1. Y

    Coding after retrofit audio20 to ntg2.5

    I already retrofit audio20 to ntg2.5 The unit works fine. I want to activate the backup camera. The problem is that my diagnostic tool Mb star don't recognize the ntg2.5 How can I code it? Thanks
  2. S

    Retrofit W205 C63 AMG / AMG GT steering

    Just fitted the W205 C63 AMG / AMG GT steering. Nice feel to it with extra thickness all round. Was eyeing the alcantara one with red strip '12 o'clock' but as i will be keeping the C63 for more than 5 years... had to settle for perforated leather instead. Bought this from Germany. A bit...
  3. astamir

    W210amg retrofit to w208

    Hi guys Was thinking of fitting a front bumper from w210 e55 amg facelift one to w208 clk55 Does anyone know if that would be just fit and play or would that need some mods? Thanks in advance guys
  4. Benzmanc

    A207 (w212) Comand retrofit

    I have just purchased a 2010 A207 cabriolet E220 CDI fitted with the bog standard Audio 20, there's no aux socket either. Does anyone know what's involved in fitting comand NTG 4 - i know i'll have to change the screen too and there are various units on ebay...
  5. Arronb

    Retrofit command screen in a non command car?

    Hi all Just registered as new to MB and need some help please. Picked up my 2014 A45 last week and love it, has all the options I wanted when I was looking for the right car, was never fussed about command but must admit I do like the bigger 8" screen. Plan was to buy a used command...
  6. E

    Retrofit ICE Radio Sat Nav

    Thinking about retrofitting radio satnav purchased from ebay (Preston i.c.e.) Item #181959878809 Are they plug and play or do they require coding to the vehicle. 2012 Vito 113 Is this an easy diy fit or something for a pro. Any advice appreciated.
  7. KoFidee

    Ford Connect Retrofit help

    My apprentice has a mk2 Ford Connect 2015 115p.s. Limited model looking for details to retrofit sat nav unit that comes in the 65 plate model dealer says it is not possible:doh: based on Mercedes saying similar bet it can be done . already has DAB BLUETOOTH prep etc Any pointers or...
  8. K

    CLS Shooting brake rear retrofit

    Hi guys. I have CLS 350 CDI 4 matic 2013 and i want to retrofit cars read to this: From this...
  9. R

    Retrofit cruise

    I currently have a w204 estate in manual and would love the cruise control option (please no comments on why would I want cruise or buy a car that already has it)and so purchased a squib ring stalk set from eBay. Trouble is now that my steering wheel buttons no longer illuminate or even work...
  10. poormansporsche

    Retrofit C43 fogs ? Not working

    Evening all. I have a prefacelift 202 to which I've added a C43 bumper with fogs. I have the piggyback looms that plugs into the back of my headlights. Its all connected fine but the fogs don't illuminate. I'm not sure if the c43 had xenon's could this make a difference to the looms as...
  11. L

    NTG4 Retrofit Questions

    Hi, I'm up early this morning with a W204 in bits as I am mid way through retrofitting an NTG4 command system. Ihave purchased the head and display as well as the retrofit kit with fan, loom etc. Everything was going reasonably well until I came to try and find where I plug the Can bus...
  12. L

    NTG4 Retrofit

    Hi all, having just purchased a W204 C250 CDI Sport with audio 20 I have now purchased an NTG4 system Firstly, I apologise because a lot has been posted on this subject but I have spent a long time searching the posts and I can't find the information I need. I thought it was plug and...
  13. T

    Retrofit ski hatch into W210

    I have been looking at a 51 E320 saloon that is for sale locally to me. Is it possible to retrofit a ski hatch in the rear bulkhead? I have read that this car has the fuel tank behind the seats, but I also read that a ski hatch was an optional extra. I see that this guy did it to a W211...
  14. N

    2010 E-Class - Retrofit Multi-Contour Seats?

    Hi Just got a 2010 E-Class, E250CDI Sport Estate. I've got a couple of issues with it - wheels (started a thread already) and the seats. I'm getting used to the seats, but I find them a bit firm and the side bolsters too large vs. seats I've had in previous cars. Before I get any fat a**...
  15. M

    FOR SALE c class w204 s204 comand aps ntg4+full retrofit kit

    for sale original mercedes c class unlocked command aps ntg4+full retrofit kit Includes Comand head unit Comand 7" motorised screen Comand additional new central cable harness Head Unit to screen video cable gps antenna air vent with 2 buttons All cooling fans,ducting and fan motor...
  16. MickyP64

    Retrofit Active Parking Assist?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to retrofit Active Parking Assistant to a pre-facelift W169? – The system where the car is able to park itself (an option that was available on the facelift version). Since I already have the OEM Parktronic system (4 x parking sensors back and front along...
  17. K

    W124 Central locking retrofit?

    I am seriously considering buying a 1994 W124 E200 petrol Estate which I have been to see once. It is in beautiful condition but to my surprise it doesn't have central door locking. My 1995 example has central locking and I wondered is it possible to have this retro-fitted to the 1994 model...
  18. Z

    Bluetooth retrofit

    Has anyone retrofitted bluetooth to a R230 SL? Mine is a 2004 and doesn't have bluetooth from factory. I have spoken to the guys from COMAND online and have looked at the instructions for fitting, has anyone fitted one to an SL themselves and can comment on how easy it is to fit and how...
  19. D

    DAB retrofit ntg 4.5 comand online DIY-DONE IT

    hi MB chaps, I am new to Mercedes its my first post in MB forums. having mercedes for couple moths I was looking how to fit DAB radio. dealer quote 1350£ its a "bit" too much i think :devil: I was searching how to retrofit DAB tuner to w204 with command online DIY, but could not find...
  20. Peter DLM

    Anyone use this service for rear view camera retrofit?

    I have a new E63 estate but it's missing the rear view camera. This place suggests they can come to you and install it for only £400. I looked on but they don't seem to offer it. Mercedes E-Class W212 with Comand NTG4.5 Rear View Camera Kit
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