1. W

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    Received my W213 this week, but it has fixed rear seats. Does anybody have any experience of retrofitting folding rear seats? Thanks
  2. clk320x

    Distronic retrofit?

    Anyone done this?
  3. L

    W212 facelift E63 night pack retrofit

    As above really, has anyone retrofitted or wrapped the parts that would be black with the night pack installed as I've found pretty much the perfect car but it doesn't have the night pack. Any help would be great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ady

    Multifunction Telephony retrofit

    Hi, I have a new E class estate on order with the wireless charging option. I will have the external telephone aerial as part of the Remote Parking package but I now see that for the phone to connect to the external aerial I should have ordered the multifunction telephony option and not the...
  5. Mr Fixit

    W211 E55 folding rear seats retrofit

    The only missing option I really wish me E55 had is the folding rear seats, do we know if it is possible to retrofit folding rear seats and if so is there anybody who could do this? Ta
  6. K

    W222- Reverse Camera Retrofit

    Evening. I have a 2014 s350. For some reason which I cannot explain the dealer failed to add the reverse camera or reverse sensors. Can these be retrofitted? Any advice would be appreciated
  7. O

    Retrofit reverse camera

    Hi I have a c63 coupe facelift 12 plate. I wondered if the c63 can have the reverse camera retrofitted? Cheers
  8. A

    W205 retrofit Drivers assistance pack

    Can anyone advise if it is possible to retrofit the drivers assistance pack to a w205 C43. In particular I was looking for the Distronic ACC. Any idea of cost?
  9. R

    Retrofit radio keyless entry to infrared equipped w203?

    Is it possible to change from infrared to radio? Maybe a module from later c class models?
  10. V

    Backup Camera Retrofit - CLS55

    Anybody done this or know the best place to get this done?
  11. S

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    I know the rear seats can be folded down by accessing two well hidden catches, but can the folding rear seat option be retrofitted on a w212 saloon? Thanks
  12. jih2000

    retrofit blind spot assist / distronic plus

    Hi, Anyone had blindspot assist or distronic plus retro-fitted? I have a 2013 c63 facelift model I want to fit this to
  13. mark44

    AMG Performance Media retrofit

    I've read it's possible and relatively easy to retrofit the AMG Performance media module. I'm interested in installing it in my W204. Has anyone actually done it on this forum? If so do you have part numbers? Did try a search here, but it never seems to work for me. Thanks
  14. B

    AMG LSD retrofit

    ... to S212 E63. Car feels a little sketchy trying to apply 680 horses using open diff. Please help me explore OEM options that address the issue. Has this been done before? I couldn't find.
  15. W

    retrofit reading lights

    Has anybody seen any nice LED reading lights that can be retrofitted to cars that lack them? Thinking about something that might attach to the ceiling (magnetic?) or headrests.
  16. R

    DAB retrofit W212 anyone done it?

    Looking to retrofit dab radio to my w212 e350 is it a easy diy? What's needed to do this? Want to keep the car as oem as possible but if anyone has any options on this would appreciate your help!
  17. L

    W163 ML270 Retrofit Onboard Trip Computer

    Hi Ive read loads of guides and forum threads on retrofitting the onboard computer. Ive got a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone on here had done this and could share their experiences. 1) why do some people cut a hole in the lens? Presumably factory fit would show through the...
  18. M

    retrofit power tailgate

    hi everyone I know this has been discussed a few times but I can not find any info so here goes can anyone tell me what I need to retrofit a power tailgate to a 2004 w 211 e class estate I can get hold of the pump ram and ecu what else will I need and are the wires already in the car to connect...
  19. ash59fifty-uk

    Mercedes Me retrofit

    Apparently can be used on cars dated back all the way to 2002 on some models, could be good? ~
  20. T

    W202 cruise retrofit - any friendly STAR owners in Surrey area?

    Hi there, I've just got back from the states and am sold on cruise control (even thought it eats MPG and my C200 is thirsty enough as it is!). I have a manual facelift W202 C200 and have read these (pretty old) threads. The second of which is very promising indeed...
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