Eurocharged V7 M156 Tune now availiable at MSL Performance

    Eurocharged M156 V7 tune Released: Exciting news for all MSL Performance and Eurocharged customers The new V7 tune is now available for the M156 engines Feed back from Jerry at Eurocharged is: “V7 has VVT timing adjustments and a more aggressive timing profile. We also open the...
  2. T

    Eurocharged M156 v7 tune

    anyone had the v7 tune yet? still currently in beta but feedback has been more positive than v6. ive had the v6 for two months now and its never been spot on for me. look forward to the v7 tune, ive emailed jerry tonight hoping to get the new map, apparently theyve been able to unlock the vvt on...
  3. french

    Pro Racing tune up Box C32

    Have one of these Pro racing Tune up boxes if anyone is interested. I fitted after I had the smaller pulley, no real difference from the re map to this TBH. I had the 65mmm pulley fitted while looking for a garage to remap it. MPG was better with this than the remap, performance was 6 of one &...
  4. J

    a good C63 tune

    just want some opinions on you guys thoughts of putting a tune on the 4.0 bi turbo engine c63s. what gains to expect and performance upgrades you guys have done thanks
  5. F

    CLS63 W219 headers and ECU tune?

    In the not too distant future, I'm thinking of some long tube headers and ECU tune on my CLS63, looking for the most aggressive sound and ideally the best gains. Had a look at eurocharged and MSL performance, also header manufacturers such as MBH, anyone any experience with having these mods...
  6. M

    W204 C350 CDI Brabus

    Evening all, First post so go easy! I'm looking at a used C350 CDI that has been debadged but has the Brabus D6 Engine cover under the bonnet. What is the easiest/best way to check if it does have the tune or not? (the owner is also unsure) Thanks in advance!
  7. Luke-BITURBO

    E63 AMG Had a month now time to tune

    Hello chaps had to sell my GTR last month as having my 1st born soon Picked up a 2014 E63 AMG in black and so far I've fitted some wheels window tints and full dechrome with Carbon interior Now time to map and exhaust, going to be going custom with the exhaust but the question is and is...
  8. D

    Eurocharged Tune

    I bought a CLS55 a few months ago and was told it had been mapped by Eurocharged, not sure if this was done at MSL or some other way ( seen mention to using a handheld programmer). Is there anyway to check this? I think that the car is running a bit rich so don't want to take it just anywhere...
  9. merc85

    8th May (Sunday) North weald Test n Tune

    Me and a friend are going to the above Drag racing as i want to see if there's any difference in the times from last year as ive done a couple of mods.:devil: Awesome day out Que at the gate starts around 8.30am Crash helmets can be hired on the day. Usual burger stalls etc. Just giving peeps...
  10. Growy16

    MSL tune or Eurocharged?

    Been talking to Acid at MSL and I don't know whether to install the MSL tune or Eurocharged? The MSL tune can be wiped with a main dealer software update which means a revisit to Birmingham whereas the handheld can be removed and added as required. I am leaning towards the handheld but would be...
  11. ACID@MSL

    Vito Eco Tune

    Mercedes Vito 2016 in with us @ MSL Performance for an Eco Tune !!!! Stock: 160.02 Bhp 293.68 Ft Lbs Torque Tuned: 189.5 Bhp 388.72 Ft Lbs Torque Up to 8% increase in fuel efficiency
  12. T

    C280 W204 Tune up

    Is there anyway of making my 2009 C280 quicker without it costing a fortune?
  13. P

    180mm Weistec crank pulley and tune up

    I am not sure if it was covered before, but I couldn't fine it. So I am thinking of buying one of these pulleys and tune the car. The first question is do I need to change the spark plugs with colder ones or the original ones which I changed before 1000km will do the trick? Second and maybe...
  14. ACID@MSL

    Mercedes E63 Bi-Turbo Weistec Exhaust + MSL Tune 729 BHP !

    Mercedes E63 2014 Bi-turbo Weistec Down Pipes MSL Tune Power 729 BHP !!!!!! -hUE35OZzBo
  15. Y

    e220 chip tune

    recently my mate done chip tune on his e220 (08 plate) as a result 205 bhp are there any minuses of chiping it my e280 190 bhp so feel a bit jealous thinking of chiping it too do i have to be aware of some problems after it ?
  16. marty359

    North Weald Test And Tune Video

    A few clips I managed to rescue from a dodgy SD card. [YOUTUBE HD]DAWYzHoZZDA&vq=hd720[/YOUTUBE HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAWYzHoZZDA
  17. v8sam

    Eurocharged tune

    Has anyone gone from V4 to V5 Eurocharged tune on their c63 amg is there much of a difference between the two?
  18. M

    C63 amg msl tune

    So yesterday i went upto visit acid at MSL. The plan was to have a secondary cat delete and stage 1 remap. so we arrived at 8.00 and straight away the car was on the ramp and imran and co were unbolting and grinding away with minutes. about 1.5 hrs later the cats were gone, and replaced by...
  19. StuA45AMG

    Brabus tune A45 AMG

    Has anyone in the UK had the Brabus 40+ BHP done and if so how much and were did you get it done
  20. M

    45AMG Rebellion Tune, Downpipe and Intake +63AWHP +73AWT

    Unlimited Performance our Dealer in Shanghai, China just installed our Downpipe, Air intake and ECU/TCU tune on the A45 AMG... The final Results! 457bhp@crank and 450ftlb@crank 375HP@wheels 370ftlb@wheels Car stock on this Dyno made 312bhp@wheels 298lbft@wheels
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