1. S

    Would like to replace Audio 20 ICE

    This is my first post so please be gentle. I bought my first Mercedes this week (W169) A160 and it comes with the Audio 20 stereo, but I was wondering has anyone bought and fitted an audio 50 into an A Class or a different name such as the below model. I would like inbuilt GPS and ideally...
  2. mickday

    9027 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor replace DIY?

    Star brings up error 9027 for my S211 E55 - M16/32 Heat Exchange Shutoff Motor faulty or open circuit. I intend to do this job myself but having bought the replacement part and looking at its location on RHD cars (under the master cylinder) the job looks like a complete ****** to do...
  3. R

    R129 oval exhaust tip - Refurbish or Replace?

    The oval exhaust tip on my R129 has seen better days. It was painted black from factory and years of driving have left it looking like sh*te and it's really letting down the look of the back end. To buy a new oval AMG tip costs over £200, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a company who...
  4. TailorMike

    EGR problem, blank off or replace?

    Hi guys, new to the forum and just wondered if anyone was clued up with EGR valves ? I have a Mercedes ML320 diesel 2006 model and it has had a intermittent fault with it going in a limp mode type state. Say about once a week it will have limited revs and feel sluggish. I did try to...
  5. S

    To replace bushes or wishbone?

    The bushes on my front wishbones/ lower arm / control arm are past their best and will need replacing at some point. Just looking at what would be best to do. I've had a quote of £310 just to replace the bushes, but not sure if it's a false economy. Looking at the wishbone prices...
  6. lexman8

    Replace Keyless Go handle

    Does anyone know how to disconnect the handle's Keyless Go connector from the door? The KG connector is on the end of a piece of wire 10cm long that comes from the handle and disappears inside the door (right hand cable in 2nd pic). WIS simply says: 'Remove door liner and disconnect keyless...
  7. JohnnyLou

    C class 220 58reg ... How do you replace indicator bulbi in wing mirror?

    Any advice would be appreciated
  8. M

    S320 Orange Turbo Seal - how to replace

    Hi All, My S320 being new to me and having had a limp mode due to a faulty DPF sensor I want to start becoming preventative on issues. There is a lot of talk about the orange seal for the turbo. I had a look at mine and it looks like I have a few drops of oil below it. It seems a simple...
  9. C

    E55 replace door mirror bulb indicator unit

    Can anyone tell me a link I can see how to replace bulb flasher unit from drivers door mirror 2005 E55 Thank you
  10. ricardo62

    fuel line replace w210

    Hi My mechanic has let me down , booked him to come round today to replace the plastic fuel line that is the long 1 that runs from back of injector rail to the left side of i believe is the lift pump ,its the 1 that has a right angle as it goes into the pump? Im thinking about tackling it...
  11. MB James

    Clean or replace fog lamps - e220 2008

    Hi, Both fog lamps on my e220 estate avantgarde (58 plate) have condensation and dirt inside. Can anyone advise whether I should just replace or is it an easy enough job to take them off and clean them up. cheers James
  12. G

    Valve cover gasket replace cost?

    Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have the valve cover gasket replaced on a Mercedes ML270 CDI year model 2004 Also cost of replacing the poly v belt on same car. Mercedes independent garage or Mercedes Dealer cost or both. Gary
  13. W

    W221 - Removing door card without rolling window down? (To replace window motor)

    Hi all, Does anyone know whether there's a way to remove the front door cards on a W221 S Class, without having to roll the windows down please? Basically my driver side window isn't working, and I think the sensor inside of the motor is dead. But to replace the motor I need to remove the...
  14. 1

    1998 C280 tranny oil pipe replace - easy?

    Hi all. Advice needed for my 1998 C280 Estate/stationwagen/break, r/h drive, auto box, petrol (owned for 16 happy years and counting). I need to replace the corroded solid thin gearbox/transmission oil pipe which runs down from the top of the oil cooler beside the radiator (on the R/H...
  15. ricardo62

    any guys near ipswich can replace my o rings

    hi a long shot but is there any diy mechanics handy with a spanner that if I pay them are able to replace the leaking o ring on my fuel line ?? its the 1 coming out of the lhs of fuel pump
  16. L

    URGANT - possible to replace R230 SL side door pocket armrest? job in progress...

    Hi all, so this morning I just started the job to replace a stained side armrest on my SL 55 with a new one supplied by merc, door came off fine, but I'm stumped at to how to actually acsess the long pin that holds the armrest onto the pocket, i must admit I'm in a bit of a rush now so any help...
  17. M

    What tyre to replace Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 ?

    It was the quietest tyre I ever saw. I bought them new 10 years ago. The most comfortable ride and tremendous grip.... I wanted to refresh them (or at least the rear pair) but cant find any in stock for my size. 225/55/R16.. speed 140+ mph. Anyone has pair stashed in the garage for...
  18. mazzerman

    Time allocated for replace of front to back brake lines?

    Hello. Does anyone know the time that is allocated to replace the brake lines front to back both sides, bleed and test on a CLK 230 W208? Regards
  19. B

    How to replace the ecu fan on vito

    Has anyone ever had to replace the ecu fan on a 115 vito.The fan light comes on on the dash now and again and when i take the lid off fuse box i cant hear it running.Is this a too big a job for a novice.All advice welcome:confused:
  20. Bladgb

    Viano W639 How to replace front fog bulb?

    Err thus might seem a dumb question but how does the connector come off the back of the bulb? I easily replaced the dipped beam bulb with a Nightbreaker, read up on here the difficulties of changing the main beam bulb with the two torx screws and postponed changing those for nicer weather...
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