1. dog

    300sl roof problem

    Need help here if any knows, i put the hard top on the car and in the right position but the roof is not locking down and the red switch is flashing. I took the roof off and then tried the soft top up that did not work either. Also when i put the ignition on the roll bar switch flashes for a...
  2. A

    R107 roof tonneau flap

    Help! Hi guys. i am in a bit of bother. the soft top is raised on my R107, but i cannot put it down because i cannot raise the roof cover flap. i have done it before, but now when i try turning the levers on the left rear interior, they just do not release the cover. :wallbash: Has the cable...
  3. S

    R129 500sl roof problem help! Help!

    Help everyone, I have a 1992 500SL that has been very well maintained all its life, last year it developed a fault on the roof operation, basically intermittent operation all together. Hill Farm Garage near Winchester fitted a new hood controller and it was perfect until i dug it out of...
  4. Reggies

    Clip on Roof Bars

    Can anyone tell me if I can add roof bars/rack. I have looked at my roof and all I can see is 2 chrome strips running from the front to rear, no little plug/gaps. The car is a 1995 c180.
  5. S

    W212 panoramic roof fault

    Hello everyone. My cherished Mercedes E class Coupe (E350) year 2010 has developed a fault with the panoramic roof. It's always been serviced, cleaned and greased and never struggled to open or close. Yesterday morning, the glass panel failed to open. There is a click sound, but this...
  6. G

    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
  7. J

    Roof Rails for Vito SWB

    Morning could anyone point on the right direction to get some chrome roof rails for my Vito? I have a leak in roof and suspect it is from one of the blanked off holes in the roof so though I might as well get some roof rails and some marine grade silicone to fix then. Plus I can tie my...
  8. D

    Roof Bars on W213 Estate

    Does Anyone know if the Mercedes Roof Bars for the New E class estate allow the sunroof to open, all other makes of bad say no and the dealers don't seem to know if the oem ones will, if they don't it makes the choice far greater. Thank you.
  9. Johnny007

    Panoramic roof making cracking noise

    Hi although I joined a few years back I was not much of an active member or at all to be honest. I'm a newbie I'd say. So please forgive me if I do anything wrong in asking a question in the wrong place in advance. I have 2011 e350 diesel 265 with panoramic roof, the car is out of warranty...
  10. swithin

    Question about KHM replacement roof

    Afternoon All, Took the hardtop off my 99 R129 this weekend and after a heart stopping moment when the soft top wouldn't close, got it closed and then heart sunk when seeing the windows. Last year's slight crack's are now holes! :mad: I also fitted 3 point seatbelts in the back for my 5...
  11. D

    Mercedes clk w208 97-02 hard top roof with heated glass in silver

  12. N

    S212 Roof Bars

    Just wondering if anyone has some for sale? Or recommendations for comparable to oem ones. TIA Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  13. C

    R230SL Roof Issues

    Hi all, I know it's been asked and discussed to death but I've got a problem with the vario roof on my 2003 SL500. It all started a few weeks ago when I took the boot lock out to sort out a central locking problem. I inadvertently dislodged one of the flaps inside the boot lid and the roof...
  14. S

    roof bars

    does anyone have any of these lying around. there the correct Mercedes roof bars for the W123 & W124 estate models.
  15. A

    W211 E-Class Roof

    Hi, Can someone please let me know the part number for highlighted part in the attached picture. This is the part where you put the rack for any overhead luggage. This is for W211 E270 cdi 2003 model. Thanks Azeem
  16. B

    CL203 Roof Bars

    Hi, I'm a newby and desperately trying to find a set of roof bars (preferably the OEM version) for a 2003 C180 Sports Coupe - I have the panoramic roof version if that makes any difference. Anyone got a pair gathering dust?
  17. F

    A208 Convertible roof problem

    I bought a 2002 CLK convertible (A208) last September and when I bought it the automatic roof worked but was always a bit temperamental – it needed a bit of a push to get the roof to move back and the micro switch in the boot (triggered by the retractable cover being in the closed position)...
  18. Grotbag1

    CLK A209 Convertible - Roof mechanism

    Small problem with the roof mechanism. When opening roof all works fine until the last bit when the metal cover is supposed to come down. It stops and warns the boot cover is up. I then have to put the roof back up, open the boot and pull the boot cover forward a fraction. The roof will then...
  19. S

    R230 Roof will not Close

    I bought this car in January and never used the roof until this beautiful weekend. It opened and tucked away nicely but come the evening it wouldn't go back up again. I tried the roof with the previous owner when I bought it and it worked fine apart from the struts were weak and he said they...
  20. R

    Roof Bars W204

    Hello, Newbie with last 5 weeks of Mercedes ownership after 47yrs of various other makes, very pleased with Palladium C220 CDI Auto W204, 2014, though main dealer not endearing. Please can someone help with instructions for roof bars fitting instructions, purchased some used bars but did not...
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