1. gr1nch

    Mercedes thefts encouragingly low .... in Germany

    "Although Mercedes Benz is the third most common car on German roads (9.4%), it is only the 12th riskiest brand to own per number of cars insured." :bannana: Rather interesting website this, with mostly Sales info - 2015 Germany: Most-Frequently Stolen Car Brands and Models - though nothing...
  2. developer

    AMG Thefts (Again)

    I'm aware this has been posted by someone else already, but I thought it important enough (to those it affects) to start another thread. Last night, whilst driving home from a gig at c1.45am I spotted a marked police car sat in a side road. As I passed, he pulled out and tailed me for...
  3. RickMM

    AMG thefts ?

    Hi all, I’ve just been followed and then pulled over by a very polite policeman, who was checking ownership of my C63. Rather worryingly he told me that thieves are now targeting AMG vehicles. Probably nothing new in that, except that he stated that the thieving scumbags are now able to “key...
  4. grumpyoldgit

    Keyless entry thefts. Beware.

    Is this info right and cause for concern? New low-cost gadget allows thieves easy access to cars
  5. The _Don

    Insurance companies refuse to insure Range Rovers after spate of thefts
  6. S

    Car thefts in Aberdeen. Mental. Edited for reasons of taste
  7. T

    W124 thefts on the rise

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but W124 owners might want to be aware of this. Mercedes W124 Thefts on Increase Again | Motoring News | Honest John
  8. brucemillar

    Battery thefts

    Joy heaped upon joy down here in Kent. Some nice swarthy looking chaps in a 4x4 drove it through a locked 5 bar gate through two hedges then a post and rail fence. All for a very good reason. They drained the diesel from my neighbors tractors before stealing the batteries from his tractors...
  9. chilsta

    Heads Up! Recent spate of W124 thefts

    Honest Johns recently reported that us W124 owners should be wary: Fresh Spate of Mercedes W124 Thefts | Motoring News | Honest John I went to look at 2 W124 TDs in London before I bought mine and the seller said that he'd had a couple of attempted thefts recently, resulting in mangled locks...
  10. F

    Sprinter Thefts...!!!

    Apparently, Sprinter vans are now being targeted by professional thieves around West London/Berkshire and they are using a low loader/lorry of some kind to steal them! So just be careful – I leave ours inside the drive parked at an angel to try and make it difficult for them to steal it BUT...
  11. Satch

    Mirror unit thefts

    Are again sweeping parts of London. Electric folding units off MB E,S & M class & BMW 5 & 7 series seem favourite. This seems to cost up to a Grand to put right or more depending on damage caused. Never mind the human rights legislation: Death is too good for them :mad:
  12. mark.t

    sat nav thefts

    Just a word of warning, the Police in Romford Essex and for quite a while now we have been recieving calls regarding the theft of Sat Nav from Motor vehicles. Even if the sat nav is not on show and only the holder is they are still breaking into the cars/vans to see if it is under the seat or...
  13. hitt

    W124 Thefts in London

    Not sure if this has been posted already, I did have a quick search but couldn't find any specific reference to it. I got a letter a couple of weeks ago from the metropolitan police, initially I thought 'what have i done?' but the letter was a warning that a huge number of W124's were being...
  14. scruffy

    private sale thefts

    chap round the corner had his 04 clk pinched whilst out on a test drive, apparantly very common at the mo, 2 men responded to his ad and came round to view the car, they went for a test drive and they forced him out and drove off, car never recovered men never traced so be careful if your...
  15. S

    E-Class Thefts
  16. I

    E class car thefts in Ealing

    In case there's anyone from the Ealing (London) borough who owns an E class, the local Chiswick forum has an article on some quite prolific car theft. Please take care. Here's the direct link -
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