1. S

    Hindhead Tunnel Run 28th June

    Late notice, but I've heard that tomorrow night there is a fairly large tunnel run going on along the A3, Hindhead Tunnel. It looks like a mixed marque event, run by a group called BOSS. Seems like they've gained legitimate permission from the Guildford Spectrum to hold a static show/meet...
  2. Darrell

    Carpal tunnel syndrome.

    My wife has been diagnosed with it in both hands. She has been signed off work for 16 days and will probably get signed off for another week. She has got a load of stuff from the chemist and is wearing splints on each hand. After tests at the hospital it is mild in one hand and moderate in the...
  3. uumode

    Where to buy tunnel carpet mats?

    Looking for W205 dark charcoal tunnel carpet mats Doesn't seem to be official ones out there, so any which fit.
  4. M

    Bit of Tunnel Fun this Afternoon...

    This video is brought to you by AMG and FI exhausts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJskdvbCgyE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQOr...ature=youtu.be
  5. D

    Ferry or Tunnel?

    We're thinking of travelling to France then on to Spain, probably late August/early September. Which is recommended? Tunnel or Ferry? We'd have a way to travel to get either so would probably opt for a longer drive and shorter crossing like Dover to Calais if using the ferry unless anyone has...
  6. TheBeast

    Height Issues on Channel Tunnel

    Dear All, Normally a frequent user of the Channel Tunnel, I have been put off since I bought my new 2013 Model GL. The listed Vehicle height is 1.85m, however the height restriction at the tunnel entrances (marked with a 3x3inch post) is 1.85m too. Has anyone used the channel crossing in...
  7. I

    Tunnel Bear BVPN

    Anyone tried Tunnel Bear VPN? Works well, very simple to use, and is cheap as chips. https://www.tunnelbear.com/
  8. K

    A light at the end of the tunnel

    ...so I thought! I've been making massive overpayment to my mortgage, and planned to have my mortgage cleared this year! Needless to say, I am still paying, due to various investment opportunities, house refurbishment, solar etc etc... With my current financial status, i estimate my mortgage...
  9. B

    The Tunnel

    Nice to see a programme in which a well-used W124 plays a leading role! Enjoying nearly as much as the Danish-Swedish original
  10. WDB124066

    124 Transmission tunnel cargo net.

    Were these ever available for late model cars - post 93, does anybody know or have a picture? Regards to all, W.
  11. markjay

    Japan Sasago tunnel: Collapse traps cars

    BBC News - Japan Sasago tunnel: Collapse traps cars Very tragic.
  12. A

    Silly q .. revving in a tunnel and engine/tranny damage!?

    Ok, yeah, I know it's rather uncouth, but .. it's good to be fore-armed (that sounds wrong!). When one has a V8 on a nice sunny day (remember them?) and an empty, narrow, echoey (is that a word?) tunnel, it is a little tempting to stop, wind down the windows, and give it some! Now while spin...
  13. C63er

    Tunnel Run london

    I posted on piston heads and the BMW boys poached me to join there run, I think we should show them how we roll lol Here is the role call page http://www.e46zone.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32173
  14. Harrythedog

    Tyne Tunnel now fully opened

    For those that regularly travel in the North East of England I can confirm that both tunnels are now open. Hopefully we'll say goodbye to nightmare queues
  15. crockers

    Cap Estel Tunnel

    I won't post the picture - but if you google it gives quite an interesting insight to safe driving and entering a tunnel safely. Obviously driving on Goodyear tyres ... Why? Because you can get 365 out of a good year....:D:D
  16. Whitey

    A3 Hindhead Bypass Tunnel

    The expressway to PCS opens at midday. Now I only have to take 4 roads to get there :bannana:
  17. A

    Channel Tunnel height limit 1.85 I'm 1.87...

    Oooops I booked the Tunnel rather than the ferry as usual for a change and did this months ago. Since booking I'be bought a roof box and I rang them up to ask about the height. I reckon I'm around 1.86.5 :( Over 1.85m I need to go in a higher train. However now there is no space on the...
  18. Smarties

    SLS AMG tunnel ad. Fake or not?

    Over to the forum. Opinion seems to be divided as to if this SLS did 'drive on the ceiling'. What do you think? That aside, the sound of it at full chat is :thumb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zauEeIwQV0g
  19. Satch

    Channel Tunnel closed by fire

    Well all seems under control but travel chaos until the weekend at least http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7610919.stm
  20. T

    Midnight tunnel run

    anyone heard of this? they meet up in the middle of the night in big loud cars and drive through the blackwall & other such tunnels to hear their cars in glorious 3D anyone been
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