1. Andrew W

    Replace my E55k

    Well I loved that car especially the thrust of the thing so I'm on the look out for a replacement Would like a late E55k or Nice Cls 55 ;) E63 !!
  2. E

    r230 sl replace command with modern system

    My 2003 r230 has command 2 with bose and i want to replace it with a modern system with bluetooth etc. Any suggestions and whether the cabling can link to the bose upgrade and whether steering wheel buttons will work?
  3. D

    How to replace indicator stalk for my W203 c240?

    Hi guys, could anyone recommend me a merc specialist? The full beam can not stay on. I need someone how can help me replacing the stalk
  4. S

    W211 - replace footwell lights with LED?

    Hi All I've got a 08 W211 and find the ambient lighting very subtle, while driving can't really tell its on unless I actually look at the lights directly, I have it on the max setting too. I was considering replacing the footwell bulb with a brighter one, I've seen on eBay a seller which...
  5. Lee1092

    2005 cls window regulator replace but window now doesnt seal

    The cable snapped on my window so i've replaced it, however now the window doesn't seal when its shut. At first the window hit my b pillar so we loosened the clamps that hold the glass in place and slid the window over a bit and it now clears the b. Pillar and we thought we had it sorted but...
  6. L

    R230 SL350 2005 Replace Side Light Bulb

    I need to replace my sidelight bulb but cannot see any obvious way of removing the cover. Does anyone have any diagrams or handy tips as I don't want to force anything and end up breaking it!!! Any help would be appreciated! Ade
  7. M

    Vito 638 Sill Repair or Replace?

    Looking at my 638 Vito (1998 with only 32k miles!) sills earlier, it looks like there may be problems with the sills both sides, at the front end, below the doors. I can see that there are part sills and full sill replacement parts available, but was wondering if anyone had actually had this...
  8. Chalpkin

    How do you replace W203 mirror indicator

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to replace the door mirror Indicators on a 2001 W203 C320 without having to remove the whole unit from the door? Regards, Chalpkin.
  9. M

    C180 Kompressor (2006) - replace timing chain?

    Hi all I have a 2006 C180 Kompressor (1.8L engine) which has done 75,000 miles. I have heard horror stories of the single timing chain (I believe this model has just one chain) stretching then breaking on this model sometimes, in the region of 70,000 - 120,000 miles, and causing damage to...
  10. brens-e200

    How do I replace the Kompressor in my 2002 w210 ?

    hi all as the title says I need to replace the kompressor ( supercharger ) in my 2002 w210 and I'am looking for advise on how to go about it. It looks like i have to 1 . remove all the airbox fittings 2. remove the pulley belt 3. disconnect the air input and output pipes. Now for the...
  11. K

    Dynamic Seat pump replace with later version HELP

    My original s211 E55 pump with the 2 air connections also just failed and I brought not the latest pump but the one before which is part A0008202748 however this pump is different from the original and has 4 connectors for the air. I went to the dealer who said on the new pump it may need parts...
  12. Nasco12

    How to replace a C200

    As it happens I've been a member for some time but about a year and a half ago, no longer needing a car for work, I lapsed and (ashamed as I am to admit it) sold the Merc. And so it was utterly inevitable that within a year I would need a car again. But what should I get? Previously, I was...
  13. guydewdney

    W211 320CDI injector remove and replace - DIY?

    One of my injectors is blocked, and the fuel economy is poorer than it should be. Mileage 192,000 miles FSH. Injector cleaner has made little to no difference. Its cheaper to buy recon injectors than have mine re-conned:doh: Work that out. Last time I had the top off, it all looked...
  14. G

    Need to replace front tyres - Help with size please!

    Hi all, Need to replace my front two tyres on my 2002 C Class Sport Coupe C200 Kompressor. My current tyres that were on when I bought the car are: 225/45/R17 94W however when I type my car into the tyre checker etc, or look for tyres specific to my car, it appears that the current tyre...
  15. M

    Replace 211 E Class with something smaller - Recommendations please

    Hi All, Time for my mum to give up her E Class. She wants something smaller so easier to park etc. She drove a Toyota Yaris the other day and loved it. But I can't accept that. Whilst I agree that she needs something smaller, I feel going from an E class down to a yaris is too great a leap. What...
  16. Dee James

    how long for a garage to replace a thermostat on a ML270?

    does anyone have any idea how long it would take a garage to replace a thermostat on a ML270? ideally i would give it a go myself but not something i would think is feasible to tackle at the side of the road so i want to get an idea of what a garage will charge if i source the parts. As...
  17. S

    Replace accelerator pedal on C180 2014

    can anyone give me instructions on how to replace the accelerator pedal in a C180 (not new c class). Have bought new pedal covers and discovered that it's the full thing for accelerator. Grateful for any help.
  18. M

    Interior lights not working after replace. LED

    I bought some led to give a bit more light in the car. Ive replace the 38mm SMD(glove box,rear dome top) All where working fine. Next day my 42mm COB leds arrived for the boot and light above mirror. Ive replace them and I notice that the led above mirror was bit on after the door where closed...
  19. J

    DPF & EGR, repair, replace, remove? GL X164 ML W164 420 Cdi C220 Blueefficiency W204

    I have two Mercedes vehicles which are down on performance and have mpg's 25-45% lower than when I first purchased them and I believe the issue is down to the DPF factory fitted to both. The C220 '09 Blueefficiency has been to Mercedes for a forced ReGen of the DPF after an engine management...
  20. martinswatton

    replace 420sl engine with 420se engine

    Hi, I posted before regarding the timing chain going on my 276k mile 1988 420SL. I have located a relatively low mileage engine out of a 420SE to replace - does anyone know whether there are any issues with replacing the SL unit with one from an SE? Thank you Martin
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