1. C

    How to replace damper

    Is it difficult to replace the damper on the belt tensioner of my C200 1997.Thanks
  2. B

    W126 (560 SEC) door mirror glass - how to replace?

    I suppose door-mirror damage happens to most of us sooner or later... but the mirrors on each model vary so much that it is hard to find specific how-to help. I have an LHD Euro-spec 1990 W126 coupe (560 SEC), and last week on a country road the passenger door mirror (ie the offside) got...
  3. garystu1965

    Due to replace my Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres

    Apparently they are quite noisy as tyres go. Has anyone ever had these tyres and replaced them for quieter ones ? Thanks.
  4. lynall

    How to replace the water pump E430 113 engine

    Basically a doddle, remove fan, fan shroud, alt belt, all cooling pipes then unbolt and remove pump.
  5. vincenz

    How easy it is to replace a C124 bumper insert

    How easy is it to replace this missing piece of trim? The screws look like it bay be a bumper off job? Free Image Hosting by TIA
  6. P

    Almost time to replace the GL320

    The contract on the GL320 is coming to an end in early March, so it is time to start considering a suitable replacement. We will be returning to Motability for the replacment car which will be used almost exclusively to transport my son and his wheelchair(s). My wife has the Mini for her daily...
  7. D

    On the scrounge...

    Hi My partner is chair of a Pre-School . It's a registered charity and is always on the beg... The PC (that's right, just the one) that they use is ten years old, running Windows 98 and is showing signs of expiry.:( Would any kind people here have a PC that they...
  8. kop-al-74

    How to Replace wing mirror indicator bulbs?

    It's probably really simple to do but I havn't changed one of these yet.I have tried doing a search on this but couldn't find anything.Any help would be appreciated.It's for a W203 C230. Thanks.
  9. IMD

    I've just sold the W124 estate...what shall I replace it with?

    Hi all, Well, after 2 years of absolutely trouble free motoring, I've just sold my 1993 E220 estate. I need a fair amount of load carrying ability for work on occasions and its done the job brilliantly. It was on Ebay last week, but a local buyer snapped it up for cash, before the auction...
  10. X

    Clk fog light replace

    I have a broken lens on the front drivers side foglight on my CLK 500 (standard, not AMG kit)......can anyone tell me how I get to the foglight to replace the glass?
  11. Z

    How to replace W209/203 gear knob gaiter?

    This maybe asked before but I couldn't find it :confused: Sorry but my gaitor has cigarette burn in it as the prev owner was a smoker :mad:! So I plan to replace it using replacement leather gaiter from ebay or even used parts. Question is how to remove it? Cheers
  12. A

    Audio 10 CD player, Can any CD player replace it?

    Hello Wifes Audio 10 CD player is playing up, the CD's keep skiping or not reading (probably due to the audio books she continues to play) Anyway I was going to replace this with say a Sony or Kenwood maybe one with an iPod connector. Can I simply remove the audio 10 and install a new...
  13. fenns

    Repair or replace W124 centre console

    As this is my first post may I begin by saying how useful I have found this forum and to express my thanks to all those expert contributors who have already unwittingly assisted a mechanical dufus via their postings :) I have owned a wonderful 1992 W210 2.6 for 12 years but it's gearbox has...
  14. amwebby

    Replace Steering Pump or Damper?

    My 2000 W215 is currently being serviced and the dealer phoned me to say there is a noise from the steering pump. They said the cheapest option at £157 inc parts, labour and VAT, is to replace the damper. They still held out the possibility this may not solve the problem and the pump may need...
  15. CE230

    Refurb or replace?

    I have CarismA alloys on my w124 230CE that are beyond the help of wonder wheels et al. My dilema is should I replace them or have them refurbished? Replacement of a similar style would cost £500 plus but refurbishment would be £160 for all 4 wheels.
  16. coupe deville

    replace all old fuses ?

    Had a day out to Matlock Bath today and it started raining , oh bugger its the first time the old girls been wet since I bought her [apart from weekly wash] and lo and behold the wiper packed up after 5 minutes, also the washer as well. Thought it must be fuse so looked but seemed ok until I...
  17. PJayUK

    How to replace the thermostat on an S320?

    Hello all I have tried the usual searches but so far turned up a fat zero of useful info. I have an overheating problem that is not bad yet but I want to nip it in the bud. On my list after a coolant drain, is to replace the thermostat on my S320. But I cant find any information on how to do...
  18. Shala

    W202: Need to replace threaded hub (front left)

    the last garage has put wrong bolt on when fitting a wheel & threaded the hub. so i only got 4 bolts on it. I anyone breaking a c-class I can get a hub from? Thanks Shala:D
  19. J

    Replace CD changer S Class 2001

    Hi, my boot located CD changer is starting to get fussy about the CDs it will play. It can only handle standard CDs and is now beginning to stick with those I would like to replace it with a changer which can handle DVD MP3 discs, anybody got any recommendations/advice please? Thanks 2001...
  20. columb

    How to replace a parking bulb in W203?

    Hi! I've replaced 3 bulbs yeesterday - dipped L,R and parking R. Can't replace parking L. How can I do this to not break a headlamp? :) It looks like bulb is stuck and with stupid access and no tools almost impossible to replace:( Any advice? Cheers Chris btw. I was surprised to learn that...
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