1. 4


    Hello gents /ladies, Sorry to be asking for help in my 1st post :( I recently caught some ice and gently (very gently - 5mph max) put my S430 into a shallow ditch. Car was recovered by tow truck by front axle - had a few errors such as airmatic / ABS kick in but went away upon engine...
  2. I

    Clattery G Box rumble on W124 5Sp Man Box on T/O

    Hi All, I'm not actually sure of the gearbox number, but it's a five speed manual on an 89 300E, W124, 140k miles. Gear selection is smooth except in reverse when the engine is hot, then, there's a grinding going into reverse. Putting it into a synco gear first stops the grinding. At full...
  3. T

    09' W204 Rumble Under Braking

    Evening all, I post seeking for some advice and possible pointers. I'm currently going through a month of weekend works with the C250CDi, just to remedy some niggly problems- Last weekend was spent sorting out an oil leak from the Breather Pipe, that was seeping oil past the push fit pipes...
  4. XJguy

    Rumble noise when accelerating coming from rear

    I need help figuring out this new noise. Upon acceleration, hard to moderate, I have a rumble coming from the rear. The sensation is similar as you would feel if you were to drive over rumble strips on the fact thats what I initially thought it was. My car is 94 W124 E320 coupe with...
  5. B

    Vibration / Rumble at low Speeds

    Hi All, Just a question if anyone can help. Recently had my gearbox out and refurbished with Torque Convertor done at the same time £2200 but difference in the drive was fantastic. However I now have a vibration and low rumbling sound when I am coasting at lowish speeds 30 to 40 mph or in...
  6. J

    W164 ML320D Front differential rumble

    Hi Folks, whilst I have been a member for some time now, this is my first post. I drive a 75,000 mile 2006 ML320D. On changing the front and rear diff oils in response to an increasingly present rumble particularly on over-run, I found a high presence of metal particles in the oil from the...
  7. D

    Rear rumble / whine sorted !

    Purchased a 2003 E320 about a week ago. Immediately notised a rumble/whine from the back of the car, started about 35mph & drowned out by 70mph. I couldn't pinpoint it to one side or the other of the car and no change on cornering. After reading these forums I eliminated the Diff' as there...
  8. S

    E320 cdi 7g gearbox confused / rumble

    I've just brought a e320 cdi 56 with the 7g<br /> <br /> At 20-30 mph it seems to act loss, sort of likes not sure whether to change up or down. At times it slightly rumbles? <br /> <br /> Gear changes are smooth. It's had one gearbox oil change at 40k and it's on 129k now
  9. S

    SLK 100 Engine Rumble

    SLK 200 Engine Rumble Bought my 54 plate SLK 200 21k miles four weeks ago and am very pleased with it but for one concern I now have. On a morning cold start, I've began to notice a 2-3 second low level noise rumble from the engine which then disappears, I guess due to the oil pressure...
  10. P

    transmission rumble

    Hi, 190e auto rumbling like a goodun when pulling away at low revs, front coupling changed ( what a bugger of a job) this has lost a noise or two and fixed shunt when going into drive. I put the car on stands and ran it but noise dissapeared so I couln't locate the source. Serpentine belt can...
  11. P

    low speed prop rumble,

    190e 2 litre, rumble from propshaft when pulling away seems to be front rubber coupling( forum also suggested this , thanks). How difficult to replace ? I have the Haynes,looks easy enough, Any tips from someone who has done one.Is it worthwile doing all the rubbers and maybe UJ's while the...
  12. P

    rumble 2

    Forgot to mention car is a E240 210 chassis 1998
  13. P


    Have a real low down rumble / vibration, at speeds from 20 mph up to 50mph, isnt coming from engine as i have put it into neutral and coasted still there, strange thing is its not there in the morning because the car is garaged and always about 8/9 deg, but left at work these last few weeks in...
  14. D

    C220 rear differential rumble

    hello, my friend has a C220 1993, the whole car rumbles above 45mph. I got the car on a ramp, took off the wheels and drove it . . . . . . . the rear differential box makes a loud clicking noise and shakes. anyone ever taken one appart and repaired? Ive reconditioned VW gearboxes befor but...
  15. S

    W202 slight rumble from rear...

    Hi people, have become aware of a slight rumbling noise coming from the rear of my C240 Sport. Sounds almost like a parcel shelf wobbling and creating a drumming noise and only noticeable over uneven road surfaces at around 25 - 35 mph. Had the rear shocks changed but this hasn't made any...
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