1. BaldGuy

    Xxx audi s6 5.2 v10 - milltek exhaust & filters xxx

    Audi S6 V10 5.2 Saloon For Sale 2007/07 Audi S6 Saloon 99500 Miles Full Service History with a huge wallet of receipts Black with Black leather Nearly all MOT documents Full Privacy glass, Fronts as well in a light smoke Full Carbon Interior kit Carbon dipped dashboard...
  2. Conquistador

    VIDEO: R8 V10 stripped after rat chewed the wiring

    I hope the insurance company footed the bill! 7bFdZp3eefM
  3. M

    2014(64) audi r8 spyder convertible s-tronic 5.2 fsi v10 quattro matte blue wrap

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3438 Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 V10 Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 19th September 2014 – 64 Reg • One Private Owner From New • 24,220 miles only with Full Dealer Service History (see below) • 5.2 Litre V10 Engine • CO2 Emissions: 310 g/km • S Tronic...
  4. V

    Audi R8 V10, Porsche Carrera S 991, BMW M3 F80

    Considering moving on my from my C63 at some point and above are the cars I'm considering.. First Gen V10 R8, V10 engine but only has around 500-550 bhp? Quattro would make it more usable.. Open gate manual trans would be nice to use but not sure if the engine would match up to a mapped...
  5. The _Don

    Vw phaeton v10 tdi: You know you want to

    V10 diesel for £6.5k........ http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=28714
  6. sheepy67

    audi rs6 v10 ?

    any one had any experience of the c6 audi rs6 v10 twin turbo, looking to change again 2nd quarter next year. Would be the estate version as its the only way my better half would let me change the car again... Thanks steve

    New Audi V10 R8 plus add...

    I love my Mercs and the AMG brand guys but this would tempt me away for sure....best advert i have seen for a long time, second link shows camera set up and theory behind the ad concept...enjoy i did:thumb: i need to start saving big time lol The new Audi R8 V10 plus - YouTube The making of...
  8. The _Don

    Chris harris video: R8 v10 vs 911 turbo s vs gt-r

  9. Benjy

    Audi R8 V10 *FINALLY*

    Well the deed is done and I have finally found a stunning R8 V10 R Tronic. Its in Sepang blue, only 2800 miles on the clock and 18 months old. I have been trying to negotiate on this particular car for 3 months and finally got it for the price I wanted. It's been weird because there aren't many...
  10. Bobsta

    NTG4 Comand hangs and reboots following V10 Nav upgrade

    Hi All, I have a 2009 W204 (C63) which had 2007 map data. So today I borrowed a set of the latest 2012 V10 DVDs (A204 827 92 59) and upgraded it. The upgrade went smoothly. It read both discs without erroring or stopping, and at the end stated "Update succesful. System will now restart"...
  11. E

    W204 2012 V10 Update Discs

    I am selling genuine MB 2012 Version 10 update DVD's for the COMAND APS NTG4. These have been used once to update my own system and are now for sale. They were bought from Comand Online Ltd last week. See here..... Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes SatNav/COMAND :: Mercedes Navigation Disks ...
  12. X

    Warning carsoft v10 ultimate pro

    WARNING CARSOFT V10 ULTIMATE PRO Sadly I have a costly tale to tell about Carsoft that I hope will prevent any other members falling foul to the troubles I experienced. In 2005 I purchased my first Carsoft diagnostic tool and to be fair the 7.4 device worked a dream on my W203 so it was...
  13. T

    COMAND-APS nav v10: France TMC instructions?

    I've just bought an updated map DVD (v10 to replace my v5) from eBay. One of the new features on the disc is TMC coverage in France, but the disc box says to see the instructions to activate it. Sadly, my box didn't contain any instructions. Does anyone know what to do to activate France TMC...
  14. D

    A Day In The Life Of An RS6 V10.....

    Just a mini-review of my friend's RS6 V10 that I had the pleasure of driving on Saturday. First things first; the power. Not as immediate as I would have thought, it's obviously fast as **** but it didn't feel rapid, like an Evo FQ400 does. The ride was pretty decent even in sport mode...
  15. spock500

    Dodge V10 Viper motorbike

    This may well have been posted before, apologies of it has - You have to love the Yanks, 500hp and he is not wearing a lid :D Dodge Tomahawk Fast's Bike in the World - Video YouTube - Dodge Tomahawk
  16. npuk

    Comand APS V10 DVD for E, S, SL, CLS, SLK, CL,Maybach

    Mercedes Comand APS Sat Nav v10 2010 Upgrade E class S on eBay (end time 03-May-10 21:30:56 BST) Latest version for: CL-Class (09/2003 to 09/2006) CLS-Class (all models up to 04/08) E-Class (03/2002 to 06/2008) S-Class (09/2003 to 09/2005) SL-Class (07/2004 to 04/2008) SLK (03/2004 to...
  17. P

    First drive of a V10 M5......

    ....... and I am smitten :D Now the CLK55 has gone I would really like an E60 M5, eight cylinders was simply not enough :D . I have a friend in the local BMW dealership who knows I am on the look out. I came back from holiday on Wednesday and I got a call on Thursday! It was absolutely...
  18. gurpz

    Comand V10 Navigation Discs

    Surely this is too good to be true: http://www.gumtree.com/london/00/37507300.html
  19. KillerHERTZ

    2009 AUDI R8 V10 Burns into a crisp in Nurburgring!

    Robbed from another site: Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo, there's no question the Audi R8 is about as close to an Italian supercar as any German vehicle can get. Unfortunately, it seems Audi's V10 R8 prototype has inherited a less-than-desirable trait known to Italian supercars...
  20. Jukie

    Sage v10

    Anyone got a copy I could *ahem* borrow? Or a slightly earlier version? TIA, David
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