1. S

    W221 20" AMG Wheels, Swap?

    S Class AMG 20" wheels for sale with almost new tyres £800 or exchange for your 17 or 18" standard wheels, 07976 849955
  2. B

    engine swap for w108

    Has anyone put a later diesel 300d engine in a w108.I have a 280s and want to use it as a daily driver but mpg is too high.I have seen a w108 with a diesel engine at a car show and was wondering would a 300d w115 engine fit or maybe later model?
  3. D

    possible w203 swap advice needed

    hi, new to the forum. ive posted this on another site so apologies to anybody who has seen it but just want to get advice from as many experienced merc owners as possible. possibly swapping my civic for a w203 c200k 2001 tomorrow. drove it today and all seemed fine with regards to handling...
  4. A

    Swap! Lpg 500sec for lpg cl500/600 or similar!!

    Looking for a swap for my classic in perlescent white 500 sec with affordable (just been serviced) lpg system only £35 to fill... Looking for either a cl500 or cl600 (also with lpg) or similar... If you have anything similar or know someone who does contact me on 07974223669 - alex
  5. Telebass

    '04 S211 320CDI thermostat swap...

    OK, maybe i should have got one from a dealer. However, I got a pattern part from ECP.:doh: Owing to the excellent descriptions of other members of this forum, the nuts-and-bolts of the task was easy. Siphoned the header tank, so almost no spillage. Have a chain wrench, so the oil filter was...
  6. chubbs111

    saab estate for swap

    i have a 2007 saab vector sport estate 1.9tid,red,6speed manual,142000,cambelt and waterpump replaced approx 3 months ago,new matching tyres all round,new discs and pads all round,lots of extras inc cruise,rear reversing sensors,6 disc in dash,half leather, drivers seat has a small tear,drives...
  7. T

    C209 boot lid swap

    Hi all, I have a dent in my boot lid and a cheaper alternative to having it beaten out and resprayed is to but a new boot lid from a breakers yard. I've found a black one to match my car. I know the colour won't be spot on but I'm planning on a white wrap anyway. My question is... How difficult...
  8. Bakili

    Genuine AMG 18" for Swap Only

    Up for swap or sale (depends if I find suitable wheels for my w211) genuine AMG 5 spoke wheels. Specs are: Fronts 18"-8.5" et 30 tyres 255/40/18 (3-4mm) Rears 18"-9.5" et 33 tyres 285/35/18 2.5-3mm) These fits fine to w211 and can be fitted with 245/40/18 -265/35/18 tyre combination...
  9. poormansporsche

    2.4/6 V6 to 3.2 V6 engine swap , how hard can it be ?

    Like it says Straight swop with ecu or shed loads involved Cheers
  10. Niks

    Engine swap

    Right then, before we start... who wants a brew? :p As some of you may know, during the heatwave in July/August my headgasket in the estate went due to severe overheating issues. I had to get this engine replaced ASAP so I started searching for a temporary replacement engine. Finding a...
  11. J

    Clk v8 engine swap

    Hi guys/girls. I have a mercedes s500 which i am currently pondering breaking. Then a friend says why dont you put the engine etc in the clk. i have a clk 230 and its a good car its just not fast enough. So my question is has anybody in the uk converted a clk using the s500 running gear...
  12. benz13

    Wanted estate swap for my c220 sport

    Hi I have a c220sport (w202) in very good condition ,silver ,full history ,amg wheels ,leather trim ,just had wings done ,only just done 100,000 .i am after a estate car in the same condition ,as I do alot of mountain biking and need the boot space for my bike ect .
  13. A

    Wheels exchange

    Hi guys, just bought a w212 avantgarde and unfortunately they don't' come with 16" wheels anymore. Would anyone who got 16" wheels, preferably w211 elegance version, be interested in a swap with my 17" avantgarde? Cheers.
  14. P

    will it fit??

    hello!! i'm new here and i'm looking for some help/advise. I own '97 w202 c200 and I came up with a great idea of engine swap!now question is which engine will fit?? I would like to have the 2.3 compressor from clk....and if i'll swap it is there any legal bussines I need to do?? does any one...
  15. Gaz74

    Easy to swap W203 door mirror glass?

    As the anti glare liquid in my drivers side mirror has all but drained away, leaving the mirror cloudier than a Scottish summer, I've bitten the bullet and ordered a new replacement from MB. Almost had a seizure when they told me the price, but it had to be done. Anyhow, is the glass easy to...
  16. C

    W210 won't recognise key after battery swap

    Now then. Yes, I know I only post on here when I want something..... I decided this morning to press the wife's 1998 W210 E280 back into service after being off the road for 12 months (gearbox fault). I stole the battery to put on my W639 when I couldn't be ****d shelling out for a new...
  17. Dieselman

    Redneck spring swap

    Found a broken road spring on the front of the car today and wanted to get it sorted straight away. Not having an internal spring compressor I asked an indie how much as a labour job, then asked the dealer when collecting the spring, expecting both to say...well it's a 15 minute job, so price...
  18. T

    Swap wanted.

    I realise I'm probably wasting my time here, but if you don't ask etc. etc. I've been without a Mercedes for a considerable time now, so hopefully, I'm going to put that right. I currently have a Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 V6. It has 11 months mot and almost 6 months tax. It's an excellent...
  19. developer

    E55 or E63 Engine Swap

    I'm interested in whether it's possible (forget the economics) to replace the power unit in my car for either an E55 or E63. I love the car and it's a potential keeper with the right power unit. The spec is as good (in some respects better) than the AMG's. So, conscious it's a bit of a...
  20. T

    W211 Door Speaker swap

    Guys, Whilst I got my car in bits, just wondering if anyone has done a speaker/tweeter upgrade? Was thinking fitting components in the front, back also, flush mounting tweeters on the door, or using existing tweeter mount on the top of the door. Regards
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