1. sean95

    c180k coupe upgrades?

    Looking into upgrades but cant seem to find a answer directed at me personally, apreciate some knowledge of experience please! its a C180k coupe... 2004 model, whats the best way to get more power/torque so i can get the 0-60 time down? remapping? pulley kits? crank something is it...
  2. Suky Sangha

    Performance upgrades

    Hello gents, just need advice about power upgrades. Is it recommend to go for power upgrades without doing any long term damage to the engine??? I would like a simple ecu remap and maybe a supercharger pulley upgrade for my cls 55 AMG :) does anypne know who does this work? I'm new to the merc...
  3. Suky Sangha

    Exhaust system upgrades

    Hello gents, just wondering what exhaust upgrades are available for my cls 55 AMG ??? I've heard something about x pipes ??? Any idea what these do or who supplies and fits these items???? I appreciate your help guys. The sound of my car is nice but I would like it to be a little louder ! Sent...
  4. A

    Mercedes W124 Engine UPGRADES ( turbo, manifold, etc)

    Hello everybody, I have a w124 230E and I am planning to upgrade its power although it is running perfectly as it should. Many of the members would swap engine or maybe buy a 300E instead. However, I like my 230E and I am looking forward to make some minor performance upgrades that may...
  5. PhilDR

    Big Brake upgrades from Rebellion Automotive

    Hi Guys, just another product we have been developing over the last two years. Our line of 'Wortec' Forged Brake upgrade kits.... These kits consist of 7000ton Cold Forged Calipers in sizes of 6, 8 and 12 piston and 2piece Vented and drilled Rotors of 336, 345, 360, 388 or 410mm. We also...
  6. Mo-benz

    Back number plate bulb upgrades c63amg 2011

    Hi, anyone can point out what or how I get to the back numberplate bulbs?, also what type bulb should it be for upgrade I want it close to leds type as possible because LEDs I believe will throw an error. Cheers
  7. PhilDR

    Big Brake Upgrades

    Just a little project we have been working on with my other company........:D
  8. BIG UN

    Vito Christmas upgrades...

    Been fitting some of my projects over this Christmas period, managed to fit headrests with monitors and Vanity lighting which consists of both of the sun visor's with mirrors that have covers these act as the switch for the light!! Great addition and very easy to do both which makes a change...
  9. B

    slk r170 230 power upgrades

    hello all i have just been given a slk as a xmas present :thumb::thumb::thumb: it came totally standard, so first things first got new wheels and upgraded speakers and stereo and amp.. now i really want to get it mapped and runing better power, now i have done a lot of reading but they...
  10. martyp87

    W209 - COMAND Audio upgrades...

    Okay, please bear with me on this as I have a few questions here. :o I have the COMAND navigation unit in my CLK which also has the telephone, AUX in and 6 CD changer connected. To get the phone to work I believe I just need to purchase the ViseeO MBU3000 and everything will just work - I...
  11. 2

    After Market Upgrades

    Hi Guys Just bought a 62 plate C180 Auto AMG Sport. My first Merc and I love it! I had a few options in mind when I was looking, however I got the deal as it was a stock car, so my hands were tied on some of the options. What I really want is to add the following, and was wondering if it...
  12. V12

    W220 s class sound system upgrades

    I thought I would share this on this forum as well. Just in case it's helpful to anyone. The standard audio in the s class is better than most cars but still far from any good. The weakest point is the complete lack of any sort of bass. Having turned into an IB junkie over the past 8 years...
  13. SportsCoupeRich

    C62 2012/13 star upgrades

    Are there any unlocking through STAR things that might be of interest on my soon to be collected, latest gen C63?
  14. Tan

    MacBook Pro upgrades

    Hi I have a 2009 MacBook Pro and am contemplating some upgrades to it as I am nearing capacity on my 250GB HDD and would like to be able to keep more photos, data and movies on it. 1st upgrade that I will do is the RAM, increasing it from 4GB to 8GB. However, where i need some advice is...
  15. C

    W203 Audio Upgrades

    Evening all First post so bear with me. I have just bought an 2003 C-Class coupe. It has an Audio 10 cassette tuner with a CD multi-changer in the glovebox. I'm not a big fan of cassettes and I want my glovebox back and I was looking for audio upgrade solutions with a dash mounted CD. I don't...
  16. S

    CLK w209: Stereo + trim upgrades

    Alright guys, just a few small mods... Finally managed to get some time off and decided i'd show my clk some TLC :) It's a 270cdi UK model, so it doesn't have the Bose sound system, making the stereo replacement procedure much easier. Only confusing part was locating the 12v swtiched live...
  17. C

    Comand upgrades

    The missus is complaining about the sat nav a lot, saying that it is useless regarding inputting postcodes, my bugbear is with roundabouts- it doesn't follow you around a roundabout, therefore, if you didn't happen to look at the nav before entering the roundabout you will not know which exit to...
  18. M

    Interior Console Upgrades

    Hey guys , i was wondering if I could install the new type of armrest and console on the C230 2005. Anyone done this before or fabricated it ....
  19. brucemillar

    Mac Upgrades

    Folks I have a Mac Book Pro which is running OS-X 10.5.8. I wanted to bring it up the latest OSX. What steps do I need to go through to achieve this? Do I need to go to a Mac store and buy some discs or can it all be done on line? Cheers Bruce
  20. N

    C32 Power Upgrades

    Asked numerous times before no doubt, but who is considered the better tuners out there for Mercs? Coming from a Renault background, RS Tuning was "the master" with the Renault 2lt turbo.....so who is considered the master with the Merc V6......??? Not too interested in pulley upgrades at the...
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