1. philsmerc

    S205 C250 Bluetec AMG line ticking noise from rear offside when switching off

    Hi Had the car since last June and after a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes, after switching off and getting out of the car, I could hear a slight ticking noise coming under the car. It only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds and sounds as though it's coming from the rear offside of the car -...
  2. Mo2312

    clk350 ticking noise from rear end

    Hi All My car is making this annoying ticking noise from the rear drivers side, sounds like it's coming from the driveshaft area. Sounds like something is lose and hitting the drive shaft. The noise is only heard when parked up or driving very slowly. When idle if engine is revved then ticking...
  3. RichardF

    Tappet ticking when cold

    M104 3.2 engine. 120k, 5-40 Triple QX Fine after a few mins when warm, worse in the cold weather. Anything to worry about?
  4. D

    W124 E220 Loud ticking - worse when hot

    I have an 1995 E220 with the M111 engine, and it has developed a pronounced ticking/tapping noise. It started last autumn and I assumed it was one of the tappets - it is directly linked to engine rpm and seems to be coming from the top of the engine, near the back. I had the headgasket done over...
  5. Cousy

    C63 Advice! Ticking sound

    As above, after the car being sat for 3 weeks I have just started her up to find a ticking sound coming from the engine, possibly the right hand side bank. The ticking increases with the RPM. I have 2 videos that I will upload to YouTube. Anyone had this before? It's a 2012 coupe. Thanks
  6. zaen1

    c43 ticking noise on idle and engine hunting

    Hi all. Started up my c43 today and noticed a ticking sound coming from the engine bay,had a look under the hood and it seems to be coming from the front left side around the ABS pump assembly. The sound is not like ticking you get from noisy tappets more like when you testing a spark plug...
  7. IMD

    R129 SL500 Cam oiler tube ticking solved

    Hi all, My 1997 SL500 has been ticking for the past few thousand miles, evidence of the plastic Cam Oiler tubes possibly having failed and 'popped' their ends off. I was experiencing the usual symptoms....ticking engine, oil pressure at 3 bar when under acceleration, but often down to 1...
  8. 5

    New Member - need help!

    :dk: Hi All, SO finally bought a clk w209 320 and i love it. It had some error messages on the dash which the dealer sorted (common coolant message which resulted in new radiator/fan assembly and sensor in washer bottle). I now have this clicking sound when i turn the key in the...
  9. kam09

    Footwell ticking noise?!

    Hi guys, I've got a very annoying noise coming from the footwell area that sounds like a ticking/rattling noise which is hard to describe but anyway it only happens when I travel between 40-60mph in gears 5-6! Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have the slightest idea of what it could...
  10. S

    Ticking noise...

    I have a tappy / ticking noise going on to with my SLK, it's been there from new, it's only done 3000 miles, it rises with revs but can hardly hear it in the cabin, it's been back to MB twice, they say could find nothing wrong and is nothing to worry about, but couldn't tell me what it...
  11. B

    Clicking / Ticking noise from rear E350 CDi Coupe

    Can anyone advise what may be causing clicking / ticking noise from rear offside when going round traffic islands. Nothing when going straight, no sign of anything loose or rubbing. Many thanks
  12. guydewdney

    ticking noise, 320cdi i6 w211

    My 2004 211 i6 320cdi makes a slight ticking noise, only 'on throttle'. Noticeable from 1200 rpm to 3000. Only hear it when accelerating, even slightly. Goes as soon as you back off. sounds single cylinder ish. Ie tick......tick took my mate / mechanic out and demonstrated and hes was...
  13. B

    ticking noise and smoke

    hi, i got a ticking noise coming form the top of the engine. It follows the revs, and I think is an injector sound. There is also a small amount of smoke, coming off the top of the engine. I recently had the glow plugs done, and wasn't there before the repair. But I felt after the G.P. were...
  14. F

    Ticking noise - C270 Estate Auto

    Over the last couple of months, an annoying ‘ticking noise’ coming centrally from the dash/centre console area, reminiscent of the old speedo cable whip noise, has been getting more and more regular, and is constant now - the noise is within the car and not tyre or bearing rumble related. The...
  15. alistairgd

    Extreme ticking noise from underside - sound sample imside

    My W204 has been doing this from new, as far as I can recall, but I think it is getting worse. I never complained before because my BMW 318 did the same before, but now it is annoying the hell out of me and does not sound right. Everytime I park up after a drive, this is what I hear from the...
  16. V

    500SL R107 Strange ticking sound from beneath the glove box

    I haven't had my R107 SL for long and am getting to know the car gradually. I am puzzled by a ticking noise which sound like a loud indicator relay. It emanates from beneath the glove box. It is NOT the indicators. It seems to come on randomly whilst driving or stationary and sometimes persists...
  17. R

    ticking noise on the dashboard

    Hi every, sorry my first post is a question, I just bought my first Mercedes last night , and when you first switch on the ignition there is a noise like a loud clock ticking in the dashboard , to the left of the instruments , the car is a a 220cdi diesel , is this something to worry about ...
  18. B

    R129 SL500 '95 ticking noise/oil pressure

    Hi all, Looking for some engine advice... Since the last service there's often a ticking noise coming from the engine, only audible at idle and low revs, and the when warm the oil pressure drops to about 1 (always returns back to 3 when on a run). Prior to the service there was no ticking...
  19. emailme1042

    Unidentified ticking noise - E500 Cab?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this so please be patient and bear with me. I have a E500 cab 2012 that I purchased 8 months ago and upon test drive I noticed a ticking noise when braking and the sales person said it was down to dynamic braking, the cars lumbar controls did not work either. Nevertheless...
  20. shaunk_22

    W124 230CE Ticking noise from top of engine

    Hi, my 230CE has developed a ticking problem coming from the top of the engine. Could it be a hydraulic lifter? It seems to get gradually louder then stops suddenly, and get gradually louder again, then stops, and keeps doing this. It seems worse when idling and upto 1800rpm. Any ideas? Thanks...
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