1. J

    CLS55 dipstick tube

    Morning all, I've got a 06 CLS55. I dont trust the oil level sensor too much so decided to buy a dipstick from Mercedes. I can't seem to find where it goes? I thought originally it goes in the tube with the red cap, at the top of the engine by the throttle body, but the tube bends down towards...
  2. N

    CLS 63 w219 long tube headers

    Guys any ideas if LHD long tube headers will fitt a RHD W219 CLS63? Found some at a decent price just under $2000.00 but states LHD and they do make them in RHD
  3. SMed08

    Long Tube Headers E55K

    So where's the best place to get long tubes for the E55 in the UK? Anyone sell them? Mids and shorties seem to be easy to find. Had a quick search, but didn't find much. Thanks. Sam
  4. brucemillar

    Any old ceiling tube lights please.

    Friends I am in need of additional garage ceiling lighting in the form of tube units. Any out there looking for a home in Kent? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. F

    Check engine light + unplugged tube

    RE: 2007 W203 C230 Avantgarde Hey folks, wondering if I could pick your brains. My check engine light came on a yesterday so I did as such. When I looked, there's a tube that has been unplugged and I don't know what this component is. I'm sure somebody on here knows. So what is this...
  6. L

    w126 front guide/brake/support tube joint

    Need to replace the joints at the chassis end of the guide/brake tube - anyone know if it can be done in situ, or do you have to remove half the suspension to get the thing out? I've already sussed that I should measure it before taking it apart...
  7. Celicasaur

    DPE M156 RHD long tube manifolds - ceramic coated

    Hi guys, gauging interest on my DPE exhaust manifolds because I may sell up soon. These are good for 570hp with a tune on a normal C or E 63. I think after import taxes and shipping etc, I paid around £2400 for them a few months ago. I haven't fitted them and as such, they are brand new...
  8. I

    M103 Water Pump Drain Tube Stuck

    Hi All, After having spent many, many hours on a steep learning curve I finally dismounted the water pump, only to be faced with a 1032001452 Water Pump Drain Tube which will NOT budge. Is there a later version of this pump so that I can just cut this pesky pipe - which is not only almost...
  9. R

    Dipstick tube

    Does anyone know whether the dipstick tube reaches the very bottom of the sump, in mine or any other MB? TIA.
  10. IMD

    R129 SL500 Cam oiler tube ticking solved

    Hi all, My 1997 SL500 has been ticking for the past few thousand miles, evidence of the plastic Cam Oiler tubes possibly having failed and 'popped' their ends off. I was experiencing the usual symptoms....ticking engine, oil pressure at 3 bar when under acceleration, but often down to 1...
  11. A

    W124 Number Plate Wiring Rubber Tube

    Wanted for a W124 Coupe:a good condition rubber tube, 000 546 0285, as in attached picture, that carries the number plate wiring. It attaches between the boot lid and the hinge. Thanks, Andy
  12. H

    Vacuum tube to climate control air flow speed control

    Hi, I've just bought a 92 300CE-24. Once the engine is started, I hear "hee-hee" from the central console. It turns out coming from the air flow speed switch - the left dial in the following picture: I get it out As you can see there are 2 nozzles that connect to 1 vacuum tube in...
  13. alexanderfoti

    M113 K Long tube "headers"

    Hi all Is there any way to keep the primary cats and have long tube headers? Im contemplating them in the future but dont want problems come MOT time.
  14. ScottBacon

    Long tube headers or IPE valved rear sections

    As it says on the tin gents. I am undecided what to do. I like the sound of my AMG but you can always have more.... Right ?? I don't want to part with £5k for the full IPE system so I'm looking at either the headers being swapped OR the rear exhausts? Don't want it to be ridiculously loud...
  15. P

    Where the hell is the transmission tube?

    Hello all, Can someone tell me where I can find the transmission fluid dipstick please? I know there is no actual dipstick, but where do i find the tube? Its a W209 CLK 320 Auto, 2003 There is a tube at the rear of the engine with a black cap on, but I think thats the engine oil one...
  16. ACID

    Mercedes C63 Long Tube Headers

    Hey Just had these Bad Boys delivered today :bannana: This system is with the Cats but it can be brought cheaper for a Cat-less System. Acid
  17. gt-83

    where does this tube belong?

    Still trying to get my coupe running right........ive just found this going nowhere,
  18. cinek

    you tube videos

    I used to use YTD to download videos from youtube, but for some time (about a year now) it become pain in the back side (freezes, locks out the system) and I ended up removing it from my machine. Have tried number of software since then, but none was quite good to make it worthwhile. What...
  19. ACID

    Mercedes C63 Long Tube Headers

    hi guys Right I have been speaking to a company who can design Long tube headers for the C63 RHD. :D As many of you know that most if not all the LTH are for LHDs. I wanted to get a interest to see if anyone would be interested in getting these for their cars. I will hopefully have...
  20. L

    CLK 220cdi engine light on loose tube on right side of engine

    Help me please Im really struggling with my CLK 220 CDI 55 plate done 81000 miles it does not rev over 3000 if it does it stops at 4000 but this only happens for first few mins of engine being turned on the engine light is on there is a tube to the right of the engine inserted into nothing...
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