1. Piff

    Broadband Router

    Have been with TalkTalk on standard (up to 17Mb) broadband for nearly a year. They have just contacted to advise a price increase at the end of the contract or the option to move onto another fixed price deal, saving £7.00/month or changing to Fibre (up to 38Mb), saving £0.45/month Generally...
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    New wifi router purchase

    Hey peeps. A slight rant/advice needed post... Past 14 months or so my wifi has been dreadful, especially on my iPhone and Samsung devices. My TV's wifi connection seems okay, 70% of the time it's great but every other day I'll have to reconnect the tv to the wifi for it to work...
  3. gaz_l

    3G/LTE router SIM card ideas?

    Greetings, citizens. We had a situation at work a few weeks back where we lost our internet connection for a whole day. I rang our ISP, who of course denied it was anything to do with them, and myself and a colleague spent quite a lot of the day trying to sort it out, to no avail. Mysteriously...
  4. addbuyer

    Router & wifi signal help

    Guys I need some help with a router problem. The wife's parents have internet. Their router (Netgear) has an antenna but neither the wife or I have ever been able to pick up a wifi signal, the in-laws only use the internet via a wired connection. Due to their failing health we want to give...
  5. jonnyboy

    router repeater/extend wifi range help needed

    People Confirmed technophobe here so I am pleading with you to speak straightforwardly lol. We're having a problem with wifi patchiness in our house. To keep it brief its an old house with later additions. Very unusual construction which does not help at all. See the picture I roughly...
  6. MD5

    Router reliablity

    Just reading the useful laser printer thread, and someone mentioned changing routers. As a piece of hardware, how durable/reliable/robust are they generally? We print photographs using dye sub printers, taken on cameras tethered to laptops, networked via the router (Netgear) to other laptops...
  7. Jukie

    Home router query

    Do you turn yours off when not in use or leave it on 24/7? Pros and cons? I currently turn mine off when not needed but if it's more beneficial to leave it on, I could be persuaded!
  8. Druk

    New Infinity router.

    So...come 13th March I'm upgrading to Infinity. The sales guy gave me some conflicting info. 1. mount the router at the incoming BT line box for best results. 2. connect the router to the main PC with an Ethernet cable for best results. :confused: 3. connect the router to the TV to...
  9. Bakili

    TP Link Router Issues Please Help

    Hey guys Router: TP-Link TD-W8961ND ISP Provider: Orange/EE (not for long) OS: Windows 8 I started getting internet connection issues with my router. Its all started couple weeks ago, occasionally it would loose connection to internet and connect back up again shortly. Now for past...
  10. LTD

    Wireless n/g dual band router recommendations ...

    Anybody got any favourites ? Currently using a Belkin G spec router but both the new iMac and iPad2 are 'n' compatible. Kids lappies are still 'g' spec so dual band seems the no-brainer. Open to suggestion ... :eek:
  11. R

    gigabit router

    I'm a bit unhappy about my home wireless range (adsl via o2). Mate mentioned changing the router to a gigabit one. I'm lost with the techno now..... is this the same as ASDL2? If not what do I need? Please link me to examples if possible I have macs at home so all the devices are N and...
  12. X

    Netgear of BT Router

    I have just changed broadband package with BT and they have sent me a BT Home Hub 2.0 router. I have been using Netgear DG834G wireless router for some years with my BT broadband with no problems. Should I stick with the Netgear, which seems to be operating without problems or would it...
  13. Spinal

    Which Router?

    It's been a while since I've had to change routers, and now I'm in the unfortunate situation where one of my housemates is hogging the bandwidth. Short of asking him to leave, I'm going to try to solve the problem from a technical standpoint... so I'm changing my router. I need something...
  14. Ade B

    Extending Wifi router range

    Hi All I'd like to be able to extend the range of my wifi router to cover all of my garden. The router is currently in a bedroom at the front of the house (where the BT point comes in) and will reach through the flat to a couple of metres into the garden. I'd like to boost it to reach the...
  15. J

    C CLK double din - wifi - router - 360 games

    Having a clear out, need cash for more flying toys! please PM with offers. 1 - Pioneer Double Din housing for C CLK 2 - Netgear Wireless N Router (new) 3 - Win TV Digital USB Tuner 4 - Wireless Network Range Extender 5 - Xbox 360 - Forza 3 (new sealed)...
  16. Gollom

    Mobile signal repeaters that plug in the router

    Just be aware we have had a mail today saying that these can potentially be the cause of intermittent internet drop-outs Just posting this in the spirit of helpfulness and will not be drawn into flame wars for those of you who know where I work! If I get any other infomation I'll post it in...
  17. mercmanuk

    netgear dg832g modem router adsl2+

    Netgear dg834g wireless g modem router as new boxed,manuals,cd's etc used half dozen times full spec below Wireless Broadband Routers: DG834G £30 delivered or £22 collected from manchester area
  18. culpano

    Am I being totally thick or what ? Securing wireless router with push button

    Merry xmas everyone. I have a Belkin wireless router and I want to secure it. The instructions say click on the PBC button on the router then start PBC on the client device (I've got an iTouch) within 2 minutes. Does that mean just push the "on" button on the iTouch ? Knowing my luck...
  19. ShinyF1

    Wireless Router Range & Quality

    My wireless network range is very disappointing. I have ADSL points at the front of the house at both GF and 1F levels, but one room away [9" brick wall & 6m] sees a 50% drop off in quality, with it reducing to zero two rooms [two 9" brick walls and 10m] away. I would have hoped to have had...
  20. CE230

    Linksys wireless router

    I've been having lots of problems with the home wireless network and have recently had the modem replaced by Virgin. However, whenever I switch the power off in the house to do any electrical work the router disconnects ands won't pick up the connection again so I was thinking of replacing this...
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