1. L

    If I replace the front SAM would it need recoding

    Hi. Would anyone know if I replace the front SAM for the exact same part number on my 2000 C240 would it need recoding by a dealer? Cheers.
  2. grober

    Mercedes to replace Robots by Humans

    Mercedes-Benz swaps robots for people on its assembly lines | Technology | The Guardian QUOTE:- Robots cannot handle the pace of change and the complexity of the key customisation options available for the company’s S-Class saloon at the 101-year-old Sindelfingen plant, which produces 400...
  3. B

    How do I replace a fuel flap actuator on a W212

    A couple of days ago I placed a message on here requesting advice on how to sort out my fuel flap that got stuck on my W212 The emergency release didn't work so I used brute force to open the flap. I then put lots...
  4. O

    Time to replace my trusted old A6 2.4 TD.

    Hi all, Time to replace my trusted old A6 2.4 TD. :( Usually I would dig into my savings and get a nice second-hand car for @ £15.000. Having been diagnosed with Cancer, I would rather wait spending such amounts of money until the outcome of my condition is a little clearer. Had a look on...
  5. abecketts

    Thinking of Selling our Merc Estate what to replace it with

    With Mrs A opting to ditch the E240 estate for a Lexus Rx300 I find myself with 3 large cars with large boots and I think that is one too many. Do I advance into the age of the W211 and be sensible and get a E280 or E320 diesel saloon or buy a more interesting W211? If i'm planning on doing...
  6. holbay

    Alternator belt replace.

    Hi guys does anyone have the procedure to remove the alternator serpentine belt as i may be changing the alternator on my 2003 E320 Cdi..
  7. M

    Replace reading light buld cls w219

    How do i go about changing the interior reading lights without removing the whole dome unit. I have one blown but im scared to just pry at the plastic cover in case it damages it.
  8. S

    W211 Footwell bulbs - replace while lit?

    Hi I have a 2008 W211 with ambient lighting, I've purchased some Canbus LED's to replace the floor footwell lighting with as original bulbs are too dim while driving, cannot tell they are on. I've had a look at the lens, it looks like I can probably prise off using a screwdriver (unless anyone...
  9. S

    1999 clk door replace

    Hi guys I had a little accident and need to replace the left door, my door is a normal door with no electric seat buttons , i found a door for the electric seat, can i fit the electric seat door on my car and fit the old door panels or is there a difference since mine is without the electric...
  10. Sparqx

    How do I replace my Comand Map update DVD in Mercedes W211

    Hi there, I have just received my Map update DVD and for the life of me I can't find the Navigation computer in the boot to replace the old DVD.... Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to locate the computer?:dk: Thanks Steve
  11. SL350_SWINDON

    Price to replace bottom ball joints

    Hi chaps, anyone know a rough price to replace both bottom ball joints in the control arm that connect to the anti roll bar drop links. In my option it should b less than 2 hours labour.
  12. F

    CLK W209 dome light bulb replace?

    Having an utter nightmare trying to remove the lenses from the dome light, I've searched and couldn't find anything specific, it's the two side ones that won't have it, I've managed the big middle cover
  13. M

    Cost to Replace Water Pump on s211 2006

    1/ Could anybody provide a ball park figure on what would be a fair charge to replace a water pump (Parts / Labour) on an e class s211 assuming no other issues at an independent garage? 2/ What pump brand do you recommend if taking this on oneself? There seems to be quite a variety Thanks...
  14. D

    w124 300te with ultra rare blue velour to replace interior in other models or restore
  15. K

    Duo Valve C220 CDI, easy to replace?

    Hi, My 11 year old C220 duo valve is a little lazy and Im thinking of replacing it, the price of the part doesn't seem to bad but what is it like to change? I can do most things although I am wondering if I should price it up at my local Indy. Regards, Steve...
  16. A

    How to replace brake pads, rotors and brake sensors Mercedes Benz S-Class W221

    how to replace brake pads, rotors and brake sensors mercedes benz s class w221 watch?v=2x7kwrpR-Fg
  17. T

    w210 E320CDI replace lower arms /bushes procedure

    I am going to replace the lower arms on the 210 as i have a brake shimmy above 50 and the outer edges of the tyre are wearing and Bushes noted as worn but they did pass the MOT.Anyone any tips or a how to ? I have a Klan Type spring compressor and ball joint separator . I thought about...
  18. MikeInWimbledon

    Apple Car Play to replace early COMAND Satnav dual Din radio ?

    Can anyone recommend an Apple Car Play unit as a replacement for an early Comand system? A friend showed me his Pioneer unit yesterday and it seemed pretty impressive, in a simplistic kind of Apple way. I'm curious about it as a Comand replacement unit for a 2004 W211 E500, or a 2003 SL500...
  19. B

    Vito 108 1999 replace rear park brake shoes?

    Hi Does anyone have diagrams and instructions on how to replace the parking brake shoes on a Merc Vito 108 1999? Thanks,
  20. S

    Remove and Replace C63 AMG Spoiler

    Hi guys, it seems that the bodywork section of this forum is dead so, as you lot are always helpful here, I have a quick one... I am removing my standard C63 coupe in favour of a carbon fibre one. My friend with a non-AMG wants it but I just wanted to ask if you knew if it would fit, I.e are...
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