1. Markssl

    Rain sensing wipers

    Just having a new screen fitted. Tipped water on sensor to check it worked and nothing happened. Do they only work when car is moving? Worked fine before. It's a 2008 E320cdi. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. S

    Slk 172 rain sensing wipers

    Hi does anyone know if you can retrofit rain sensing wipers to a 2014 slk. I have a correct rain/light sensor to replace the light only sensor but need to know if it can be coded/ programmed to the car. Thank You
  3. Trickythemerc

    Rain sensing wipers fixed

    Having put up with the erratic wipers for two years and convinced myself it was the sensor :fail I decided to change the wiper blades,even though they were clearing the screen well enough just a bit of chatter now and then. So a pair of Bosch aerotwins of amazon for £22.00 and of I go to...
  4. F

    W18 CLS - Rain sensing wipers

    The rain sensing wipers are temperamental and have two speed settings that can be selected on the indicator stalk and I have done the usual cleaning the sensor on windscreen/entire windscreen etc. to no avail. My question is on Star can the sensitivity levels be adjusted and if so then what...
  5. prprandall51

    auto sensing wipers failed - need help please

    Hello people, my battery on my E-Class (2005) went flat (I recharged it successfully) and this seems to have taken my automatic wipers out - they still work but only intermittently, if you see what I mean. There is nothing wrong with the electronics, I think (sensors, relays and switches...
  6. H

    Rain sensing wipers how to enable?

    I have finally started adding all the retrofit stuff I have collected to my W208, As I recently had to replace the windscreen I decided to fit the rain senser which I have done but it does not work :dk:. I realise it needs to be enabled but cannot find where in the software to do it. I have star...
  7. WLeg

    Rain sensing wipers

    Why don't they do this for the rear wiper as well ?
  8. whitenemesis

    Motion Sensing LED Tubes

    Does anyone have a link to a retail supplier of these T8 replacements? I can find commercial suppliers but no one willing to supply just 3 tubes.. NEW Technology - Tech-i 1200mm Motion Sensing LED Tube | Exled
  9. ringway

    Load sensing valve for 124TE

    I'm selling my 124 230TE so I took it for an early MOT today and it failed on the load sensing valve which was leaking. I didn't get under the car so haven't seen this but I need a new or used part to pass the MOT. Does anyone have a spare one hanging around? Also, does anyone know the part...
  10. M

    rain sensing wipers

    Hi, i just bought a 2006 c180 k classic Se from the MB dealer. I was told that it had rain sensing wipers. But it does not seem to. any ideas on weather this was a standard option ? Also any clues on how to check ? i have the wiper setting on intermittance and no change in the wiping speed in...
  11. MSG2004

    Rain sensing wippers standard?

    Hello, are they a standard fir on a 2007 C Class Avantgrde SE 18k auto? My previous car a 53 classic se, had auot lights and 1 sensor on the screen. The Avantgarde has 2 small sensors to the top middle of screen but I do not know how to work thm or indeed if te car ha the feature...
  12. I

    Auto lights and Rain sensing wipers not working.

    i have checked specs on my c270 cdi 2001 ,it has auto lights and wipers , when i turn light on to auto they come on all the time and when i turn my wipers on to intermittent they start working rather than work when it rains. Please can somebody help me on this matter. Thanks
  13. P

    Rain Sensing Wipers on W203 C Class Coupe

    Hello does anybody know how I go about fitting rain sensing wipers to me Coupe. Even if these are aftermarket ones I am not bothered as long as they are good and relaible. The only thing is I do not want to change my windscreen. Thanks
  14. D

    W211 Rain Sensing Wiper Problem

    I have two annoying problems with my car (the other one is posted in the electronics section). The problem for this section is when my rain sensing wipers are turned on, they detect the start of rain. As the rain gets heavier, they speed up slightly but no longer speed up to normal wipe or...
  15. G

    no rain sensing wipers after all

    pssst am using my hubs log in but he says thats ok lol I have recently purchased a merc sports coupe which was listed as having rain sensing wipers which I was very pleased about as hubby has them well it has now started raining and it appears there are no rain sensing wipers and the...
  16. ckember

    Retrofit Rain sensing wipers on 203

    Is it possible to retrofit the Rain sensing wipers on my 2003 registered W203 I saw that its a £90 option on the face lifted model. I have some sensors in the windscreen so I am gusessing that I only need a control module. Is this the case?
  17. G

    auto sensing wipers

    How do I switch off the auto sensing facility on my wipers Gunny
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