1. G

    S Class 2007 W221 COMAND upgrades for NTG 3

    I bought a 2007 w221 S320L a couple of weeks ago, the car is in mint condition and drives perfectly. It replaces my w220 S320L which had to be scrapped due to rust developing on the underside, body work however was fine. The car currently has: COMAND NTG 3 - No birds eye view - I can not use...
  2. V

    W204 C63 N/A power upgrades

    My C63 has a Quaife diff, secondary cat delete and remapped by MSL. I'd like to try get some more power from the car. Considering going down the route of headers.. what options do I have, what companies should I consider, how much will they cost and what sort of power can I make with a revised...
  3. ScottyC63

    C63 Upgrades

    After a lot of research, experimenting and some soldering I have finally upgraded the steering wheel to what it always should have been. Then it was out with the wood and in with the carbon. What a difference! :)
  4. T

    W204 c250 cdi sport opal red few upgrades etc

  5. KoFidee

    W447 Vito ICE Upgrades door speakers

    Ok looking to install Component Focal speakers to the doors 130cm (tweeter in dash) Anyone know what depth there is behind factory installed speakers? I assume I will need MDF rings also gonna get them fitted when van goes in to get interior door handle sticking issue resolved ,so not wanting...
  6. O

    Sat nav upgrades

    Hello I have a pre face lift car with the Command system. The sat nav will only take the first 4 figures of the post code. I believe that the face lifted cars' sat nav can take full 7 figure post codes. Is it possible to uprate the old system to take full post codes? Thanks
  7. N

    E55k - Upgrades- which one first?

    Whilst I'm still searching for the perfect E55 it's only natural that my thoughts have turned to tuning... you lot on here with your dyno videos and graphs haven't helped!! So with the numerous modifications that are available to the E55 owner what's the most sensible path to take with the...
  8. M

    Mercedes W204 C220 CDI Performance upgrades?

    Hi guys i've got a mercedes c220 estate which is a 2.1L twin turbo diesel guzzler. I wanted to know what kind of stuff i could do to it and what you guys have done to yours in terms of performance. I know there is remaps out there(which ill do via rolling road after the upgrades) and i know...
  9. C280 Sport

    Engine upgrades to a 2005 CLK55 AMG.

    I just purchased a very clean low miles CLK55 AMG. Not looking to go crazy with the car but looking to get a little more out of it. Cost is not really a factor at all. What would be the basic tune I should be looking into? ECU? Exhaust really worth my time?
  10. L

    CLK350 2009 - Various upgrades?

    Hi All, I've just got my first Mercedes - a 2009 CLK350 Convertible and am *loving* it :-) However, I have a few questions:- 1. It has no CDC (I've ordered what I think is the right one), and wondered if the loom will be there, or if I need to order optical leads too? 2. Where can I get Wind...
  11. uumode

    Geo ring fencing alerts after MB connect me app upgrades

    I found that after MB refreshed their connect me app, My geo ring fencing alert emails have stopped. Anyone else find they are not getting the alert emails when car exits or enters the specified geo fence?
  12. S

    (W205) C350e audio upgrades

    I’m due to take delivery of a C350e estate and I’d like to upgrade the standard audio – ideally I want to add a 4channel amplifier to run replacement front speakers and a compact subwoofer. Are there any immediate obstacles given that the car is a PHEV and does anyone know if the radio has a...
  13. K

    Low mileage W221 S320cdi with Brabus Upgrades

    I'm selling my S Class to get back into something from Audi with Quattro. 2008 (08) Brabus specification S320 CDI in special edition Designo Mystic Blue and Designo Linen leather interior. This low mileage vehicle comes fitted with the Brabus D6 engine management chip increasing power and...
  14. P

    SL55 Upgrades

    Hi, Could someone list any and all upgrades and modifications that should/could be done to an SL55 AMG to ensure it runs as well as possible and include what the benefit of that particular upgrade/mod is? I intend to hang on to my SL55 all being well for some time so would like to make sure I am...
  15. Z

    SL55 upgrades

    Hi guys, Thinking of doing some bits to my SL55. I spoke to Michael at MSL yesterday who was very helpful and was thinking of the following: 84mm pulley, kleemann headers, LSD and Johnson intercooler pump. Been quoted, what I think is a good price for the work, and am probably going...
  16. P

    A Class (W176) Aftermarket "Upgrades" - parking sensors and CarPlay

    Hey! New to the forum so bear with me please... I'm just coming to the end of my 3 year Agility agreement on the new A-class (W176). I'm looking to buy the car outright by paying the balloon payment, but I'd like to see if I can get a few "upgrades" on the car - namely: 1. Rear parking...
  17. dddooommm

    Engine modifications w203/ clk w209 / diesel cdi m612

    Hi MBCLUB- Looking to modify the engine to get more acceleration performance. Apart from a remap, can anyone recommend modifications to the Diesel engine ? Such as the bypass of exhaust gas recirculation EGS? Possibly larger turbo but rather lower costing part etc. Engine: Merc...
  18. dddooommm

    Mercedes Re-map, software upgrades, ecu remap updates chips

    Evening MB CLUB- The previous owner of my car was a recognised mercedes performance shop with a rolling road, modern Merc breakers, servicing etc. They owned the car for years and I can tell it's been looked after. They stated that the car CDI CLK W209 Had been remapped. How can I...
  19. V


    Hi I'm new to this so please bear with, I have recently bought a 2008 w204 saloon petrol pre face lift I am looking to upgrade the front end grille to something of an amg look.. Any ideas where I can pick up one of these Secondly looking to upgrade the rear tail lights to the LED kind like...
  20. StuA45AMG

    A45 service upgrades

    Had my A45 in today for its first service and updates, asked them to def do the gearbox and I have all the print outs BUT they mean nothing to me Diagnosis version DCT5, software version 14/45 00, hardware version 11/21 00 And loads of other 4 digit numbers ranging from 3625 to 4958 Does...
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