1. N

    W163 ML 3rd row 6th & 7th seats with fixings.

    In black or very dark grey leather interior, these are the removable extra seats for the boot area that were an option. In less than 2 hours fitting time they will turn your 5 seater ML into a full 7 seater. They came from a non smoking 2003 W163 ML. Everything is in very good clean condition...
  2. sappers

    W163 Third row windows

    Has the W163 model with 5 seats and non opening third row windows got the wiring in place to add opening third row windows when converting to 7 seats, and is the wiring already fitted at the front centre console for the switches, does anybody know? I have a 2002 7 seater and I am looking to...
  3. M

    S212 removing 3Rd row seats

    As I'm still looking for car I come across S212. It's all ok but it is 7 seater. How difficult is to remove the folding seat and convert it so it looks like in 5 seat version? Price roughly how much could this cost me?
  4. A

    fitting a 3rd row of seats in a w447

    I have a LWB w447 duel liner and want to fit a 3rd row of seat in it. can somebody tell me is it possible to fit a long track in there for the seat? It currently has 2 cargo tracks fitted that will need removing to fit a 8ft track, when I removed the tracks today I noticed that the bolts were...
  5. jacksona

    My 4th Merc in a row is coming this week [emoji3]

    Due to my company's car policy, sadly the CLS has to go, as it's too old. I'm replacing it with an SLK 250 CDI. Did go to look at a 350, but it was in a real state, so walked away. The 250 will be plenty for now (although may get a remap at some point), and much better than the CLS now my...
  6. P

    Vito 639, Rear Seat, 3rd row

    Hi, Thanks to all who have posted on the topic of fitting extra rear seats in a Vito 639 and sharing the approved technique. Armed with this info, I lifted the floor of my LWB Dualiner this week looking forward to finding the cut-outs marked on the underside of the lining only to discover...
  7. R

    S212 3 child seats in 2nd row

    I'm buying a 2015 S212 and I while it does have 7 seats, I want to be able to put 3 child seats across the 2nd row so that I can use the full boot space for holidays etc. The kids are 7, 5 and 1, so I'll have 1 group 1 seat and 2 group 2/3 seats. As with the 5 series saloon that I'm...
  8. M

    Ml270 3rd row seats

    I'm getting a Ml270 with 5 seats and I'm looking at upgrading the car to 7 seats Can anyone please help me with what on need to do the job And most importantly does anyone have the 3rd row seats and everything needed to do the job for sale Thanks everyone
  9. E

    3 in a row

    Evening all. Following the purchase of my 3rd AMG I thought I'd say hi and happy new year. I first got into an AMG in Jan 2013 following a few years in an RS6 (C5) and an M5 Touring (E61). My first Merc was a 2010 (60) C63 Saloon P31. I bought it with only 10k miles on the clock which was quite...
  10. aka$h

    3rd row seats for R class

    As the tittle, I need both 3rd row seats for an r class with the fitting brackets and seat belts. Can swap with a standard boot floor & storage box underneath if required.
  11. W

    Wanted 2000 ml tan drivers door card and 3rd row seat brackets

    Hi all I am after a tan drivers door card and a set of 3rd row seat brackets can any one help ? Thanks will
  12. W

    2000 ml320 3rd row seats

    Hi all I'm new to the forum I'm look for a set of of ml 3rd row seat brackets an a tan drivers door card . Is there any one on here that could help . Thanks will
  13. W

    C207 Hazards and Switch Row Problem

    Guys Anyone heard of any A/C207 or W212's suffering from any issues with the hazard warning / ESP switch, the heated seat switch row or the ILS not working? I hooked it up to Star today and had the following as current faults. Basically happened the other day, drove it to work and went back...
  14. Kingpin!

    Rear row blower in R-Class

    Hi, forum! It seems like my rear blower / fan in the second row (maybe the same blower supports the third row as well?) seems dead. If I manually press the key to up the fan on the second row climate control panel I don't hear / feel anything coming out of the vents. I've checked the fuse (B...
  15. R

    Two Majors in a row...

    Well done Rory McIlroy for winning the USPGA three weeks after the Open (and another win in between)!!
  16. F

    GL third row window seal

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and hope to get some help on my GL class. I got some leakage on my GL third row window. By the look of it, I believe it was caused by broken seal. There are two different seals I can see. One is the external rubber parts which mount the glass and a plastic...
  17. T

    W163 3rd row seats for Land Rover project

    Hi, I am looking for some seats for a Series 1 land rover project and W163 3rd row seats are nice and thin on the base and flat bottomed. Does anyone have a spare one or two? Cheers Toby
  18. rhysvitoxsport

    Vito sport x 639 3rd row seats

    Hi I have taken the plunge and decided to get a sport x 2012 all my mates have the vw t5 bug ..... But thought the vito was better alround! Apart from I need 1 more seat, ultimately i want a removable one and one that matches the existing ones?......can anyone help or advise if this can be done...
  19. I

    CL500 top row switches not working!!!

    Hi There to one and all, i am new to the site, but i could do with a little help if possible. My 2002 CL500 has developed a fault. none of the top row of switches on the centre console are working, including the hazard warning switch, But the indicators work, just wondered if anyone can shed a...
  20. grober

    Mercedes on the front row for Spanish Grand Prix

    As above. Rosberg 1 and Hamilton 2 1) Rosberg 2) Hamilton 3) Vettel 4) Raikkonen 5) Alonso 6) Massa 7) Grosjean 8) Webber 9) Perez 10) Di Resta 11) Ricciardo 12) Vergne 13) Sutil 14) Button 15) Hulkenberg 16) Gutierrez 17) Bottas 18) Maldonado 19) Van de Garde 20) Bianchi 21) Chilton 22)
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