1. K

    w212 rear wheel brake squealing

    hi my car with 11k on the clock, one side brakes squealing badly when slow braking i sent the car to main dealer to sort the NOx sensors out and see the brakes, they said the brakes need to be replaced to get rid of noise, charge £211 for rear only. the pads are almost new, i took the...
  2. D

    Squealing Brakes

    I have just fitted rear discs and pads on my 209 CLC. They have started to squeal like buggery. Is it because they are new, will the squeal go away? Can I just change the pads to another make?
  3. M

    Squealing sound when at full lock

    Hi all, I've noticed a loud squealing noise when I turn the steering wheel full lock to the left or right. What is it and what can I do about it? Thanks :)
  4. jkspoff

    Wheel squealing e320cdi

    Hi all, I'm pulling my hair out as I've so far replaced the brake pads, discs and rear handbreak shoes but my e320cdi is still making a squealing noise at low speeds without braking. It seems to be a rear wheel. Do you think it could be a wheel bearing ?
  5. S

    ML 270 W163 Squealing under accelration

    So I have ML270 2001 pre face lift with 111k miles on the clock. Lately it have been giving a annoying squealing noise under accelration. The noise is between 1600 RPM -2300RPM. This noise is not present when idle but is there when reved stationary. I feels like the bearing of some sort but...
  6. M

    W211 Squealing sound coming from front driver side

    Hi all! I have just noticed a strange sound coming from the front of the car. It is only noticeable at low speeds and seems to be there when going over speed bumps, low speed braking and the like. Any ideas on what it could be? It's an 09 plate E320 Sport Thanks in advance Rehan
  7. B

    ML 350 (W163) squealing brakes and warning triangle.

    I have a 2005 ML350, and last night the brakes started squealing just before coming to a stop. Today the squealing is still there but sat at 70 and every now and then the yellow warning triangle comes on with the exclaimation mark comes on, no reason, driving in a straight line.... A few...
  8. sam-orr

    Mercedes Benz C200 W202 squealing in drive and reverse.

    I have a 1998 W202 C200 and as of today, it has developed a squealing noise when sat in drive or reverse, not in neutral. It seems to be only when I'm not accelerating. I have recently given it a fresh lot of oil and a new filter but can't understand what is going on. Any ideas?
  9. V

    still squealing w210

    Should i rely on a warning light to tell me my break pads are on their last legs on my w210 or let the squeaking noises:dk: tell me ? thanks
  10. V

    squealing W210.......

    Should i rely on a warning light to tell me my break pads are on their last legs on my w210 or let the squeaking sounds :Dtell me ? thanks
  11. S

    Squealing brakes

    Ok sorry it is on a VW Polo rather than a MB. I replaced the discs and pads about 40k miles ago (Bosch). Now they are squealing when applied. Pretty sure it is the front - the rear is drum. I have cleaned the pads and caliper and put copper grease on. But still squealing. Any tips please?
  12. zubear

    squealing from rear of the e-class w211

    need a bit of help sometimes when i reverse my car i hear some squeeling sound from the rear just wanted to no what that is. does not happen all the time. my first thought was that its the rear brakes so im think to change those rear brakes. im hoping it nothing to serious its on a w211 e-class...
  13. G

    squealing breaks

    Hi all a few weeks ago i had the discs and pads changed since then the breaks when coming to a stop (a low speed) any suggestions on how to fix it? cheers
  14. Burger

    Squealing Brakes

    Sometimes when I just touch the brake pedal with no real pressure in my SL350 the brakes squeal quite loudly. It disappears if I brake harder or if I release them and then brake again - although I think then I am braking harder too so might be irrelevant. It doesn't happen every single time, but...
  15. dokalj

    ML squealing

    Hi everyone, I have noticed when the ML270 CDI is running i.e. in park and I am outside the car, I can hear a squealing noise from the front of the car. Could it possibly be the fan? The serpentine belt or even the pulleys? dokalj

    fan belt squealing.....aaaahh

    my old fan belt was squealing so i replaced....now thats squealing as well, i thought it wasnt tight enough so i made a makeshift bracket to hold the tensioner tight but its still really bad, im also losing lots of electrical power when the main headlights are on, ive had it checked by an auto...
  17. F

    Squealing from the front but maybe not the brakes...

    Hi All, My 2004 w203 gives me a squeal from the front drivers side when going through a gentle right hand bend. It doesn't happen when cold. But as it warms up I can hear it start. A quick touch of the brakes stops it but then it returns awhile later. If I continue on without touching the...
  18. A

    Squealing W124

    When I brake hard enough to make the front dive I get a horrible squealing noise from the front left. At first I thought it was the brake pads, but they are fine. Also, I get the same noise if I go over a speed hump or a dip in the road, anything that makes the suspension move a lot. It sounds...
  19. ringway

    Squealing from 02 320CDI

    Hi, On accelerating, my 320CDI makes a squealing noise (from one of the belts I should think.) What if anything can I spray on it to stop the noise? I don't want to spray on something that will cause the belt/s to slip. TIA.
  20. duncanh

    Squealing brakes can save your life

    I had a bit of brake squeal, so I thought I would clean up the pads and put a bit of grease on the calipers. Look what I found when I got the front wheel off! I dread to think what could have happened if it blew at speed. Any thought about what caused this? The suspension seems OK...
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