1. V

    C63 traction?

    Does anyone else really struggle with rear traction on their C63? Mines is a facelift fitted with a Quaife diff, mapped and running 19" 507 wheels with fairly new Michelin pilot super sports all round. I know this time of the year temps are low but I find in 2nd and 3rd gear my car really...
  2. Lipsylee

    W208 2000 - bas/ses / traction fault .

    Hello my clk has the traction light on , It had a replacement engine ecu and that had no vin number present which was sorted and now fine but the ses light is still on and when it was looked at that has no vin number assigned to it but it would not let us edit it so what do I need to do to sort...
  3. snipez999

    Traction control switch?

    Found out last week at Worsley Park golf club that wet overflow parking area (a field) and 577 bhp do not mix! Fortunately it's only half an hour from home so wifey popped to Halfrauds for a towrope and brought her RR Sport to tow me out (very very easy to do with that thing's ratios and...
  4. D

    Loss of Traction

    Hope somebody can enlighten me. I have a 2003 C180K and it has, on occasion, have the back slip out while going round a roundabout. I know it is rear-wheel drive but I thought in dry conditions I would not have issues like this. Is this a problem with my driving style and I need to change or a...
  5. G

    SLK Amg - Traction control

    I'm interested in either a SLK 55 or a Z4MC, my reasoning for being more interested in the slk is the thumping v8. Whats putting me off the SLK is the traction control, so far as that i've read you cant turn it off without putting the car into some sort of factory setting where even the abs...
  6. P

    Traction control randomly activating under acceleration.

    Hello As the title says, under medium to hard acceleration the traction control light will start flashing and thinking the car is skidding/loosing traction when it isn't. If I release the accelerator pedal and then back on theaccelerator the light will go off and the car will accelerate...
  7. P

    Continuous traction control (on a bmw).

    Hi I appreciate this is a Mercedes forum but the problem with my bmw maybe a generic problem with all cars with esp/dtc etc. When I hit a bump the traction control light (dtc) comes on and cuts the power like it should. Sounds normal but the car will continuous keep the traction control light...
  8. D

    help my ABS and Traction controll are not working

    neither my abs or traction are working but when car does it checks first thing the lights all go out! like the car doesnt know it has a fault! also the cruise contoll just beeps doesnt work at all. any idears people ,thanks adam
  9. T

    Does my W202 have Traction Control?

    Hello. I'm planning on turning my project car into a drift slag. It's a 1997 P Reg W202 C250 TD Elegance. I've been reading the owners manual and I've seen something called ASR and it can be turned off with a button on the center console next to the hazard switch. Only problem is that I do not...
  10. H

    R230 Tyres and Tramlining

    Hi, i have an 04 R230 SL65 and appear to have the same issue that many suffer with R230's and that is tramlining...I have standard 19 inch wheels and P Zero's 285/30/zr (98y) rear and 255/35/zr19 (96Y) front...Any ideas on a sensible tyre match to minimise the issue or give me a little more...
  11. JethroUK

    Have mercs not got traction control to stop wheel spin?

    Had to take 3 relatives to visit my wife's mum in hospital in snowy road conditions Afraid to say my shiny Merc C220 is the worst car I've ever had to drive in these conditions Back end broke away far too many times despite me driving more carefully than any other car on the road Have mercs...
  12. E

    Rear end traction

    On approaching the m6 today from a sliproad, long slow bend approaching 60mph and just about to straighten up the back end totally stepped out in a flash. E250 cab 63 plate auto amg line. Appreciate it was wet but was taking it relatively easy feathering the accelerator. Same speed as before in...
  13. Aaron Amg 55

    Clk 55 Amg w209 completely turn off traction??

    When I turn my traction control off it never seems to be 100% off it will start to spin but can feel it hold back can anyone shed some light on how its turned off totally.....cheers
  14. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Half Shaft for Traction Control model required

    1991 300CE with Traction Control has a broken half shaft. Need to find replacement urgently.
  15. S

    ABS and traction control warning

    My 639 vito failed its mot due to these faults. I found on the net that this is quite common, I also found alot of people fixed this by replacing the brake switch (on the break pedal) I did this and it fixed my disco dashboard :bannana: this is a very quick simple and cheap repair (£17.50 from...
  16. james2375

    ESP traction control problems E250

    Can anyone help with an ongoing problem please? My wife has had her 2010 E250 since Dec and it has 3 months of warranty left. She says the ESP cuts in regularly, even in the dry, interrupting the smoothness of the drive and the performance. I wouldn't say she thrashes it but she is not a slow...
  17. gunning

    who can de-restrict my car and turn off my traction control?

    I was wondering who could de restrict my car so i can get to the top speed. Also is there a way to turn off my traction control.... and i mean OFF :D Any help would be great
  18. M

    Traction control faulty on Vito

    Right heres the problem: I have a 55 plate Vito 639, it has traction control and when I switch it off the light come on on the dash to tell me, all ok there. The odd thing is when if you spin the wheels at all then the TC light goes out and then TC is working again, killing power and...
  19. R

    w202 electronics or lack off

    right hi there guys just got my self a fine old motorway bus a c250 td manuel on a w reg few things that are bugging me firstly the traction control and the abs dont work . all the warning lights come on before you start the engine so bulbs are still in the dash amber abs one on the left...
  20. cammy

    Clk,esp traction control problems

    Had a problem with My Clk traction control light flashing when trying to accelerate,then Bas visit workshop light came on tried all the advice on the forum sensors,brake light switch Star no joy. Took my Car to TJ Oneill In Glasgow who had the car for 2 hours and correctly diagnosed a rear...
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