1. I

    Reversing lights

    I have a 210 300 td auto, its been fitted with retro reversing sensors about 5 years ago and no problems.I keep getting lamp failure warnings the reversing light/sensor works intermitantly and now nothing, no reverse light is coming on at all .:crazy: Have checked all other bulbs the correct...
  2. N

    Squeaking noise from brakes whilst reversing

    My local garage recently fitted new brake discs and pads to the front of my C180 (W202) and new pads to the rear. They advised they needed doing following the MOT. After picking up the car from the garage, it made an unpleasant squeaking noise when braking whilst going forward and reversing...
  3. P

    W210 Reversing Lights - Again!

    Hi - I have been through the usual well-documented problems with the reversing lights on my 98 E Class Estate and thought that I had sorted them out - I had almost 6 months with no problems. Now, the problem has returned with a vengeance - not only no lights but no power to the bulb holders so...
  4. whitenemesis

    Next Mod - Reversing Camera + Cornering Lights

    I think the cornering lights is a (just) coding mod... I have searched the forum on the reversing camera addition but am confused (it doesn't take much :o ) I have COMAND, what else do I need, yes, a camera :rolleyes: but what to connect to the COMAND? I think the TV tuner is a bit expensive...
  5. pilotc182

    Reversing camera/video thru COMAND

    Anyone know if this camera... ..can be wired thru COMAND to give reversing view :confused: If the answer is yes - HOW :) ?
  6. J

    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    I have a 3 yr old C180 Estate and when I reverse up a slight incline (driveway) it will roll forward if I do not have my foot on the break or on the accelorator. Does anyone know what the problem is. It has only just started to happen.
  7. E

    Reversing camera

    Anyone know how difficult this is to retrofit and what parts are required for a 2005 c class saloon? Cheers
  8. lofty

    reversing sensors 'Parktronic'

    I have just produced a new page 64 on reversing sensors, being aware of all the other sensors on the Mercedes 'A' Class which are there as standard have Mercedes got their priorities wrong in putting such things as oil level sensors on a car when they charge £460 to put 'Parktronic' on a car at...
  9. S

    Wiring Reversing parking sensors

    Hi All, I'm installing reversing sensors just a couple of questions before I make an ar$e of it. I need to connect the following cables: Ground Reversing Light ACC + 12v I am thinking of connecting all these to the rear light's Does anybody know what colours are what on the connecter to the...
  10. D

    w211 E270 reversing in drive?

    Hi all, First i have a w211 e270cdi (Auto). Was parking the car in a car park today, reversed first to get into the upward sloped space, had to go forward a bit to align, but when i moved from R to D, when i accelerated it was still rolling backwards. Had to then put the handbrake on and...
  11. G-A-R-Y

    After market reversing sensors.

    Has anyone recommendations for after market reversing sensors. My tow bar people want £175 to supply and fit. I thought that sounded expensive?
  12. steveatpipex

    Left hand mirror tilting when reversing

    Can anybody confirm for me that the left hand door mirror is supposed to automatically tilt downwards to see the rear n/s wheel when reverse is engaged? I'm sure I have read that this is a feature but mine does not do it. CLK 55/05 270d Auto.

    bit of trouble reversing,!!

    best to check your in drive first,, before putting your foot down,,,
  14. E

    Noise when reversing

    Guys, I am new to this forum and I need your help. I have a W210 E55 and I noticed today when I put the car into reverse with the steering wheel at full lock there was quite a loud sqealing/chirping noise coming from the front suspension of the car. When the steering wheel is not at full...
  15. Z

    Reversing Problem

    When I leave my house in the morning I have to reverse out of my drive with my wheel sometimes at full lock on a turn. When reversing with the wheel anywhere near full lock it feels like I drive over something with the front wheel or it is slightly buckling. It doesnt happen all the time, it...
  16. blicky_1

    Retro Fit Reversing Sensors

    I want to fit some reversing sensors/display to my W210 as it's one of the only toys it doesn't have and have seen things like these I'm quite happy to fit myself but...
  17. A

    E class - 'dipping' door mirror when reversing

    Can anybody help? In my manual it tells me that is possible to have the nearside door mirror dip when revers is engaged. There is an asterisk which makes me think that I may need to have selected some accessory. Do I need an option/accessory? Can I retrofit? I have a '04 E270 Avantgarde...
  18. S

    Parktronic vs Taurus Plastic Bumper Reversing Aid

    My husband took delivery of his new W203 C180 saloon last Sat. He has never owned a Benz until now. For the past few years, he has driven a Nissan Primera hatchback. He's found parking the Benz a difficult chore. To quote his words "I can't see the back properly". I have looked at past threads...
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