1. W

    Where can I get this dent / scratch sorted? (pictures inside)

    Hi guys Got a bit of a dent and scratch on my C class. See pics below. Any good places I can take this in east London / Essex? And how much should it cost to sort? Thanks
  2. L

    bumper paint scratch

    Hi All, As im new to the UK ( moved here last year ) i really dont know any bodyshops around London area. I came back to my car and saw that the paint was off on the bumper, needless to say im furious but also cant stand the fact that its "imperfect". Can anyone recommend places to get...
  3. BarryWhitt

    New car today from dealer and a scratch on the bonnet!

    On collection of our new car today we were informed there was a scratch on the bonnet, (about one inch long) they have said they will try and sort it out next week and if they can't they will respray the whole bonnet. My only concern is that in a few years time will the wings match the bonnet...
  4. W

    Scratch remover? T cut or others?

    Hi guys I have a faint (but noticeable) scratch on the door of my C Classs and wanted to ask what the best way would be to get it removed? Should I try T-Cut or any other scratch removers? Will that damage the car in the long run? And is this a permanent solution? Or should I take it to a...
  5. L

    Scratch on My Car

    Only had for 2 months and this has happened! Any suggestions on how to sort it. You can feel the scratch with your nail so don't think it can be rubbed out or polished. Any suggestions on how to sort would be much appreciated. Scratch on My Car - Mercedes A-Class Forum Sorry I couldn't...
  6. I

    Scratch marks

    Sorry for yet another scratch related topic here, is there anything I can do to improve this further? Before: After: (Using G3 Scratch Remover Paste)
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Large Scratch DIY Repair

    This happened last week - I have 2 cm clearance each side of my garage door frame and after 2 1/2 years the inevitable happened: I was gutted, however after around an hour of elbow grease + Meguiars Ultimate Cut Compound I have removed 98%: Amazingly it there are no dents at...
  8. I

    Scratch on rear door outside trim panel

    Hi - I have a deep scratch on the gloss black trim piece thing behind the rear right door and the estate side window. Not covered by my scratch repair insurance as it is a trim piece. Does anyone know what the part number for this little bit of trim is and how to replace it? Thanks. (E250...
  9. Beardz

    Monster Scratch!

    In the last 2 days some div has decided it would amuse them by keying my car from front wing all the way to the rear lights deep enough to show the white primer underneath:mad: I looking for advice on bodyshops that can rectify this issue at a reasonable rate? Looking for quality at an...
  10. Borys

    Wd40 scratch remover !!!!

    Damn I followed tips from their webside and youtube Most of bush scratches, bumper scuffs are gone from my car and shines like from no other polish And no it will not it paint just in case if I started a riot ha ha Highly recommended works really well

    hide scratch in paint easy

    today i wash my viano full of scratch ,and decided to try wd40 on all the paint around and it was great ,hide most of the scratch.
  12. M

    Key Scratch Remove?

    Hi some one scratch my C220 silver with the key whole left side whats the best to remove the scratch? Thanks
  13. Mike Walker

    Stone chip and scratch repair system- MB Brilliant Silver

    As above unopened 3 pen kit from Halfords. £6.00 posted. Payment via PayPal please. :thumb:
  14. V

    Scratch on my passenger door :-(

    As of today I've left my C63 parked at home and been using my golf GTI as I'm working long hrs and due to Parking don't want my C63 parked outside work for 12 hrs.... Came back home earlier this evening and admired the car as I usually do, to find a small scratch on the passenger side door...
  15. T

    Time to scratch the itch

    I have always admired the W124 coupes and although I have driven a few MBs over the years I am yet to own one. I was offered a 320ce Turbo Technics twin turbo conversion. Loved the car but I cannot get hold of the original build specs. So the search for the "one" continues. I am a long term...
  16. kianok

    3M scratch removal kit

    Has anyone used this? Car Scratch Remover I noticed a small scratch at the weekend which i've polished out to some extent however I think it needs a bit more attention.
  17. J

    Scratch removal on kick plates

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to remove the scratches and scuffs on the driver and passenger sills of a SL ? Does that metal polish stuff work ...cant remember its name had a tube years ago to get rid of rust and pitting on another car ....
  18. Abb

    Needing to scratch the G Wagon itch

    Hi Gents, as the title suggests am going to start the hunt for a G Wagon. I appreciate it is a marmite vehicle but I have always loved the styling and I have toyed with puchasing one over the past few years but am nowgoing to take the plunge (hopefully). It won't be used for its off roading...
  19. Rusti

    Scratch back bumper

    Best way to repair this?.
  20. X

    Deep scratch

    How to remove a deep scratch don't want to sand or do anything drastic as it is a new car Thanks
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