    Redex - yes or no ?

    Is there any real benefit in throwing a bottle of redex into the tank every so often on my petrol cars? Or is it just a waste of time & money? Thanks!
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