1. E350Matty

    OMG this is shocking.

    Is this for real, this companies is clocking vehicles!!! This is shocking , I was reading the comments and someone says on there that 60% of lease cars get clocked. I don't trust any used car now! Shocking !
  2. Charles Morgan

    Shocking E63 driving today

    Stuck behind an E63 today on the A412 which is always slow as people intending to turn right in a mile pull out and block lane 2. First roundabout he's still held up then at the second he indicates right, the way is clear, and he brakes when he gets up to about 20mph on a benign corner. (I'm...
  3. HB

    Nice traffic officer but shocking Mercedes Giffnock

    So, a week ago my sister was stopped in her ML by the traffic cops for having no MOT. Silly girl. It had expired 10 days ago and she was "waiting" for the reminder which I told her you don't get anymore. Now, the traffic officer was very good to her and said, take it to the Mercedes dealer...
  4. S

    Shocking C36AMG

    Ruined! No further comment needed.
  5. marc.l

    Why o why (contains shocking photos)

    Mm mm classy or what ........currently on E Bay
  6. developer

    Shocking AMG Depreciation

    Tricky test time. I bought my S212 E63 for £34K in late July 2013. Part ex'd by me recently - it's reappeared at a dealer. How much do you think it's up, at some 17 months later? Average mileage added by me. No cheating now :devil:.


    Thought I was unshockable until I watched this...not for the nervous...(UK TV so some may have seen already viewed) Short preview... Full story version
  8. nb_racing

    Shocking driving

    BBC News - Queue-jump driver 'endangered children' in Luton What is wrong with people?
  9. K

    Shocking Renewal Insurance Premium

    £370! :D In the exclusive part of Manchester(Salford :eek: ), with no claim protection and aftermarket winter alloys premium loaded up. I have never ever been quoted this cheap in my entire life !! Well chuffed :bannana:
  10. ivandraganov

    Shocking driving on the motoray

    Never seen anything like this:
  11. Pontoneer

    A shocking story

    and some tales of human kindness . There is a thread running on Pistonheads , regarding a tragic crash which has left a three year old boy orphaned , details as below . I'll paste the opening post for those who just want the basic facts , and a link below to the full thread . "I...
  12. E

    Shocking call quality - Bluetooth

    Ive had my 2012 E220 Cdi Sport 125 for about 3 weeks now, after mercedes finally admitting that my 2009 E220 was a lemon. Loving the car so far, the new 7 speed Gtronic is a pleasure to drive. The only problem is the sound quality on a bluetooth call. It sounds like the caller is in a gold...
  13. nick mercedes

    shocking and despicable behaviour

    While driving down one the several mile long straight sections of the A30 in my veg oil powered 200D (which I have had down rated to save on fuel) I happened to get stuck behind a steam roller. Imagine my shock when some teenage herbert on a Honda stepframe moped overtook me at almost double...
  14. A160DSB

    Absolutely shocking!!

    I was picking my car up from Grays and on the way back, on the A13 there was a 3 car smash. Looked really bad. In lane 3. So i'm in lane 3 needing to move into lane 2 to get past the accident. Theres a guy, in a ford focus on his phone texting. Ive got my indicator on but because he was on...
  15. BenzedUP

    Shocking USA e92 M3 crash

    :eek::eek: Makes you think sometimes, take it easy everyone.
  16. The Boss

    Shocking insurance quotes!

    Morning peeps. today i got the 7 day complimentary cover sorted for the new car.. they offered a "complimentary" quote for 1 years insurance aswell BLOODY HELL. My quote from Privilege was over £4300 cheaper than their quote... is this the premium for guaranteed Mercedes approved repairs...
  17. The Boss


  18. High-Lo

    Shocking eBay Fees

    Haven't sold on eBay for over a year until last week. Sold 4 items and was shocked that the final value fees are up to 10% :eek: Don't think I'll be selling much more from now on :o Final price: £105.50 (Auction) 04-Sep-09 18:58:59 BST Final Value Fee £10.54 -- Final price: £46.00...
  19. The Boss

    Totally Shocking and digusting!

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after an elderly woman was repeatedly knifed in a frenzied attack in the street. Ann Driscoll is seen on CCTV entering a Tesco store before she was attacked Ann Driscoll, 82, was stabbed nine times in the...
  20. gt-83

    shocking interior!

    :eek: im not sure i could live with this!
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