1. Celicasaur

    W124 cabrio roof issues

    Hi guys, I fitted a used controller today (124 820 45 26) and sadly my roof issues aren't over. Here's the current position of things: The roof is locked at the front part of the tonneau cover, but the rear isn't locked down Reset any and all codes via removing negative from battery...
  2. S

    Roof rack for convertible

    Although not specifically listed for a convertible, the Saris Superbones 3 bike rack fitted my CLK perfectly. Very sturdy, with built in racket straps and locks. I would definitely recommend it. [/IMG]
  3. Benzowner

    B Class Roof Antenna

    So, with all the problems with the radio, it is now narrowed down to the roof amplified antenna. So I have taken it apart, but still connected to the wiring, and here is the problem. If I replace the antenna, do I have to resolder the wires, or does the roof lining need to be removed to access...
  4. R

    Sl 55 roof problem

    Hi, Just got my car out of the garage and started it up and everything g seemed good. As I had it out I decided to put the roof down. When I went to put it up I got a message on the dash "visit workshop" and cannot close it. Interestingly the roll bar does not go up either. I disconnected to...
  5. G

    Rear Roof Spoiler - painting

    I just got a bargain of an OE rear roof spoiler for my A200, it is primed so needs to be painted. Haven't decided whether to go with main colour (191 Cosmos Black) or carbon fibre, with a view of doing side mirrors and diffuser in carbon later on. If I go for a standard paint job, how much...
  6. L

    '93 320CE coupe (C124): getting access to rear roof under headliner

    I'd like to have a peak at the underside of the roof just in front of the rear windshield; is it possible to gain access to this area without having to entirely remove the headliner? ie, remove the trim from the rear pillars, and somehow just "peel" the headliner back a bit from the rear?
  7. mpc

    C250 W204 - Chrome Roof Rails - Cleaning?

    Does anyone have any tips how to get a shine back on the chrome roof rails. Over the years they have obviously deteriorated with weathering/tree sap/contaminents. Any tips on how to clean up again?
  8. Celicasaur

    R129 roof controller on an A124

    So the connections of the roof controller for an R129 look the same as the A/W124 cabriolet... I'm referring to : 1298202426 compared to 1248204026 I've counted/compared pins and fitment of both units to be the same. Has anybody actually tried to use an R129 controller though with...
  9. A

    slk roof :(

    not been on here for a while ok here we go my slk32 roof boot opens front pillars unlock but roof won't open taken it to ha/lock in Northampton star fish says nothing is wrong it's now been stripped of covers and there trying all the electrics pump works controller under bonnet works any...
  10. D

    Sun Roof - Help!!

    I know it must just be me but is there any way you can open the sun roof without opening the sun blind as sometimes it would be nice to have an open roof but a closed sun blind. Thanks in advance and don't be too hard on me!!:thumb:
  11. L

    Roof antenna for E320 Coupe (C124)

    Hello! I've got a 1993 E320 Coupe and would dearly like to fit a DAB/FM bee-sting antenna to the roof. Without removing the headliner, a bit of a poke with my finger suggests I could either mount it to the rear of the interior light, or - maybe! - just in front of it, which I would prefer. But...
  12. Petrol Pete

    Sun roof service

    I see on here posts about which lubricant to use when servicing the sunroof mechanism, but no posts on how to actually do the service. I would like to do mine (C class W203) as my garage owning mate seems to recall that parts are not available and the whole sunroof has to be purchased as a...
  13. Gollom

    ML roof bars

    Anybody have a pair of these gathering dust please? Going away with caravan shortly and I think my wife is taking the house contents just in case of a break-in :crazy: Take pity on me! I'm in Preston, Lancs
  14. 8

    r230 roof

    i have had a problem on my 2007 sl 350,the small plastic yoke which screws on the end of the steel cable is broken,been to **** turpin merc dealer and they only sell the complete cable with aforementioned plastic yoke attached at a cost of 96 pounds,i am not paying that for a small plastic yoke...
  15. M

    W209 roof problem

    Hi all. I have a slight intermittent fault with my roof and wondered if anyone can help Occasionally when I operate the roof it unlatches from the front and the back bit just starts to raise then it gets stuck. If I give the backl bit in front of the boot a few presses then it continues to...
  16. T

    CLK Convertible Roof

    I have a CLK 280 2008, i would like to lubricate the roof mechanism ie. hinges etc, are there any diagrams that the parts that need lubricating. Can you stop the roof half way down so that you can get at the parts, i know on a SL 230 you have to put a bit of timber to stop the roof coming down...
  17. S

    s204 roof bar removal

    Hi having done a search i can't seem to find out how to remove the roof rails from my 2011 c220 estate Doris blew a roof tile off my house roof that landed on my car slightly denting and chipping my roof I've just had it looked at and been quoted £280 to repair / paint the roof only , but...
  18. tomtoms

    w212 roof bars/bike rack

    Hi all, has anyone got a w212 with the roof bars and bike rack? Preferably someone with the glass roof and sunroof? I'm a little hesitant in ordering the Thule wingbar ones incase I cant open the sunroof once fitted because on their website it says the sunroof may not open? Long sot but...
  19. Zonergem

    R129 Roof Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

    Late last year I bought my R129 - a nice clean 74000 mile 1992-registered 500SL - which is about to receive a stem-to-stern refresh - fluids, filters, bushes, shocks, steering, mounts, HT system, the lot. My roof is in good working order but I know I need to flush and replace my hydraulic...
  20. J

    W246 B-Series Roof bars wanted

    Looking for a pair of roof bars for my W246 B220
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