1. C

    Parktronic Retrofit Coding

    Just finished installing a parktronic retrofit kit (proper MB one - rear sensors only) to my C class, put the fuse into the rear SAM and it all sprang into life:thumb: This begs a question about coding - MB WIS says / infers that some coding of modules using STAR will be needed to make the...
  2. G

    2004 c class hid retrofit

    Hi my dad has a 2004 C class 180 with standard headlights, i want to get him a hid kit for fathers day but i'm not sure what the standard bulbs are and where best to attach the ballast. Can anyone shed some light on this please? many thanks Charles
  3. C

    Media interface retrofit

    Just a note to say thanks to the guys at Command. Took my C63 down to Lightwater to have media interface retrofitted so I can use my iPod on the Command screen :). Very easy transaction, couple of hours in the coffee shop over the road and then job done :). Works reall well and sounds great :)...
  4. B

    Retrofit CD Auchanger W211

    Have started to Retrofit the CD Autochanger in my W211 have fitted into the dash no problem have got power to it and it comes alive although I have noticed that the Red Laser light is emitting from the opposite side of where the single retrofit Optical lead socket fits so in effect it seems to...
  5. M

    HK retrofit

    Is it possible for the dealers to retrofit HK audio system on a used car?
  6. G

    NTG4.5 or Navigation 20 Retrofit

    Hi Guys Hoping I can tap in to your collective knowledge. I have a new E Class (A207) convertible with the standard single disc Audio 20. I'd like to change it for an OEM style navigation based device. I also need to be able to play approx 10GB of MP3 music. The Audio 20 lacks navigation...
  7. R

    Retrofit W169 Steering Wheel to a W168?

    Would it be possible to retrofit a W169 (or similar) steering wheel into my facelift W168? I want to be able to utilise head unit controls on the steering wheel :cool: If it is at all possible, how much would it cost?
  8. M

    Thanks to Comand online for retrofit

    I have just had a comand unit, cruise control, and Linguatronic fitted to our 2009 A class and wanted to say Thanks to Mark and his team for doing a fantastic job It was all done very smoothly and quickly We have had work done before by Comand and would not hesitate to recommend them...
  9. whitenemesis

    Another Retrofit Installed - Thanks PCS

    A huge thank you to Olly, Jack and Matt of PCS for my latest retrofit. Not as straight forward as first appeared and not helped by misleading information in WIS and from MB Tech. Different parts with the same part numbers and wiring loom with wires missing! Nothing this team couldn't...
  10. Remenham

    Retrofit Heated Seats s211

    Has anyone retro fitted heated seats to a 211? My car is well optioned but one thing it doesn't have is heated seats. The blank switches annoy me more than the lack of heating itself. I know from research that it can be done by a firm called Braybrooks for £1170. I realize the price is crazy...
  11. DSLiverpool

    Garage door opener retrofit

    Firstly I'm assuming the mirror based home link opener is a self contained unit ie give it power and it has everything else within the mirror. If so - why can't one be retrofitted ie get a MB mirror, find one voltage and your away. Everyone asked says no but can't elaborate, is it a pita...
  12. W

    W210/W202 E320/C280 with M104 - Retrofit Facelift instrument cluster?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, and hopefully my english isn't to bad to understand ;) A little bit about me: I'm David, from Germany, 22 Years old, a car mechanic and i like the W124 and everything else from Mercedes...^^ I drive a W124 E320 Estate and a W203 200K Sportcoupe Well, i know it is...
  13. gudikcik

    W204 Comand Online NTG 4.5 Facelift C Class Navigation Retrofit

    Hello again everybody. My Car has got factory Audio 20 system. We found a crashed car in Germany and we buy it from that car's Comand Online System NTG 4.5 from it's owner and we install it to our car. We plug in the diagnostic computer to crashed car and take the Radio Code from that. Then...
  14. M

    W211 Heated Steering Wheel retrofit

    Hi guys, Looking for W211 Heated Steering Wheel retrofit. Can you give me some hints? Regards, Ross
  15. V12

    203 / 209 Quick Park / Parktronic Retrofit kit

    Genuine Mercedes kit p/n. B6782 3805 Retail price £646.80 Never used. This is only a kit for the rear bumper. Includes : - 4 x sensors - rear interior lamp including display - Control unit - Wiring Loom - Bag of fittings - Bumper templates for the 209 and 203 rear bumper. £160 ONO
  16. D

    MOST Phone Retrofit Kit.

    Hello all, Have a part used with some new parts, (left some in the old car) MOST Phone Retrofit kit for sale. Consists of Mic, Antenna, controller, wiring loom and center glove box HFP cradle connector. Looking for offers around the £320 pounds mark and will throw in free 1st class...
  17. M

    W203 Comand NTG 2 Parts List for Retrofit

    Hello, i have a W203 C200k 2006 facelift i would like to retrofit a comand ntg 2 and a CD Changer. I have been to a local car breaker (South Africa) and he has a few of these units but no other attachments, no cables e.t.c. My car has a convenience telephone kit with a GSM antenna on the rear...
  18. W

    Linguatronic retrofit

    Hi I have a euro w220 with the nokia phone install. I would like to upgrade to linguatronic. I understand it has limitations but still want to proceed. Anyway has anyone done this, is there a posting that outlines procedure/parts that I missed.
  19. C

    Cls Retrofit remote boot closing?

    Hi, I will be picking up a 2007 cls320 in about a week with all the options I was looking for, except remote boot closing. How difficult and expensive a retrofit would this be? Thanks
  20. LTD

    W220 paddle shift retro-fit ?

    Following a chat earlier today at the Scottish Christmas GTG, I'm interested in knowing the ease/complexity/pitfalls of attempting to retro-fit paddle shifts to my 2003 W220 S500L There are no shift buttons or paddles on the steering wheel at all so it would need to be a new install of them...
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