1. markjay

    Sound System Upgrade for W203?

    My 2006 W203 C180K Classic came with Audio 20 and the standard speaker system for this model (i.e. no Harman-Kardon etc). Mark and Richard retrofitted COMAND NTG2.5 back in 2010, but at the time I left the original speakers in place. What would my current options be for improving the sound...
  2. S

    Poor sound quality when playing music from phone (aux)

    I own a Mercedes CLC 350 2008 that hasn't done many kilometers since it rolled out of the factory. However the sound quality is really poor when I play music through the AUX port from my phone. The same phone/cable combo works perfect in my Skoda Octavia 2010 and the sound is great. However...
  3. S

    A45 AMG Sound drop out

    As the title really - anyone had this ? Only on USB or CD, not oddly when using the radio. Every so often the sounds disappears for a few seconds, maybe 5 or 6 then just comes back. I wondered if it was picking up random spurious signals for Traffic notifications in error - thus the...
  4. C

    Best C Class sound settings - standard stereo

    Hi all. Taking delivery of brand new S205 C300h premium on Monday. Really excited. I didn't bother going for premium plus as the extra £1500 on list didn't seem worth it. Reading subsequently across the Internet it seems the standard head unit/speakers aren't anything special - which...
  5. Cousy

    C63 Advice! Ticking sound

    As above, after the car being sat for 3 weeks I have just started her up to find a ticking sound coming from the engine, possibly the right hand side bank. The ticking increases with the RPM. I have 2 videos that I will upload to YouTube. Anyone had this before? It's a 2012 coupe. Thanks
  6. M

    2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe Sound and Drive - Video

    2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe Sound and Drive 242ZuEhuNzU
  7. J

    190e Popping sound under acceleration

    Hello All, I am new to this site but not new to Mercedes ownership. I have a 190e 2.0 auto. I recently bought it and the previous owner advised that he replaced all the seals including the rocker cover gasket. He said it was running fine but on test drive it would not accelerate well and was...
  8. Max Shine

    Sound Deadening

    My Merc E Class has a pretty noisy diesel engine and many online reviews comment on this also - it there an under-bonnet sound deadening option that can be retro fitted to quieten it?
  9. nickjonesn4

    Tiny snippet of sound on start up post mods

    More when I find someone to record from outside the car... Asked the missus and her answer was unprintable...
  10. B

    No sound from the speakers

    I finally replaced the dash speakers with CRB-120PP 2-Way Coaxial Car Chassis Speakers 60W Max 4 Ohm on my e280 estate as the old ones, Kenwood, were blown. I have left the back speakers, old pioneer, as I like the ‘retro’ look. The head unit is a Becker Mexico radio/cassette. After some...
  11. A

    W211 AMG Engine Tick and Air leak sound

    Hi guys, I was doing a few bits in the engine bay on the E55 this evening and had the engine running. I noticed on the right side of the engine a ticking/tapping sound that seemed to come and go. I did the old screwdriver to the ear trick but i couldnt pin point it, it sounded like it was...
  12. HB

    V8 MYP - lovely sound

    Silver E55 passed me earlier on the M6, accelerated past me at warp 9 and sounded so good even my wife commented. Someone here maybe.
  13. A

    Tapping sound W211 E280 OM642 engine

    I got engine overhauled at 138K due to water problem and now got oil and filter change at 141K. After the oil change, there is a tapping sound that you can hear near driver side wheel and under the hood, it is coming from somewhere engine top. I don't think it was there after the overhaul...
  14. A

    W211 e280 tapping sound

    I got engine overhauled and got oil and filter change after 3000 kms. Now I hear a uniform knocking / tapping sound in engine head. I will upload sound on YouTube and send the link. It is a 2007 model. Any ideas what to check.
  15. B

    V230 Strange sound

    Funny noise on my V230 from cold only: I can't upload mp4's to here so I've put a vid on my site. Opinions on what it is & when it's likely to result in engine or gearbox expiration please. It's coming from the box end, the last owner and so consequently I, mistook it for cam chain tensioner...
  16. D

    W212 - Loud metallic screeching sound

    Hi All Have a W212 E250 with 50k miles, while driving yesterday from the front end I heard a very loud metallic grinding/screeching sound, it went on for 2-3min (was trying to find a place to pull over), just before I pulled over the sound dissapeared, since then i've done 30-50 miles with no...
  17. P

    Black death-How much and what does chuffing sound like

    Hi all Just wondering how much you would expect to pay have the injector re seated (is that what they do) due to black death on 1 injector? Also, people talk of a chuffing sound. What does that sound like? Is it obvious? Thanks
  18. C

    w211 engine sound, cold engine

    I have a Mercedes E 220 CDI aut from 2008. At cold start in the morning, the engine starts smoothly and runs fine in idle. But when I try to put it into either reverse or forward gear, it say a worring knocking sound and stops. When engine has run for some minutes, I can put it in gear...
  19. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  20. R

    Exhaust Sound Advice - I'm a novice

    Hi Guys, Please be patient as it's my first Mercedes I've purchased. My only question was if it was possible to change the exhaust on my Mercedes C220 AMG to make it sound like the C63? I know one may ponder as to why, but not all of us can afford the C63 and have to make do with...
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