1. D

    software updates

    Hi I updated my Sat Nav disc a couple of years ago and wonder if there is an update for the cars firmware too? does anybody know and if so is it a DIY job? car is a 2006 CLS 320cdi with NTG1 thanks
  2. M

    Mercedes CLS Sat Nav NTG5 Updates

    My recently purchased CLS requires Sat Nav update, as this is less than 3 years old I understand that I have free updates. I have just spoken with MB Lakeside (Bobby) and he has informed me this is only updated during a Service. My understanding was I am entitled to have this Services at other...
  3. aquanaut

    C63 W204 Software Updates

    Hello, I have owned my C63 since new - 01 Sept. 2012. In that time all that has been done is 1 free map update even though I was entitled to 3 free updates. This September it goes in again to Mercedes Aberdeen for its service and MOT. Last year I asked for the gearbox software update only to be...
  4. M

    Map Updates for ML320 and ML350 (W164) Advice Needed Please

    Hello Everyone, I need some help before I contact MB, so that I know I am asking the right thing :-) I have recently purchased an 2010 ML350 and a family member already has a 2006 ML320. I think the map updates are about £150 from MB, but I cannot find the command model on one of them...
  5. D

    Free Map Updates - well, almost!

    There was a previous thread about problems downloading the free map updates on the W213; most people seemed to get stuck at around 66% completed. The solution was to go to Mercedes Me, and download the updates onto an SD card. This worked for me last time. I've just noticed on Mercedes Me...
  6. 2

    Software updates W213

    Hi, it appears that there are many software updates on the W213 but how does the owner know and get these updates? Safety recalls should notify the owner and then the dealer can carry ou the work but each time my car has gone to the dealer it has had software updates, not safety ones. My...
  7. N

    2006 7G Occasional Shift issue & Software updates

    Hi, My 320cdi has the 7G gearbox, has done 78K with gearbox oil change last year. It seems fine, other than if it's been driven, then left for an hour or so, then driven again - if I give it any more than 1/2 throttle (e.g. pulling out or overtaking) it will struggle to shift from I...
  8. P

    C63 - 507 - Software Updates

    So I finally get back to the UK Wednesday night and I'll be picking my 507 up on Thursday morning, I've had to wait 8 weeks in total since doing the deal as I've been out of the country, so I'm currently like a kid on the run up to Christmas! Anyways, this may just be a bit of a nOOb question...
  9. gl boy

    Updates !!!

    By one else keep getting a message when I log onto this site through their Apple app that this website will no longer function with the next iOS update ???
  10. FateSynchro

    New Purchase/niggles &Software updates W212 E63 S

    Guys, I have recently just purchased a 2014 E63 AMG S, its on 25k miles and i have had a few things done. (If you want to skip to my questions and avoid the back story just scroll down) Wrapped in titanium grey and some fettling at MSL, downpipes/remap and its a lovely savage beast now...
  11. S

    Software updates

    Are there such things as software or firmware updates on mercs... Like for gearbox or engine management etc..?
  12. Farmer boy

    2016 C Class map updates

    Hi, Can anyone confirm the latest Comand NTG5 map version. My car was built February 2016 and has 2015 2016 V7 Europe installed. The car goes in for it's A service next week and wish to have the latest map installed as the current map is outdated in several parts of the UK and Europe I know...
  13. X

    Live traffic updates

    I've had issues with the satnav on our S205 Sport Premium, resulting in the unit being replaced a couple of times under warranty. All seems to be settled now, except that we no longer receive live traffic updates. My dealer generally just scratches his head and offers no solution, but I'm...
  14. Chrishazle

    NTG4 V12 2014/15 DVD's Map Updates

    Having bought these recently from member JBell on MBOA http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/sh...d.php?t=158768 (no log-in required to view) has photos and which cars it is for (C >03/07, <03/11, GLK >10/08, <07/12 and SLS AMG >03/10) I have installed the update on my S204, so the DVD's are...
  15. Trickythemerc

    iCarsoft updates

    Have any of you guys that use icarsoft OBD tools had problems updating the software. I keep getting the download failed message and the tool won't work ??? :fail
  16. F

    Sat nav updates

    Hi All, I'm picking up a e250 next week from main dealer on 14 plate. I believe you get free map updates for the first 3 years. How can I tell if car has the latest version? Any advice is welcome
  17. ShaunB

    W204 navigation map updates

    How do these work from an update point of view. Say I buy a disc, and update my maps, what's to stop someone else using that disc to update their maps also? Just curious.......
  18. T

    Map Updates?

    Really sorry for posting this, but I've searched the group, Google, handbook etc., but I've had a heck of a week so maybe I'm not on full power. I have a 2015 E350 Cabrio. I tried to find out what version of Comand it has, but playing with it, it doesn't want to tell me! It had it's first...
  19. Pieater

    Navi Updates.

    Pulling my hair out :wallbash: I have an E250 2011 C207 Coupe with an Audio 50 system, I'm trying to establish the full version for update purposes (maps). I have no USB/SD Card slots, no aux input of any kind. I do not know what NTG number or anything else I may need. I do have a navi button...
  20. B

    Garmin Map Pilot updates

    I have had my C Class since October 2015 and after getting an email from Garmin that my free for life portable sat nav had an update available I decided to also check the SD card in the car for the first time. Using the new road layout at junction 10A of the M1 at Luton Airport as a reference...
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